Saturday, February 2, 2019

Ekachi Uekronatham NETFLIX series! Bangkok Love Stories: Objects of Affection! New Details!

Above: Promo posters for the series, for the Thai Market!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers several years back I covered extensively the film directed by Ekachi entitled Skin Trade, in fact Ekachi filmed a special promo with actress Celina Jade live at a press event! 

Fast forward to 2019, after a huge run of successful live shows and various other projects Ekachi is back as EP and director of the first ever Thai series for Netflix! He has shared hot new details below as the show airs first on Thai TV!

Multiple Lives: There's more than one woman in her: a graffiti artist, a coyote dancer, a girlish brat and a motherly transsexual. Each attempts to take control of her shattered life after she's witnessed a murder. Will the love of an ace repairman be enough to restore her back to her "alone self"?

"Bangkok Love Stories: Objects of Affection" by Bravo Studios stars Saiparn-Apinya, Typhoon-Kanokchat, Seo Ji-yeon and Sarah-Na Lin. This 13-episode romantic thriller will premiere on Channel GMM25 in Thailand on 14th of February. Internationally, the entire series will premiere on Netflix worldwide on 10th of May 2019.

Written by Benjamas Dalhirunrat. Directed by Preedaporn Buatoom. Created, executive produced and story by 

Ekachai Uekrongtham เอกชัย เอื้อครองธรรม 吕翼谋. Official Facebook, click for more info on series and trailer!

Watch for exclusive interview in 2019!

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