Friday, July 8, 2016

Occupants at Florida Supercon (C) 2016 A Dan's Movie Report Excluisve! Exclusive Photos!

 Above photo: (C) 2016 Danny Templegod 'Occupants' Panel Discussion 7-2-2016

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. 'Occupants' director Russ Emanuel recently completed a trio of film screenings at Florida Supercon. I was on hand for the Saturday evening screening, and can report that it was well attended and well received by the festival goers. Various additional guests from the film included producer Howard Nash, composer Vasilis Milesis, lead actor Michael Pugliese, and actor Robert Picardo.

 Above Photo: (C) 2016 Danny Templegod 'Occupants' screening audience 7-2-2016, a Dan's Movie Report Exclusive.

Above Photos: (C) 2016 Juan Artigas used with permission.

Russ also informed me that he won the award for best director, which is a fantastic achievement. Currently, Occupants is making the festival rounds, but watch for an official release soon! Of course Dan's Movie Report has reviewed 'Occupants'

Above Photo: (C) 2016 Juan Artigas (Used with permission for article)

Check out Russ's brand new director reel @

Closer to the release time look for a feature interview with director Russ. In the meantime check out the official 'Occupants' websites:

The next major premiere for 'Occupants' is the San Diego Comic-Con!

July 23, 2016 @ 10:45pm
Occupants West Coast Premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival, where director Russ Emanuel, producer Howard Nash, actress Briana White, and director of photography / editor Emile Haris attend promoting Occupants, including a Panel Discussion and a live video feed by Eric D. Brown of the Cosmic Café Show.

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