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Virtual Revolution Movie Review (C) 2016 Dan's Movie Report

Above photo: Virtual Revolution poster from IMDB page

Greetings readers for Dan's Movie Report. Fresh off the South Florida premiere of 'Virtual Revolution' at Florida Supercon and their win for best sci-fi film at the convention, it is definitely time to blast out this review. Thanks to Director/writer for the early screener of 'Virtual Revolution'. 

'Virtual Revolution' paints a dark picture of Paris in 2047. The revolution is not what people think, most of the world is in a escape from reality mode. They people have chairs with a device that plugs into the side lobes of the brain through a wireless link. This device is used to escape from the daily life, and allows the user to become part of an alternate scenario where they can be anyone and in any time period. 75 percent of the world is known as 'The Connected' and these people are basically tuned out of reality and the line blurs between what is real and what is virtual.

The lead character Nash (Mike Dupod) reminds me of a mix of Snake Pliskan and Rick Deckard. He is assigned to find out who is responsible for uploading the virus that is killing virtual players. They are called Necromancers, the ones who try to kill the virtual players.

Above Photo: 'Virtual Revolution' Petra and Nicolas (C) 2016 Lidderdalei Productions

In the virtual world he has a strong alley in Kate (Petra Silander) she is a real warrior woman. Petra is strong and gets into the action. In a particular sequence reminiscent of Terminator 2, Petra is using a really big gun and fighting a mechanical robot intent on killing. Petra is a dynamo, and forces the audience to be engaged in 'Virtual Revolution' with her commanding on screen persona.

It is nice to see strong female characters on screen in addition to Petra look for as Finlen. She is a great actress and has several projects out now.

'Virtual Revolution' is a great indie film, it is important to note that this film has a very modest budget, but has a bigger budget feel. There are a lot of special effects, green screen, and a variety of great sets even for this smaller scale production. The plot is a bit confusing in the middle, but a second viewing and re-watching the beginning and end over, allows the audience a glimpse inside Guy's ambitious project. 'Virtual Revolution' sets a standard for indie films and proves that even without a massive studio backed budget, creative work can be accomplished.

Overall 'Virtual Revolution' is a great example of an amalgamation of visual styles and cinematic genres. The should appeal to the gamer and sci-fi audiences alike.  The film rates a strong 7.5 out of 10 and a recommended buy, when available. In the mean time check out the 'Virtual Revolution' web sites for more information.

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