Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Chase (2016) Movie Review & Director Ivy Liao Spotlight, A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Above poster: The Chase from IMDB

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report. Ever since the screening of Ivy Liao's award nominated short 'The Chase' I have been put on high alert to this incredibly gifted young film maker. A UCLA student, Ivy has propelled herself to the forefront of art and grace with her astute eye for story telling through proper technical and physical ideas. 'The Chase' is a mind bending trip in which a young woman is basically tormented throughout a huge house and we find out poof she is nothing more than a doll! Unflinching, unrelenting and bold. The use of tense music coupled with shadowy lighting and lensing techniques allow'The Chase' to boldly tell a tale of terror, with undulating verisimilitude and serious pain.

Ivy's selection of the very sweet and innocent looking actress Beijo Lee to play 'girl' allows the audience a look inside her mind, the fear and pain is real! Ivy here really directs the young Beijo to show not only fear, but pensive emotion, not knowing what is coming next.

The Chase played at many festivals in 2016 and will propel Ivy's career forward. Overall 'The Chase' rates a 8.5 out of 10 it is damn amazing. Ivy has skills and an eye for flare at a young age. Finally the entire film is online for your viewing pleasure @

Her latest effort is a cool little film with the up and coming contortionist Gana
she has several really cool videos dedicated to her flexibility and talent.

Going from the newest video an amazing bow act using feet to shoot the arrow

Ivy filmed the talented lady in a full performance video showcasing her talent and skill with the lighting and mood. Her performance video is on Vimeo @

The nearly 3 minute video showcases the talents of all involved with majestic lines of body art testing the limits of human performance. Ivy nails the mood and Gana displays raw power throughout the performance, both are ones to watch in the future!

Credits for The Art of Contortion:

Starring: Ganchimeg Oyunchimeg
Director: Ivy Liao
Director of Photography: Hudson "Bubba" Southey-Gordon
Assistant Director: Brian Sharp
Assistant Camera: Janae Marable
Gaffer: Madison Vail
Production Designer: Kaylee Huffman
Dolly: Benjamin Lee
Composer: Andy Tan
Special Thanks: David Maquiling, Adriana Rotaru, and Paul Luigi 

Above: Ivy from IMDB attending film festival red carpet for screening of 'The Chase'

Keep reading Dan's Movie Report for more exclusives on the amazing Ivy Liao, as she continues on her journey of self discovery and human awareness.

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