Saturday, April 18, 2020

Yessenia Cossio - Get Ready for Ultimate Tag on FOX! (C) 2020 Dan's Movie Report

Above: Ultimate Tag promo photo (C) 2020 FOX Unleashes May 20th! Check out Yessenia's promo for Ultimate Tag on Dan's Movie Report! Below - Yessenia as Dynamite in a promo photo for the FOX series Ultimate Tag!

Above: Yessenia with show host JJ Watt, and second photo, Yessenia as Dynamite! Below Yessenia on Ultimate Tag- Teaser video (C) 2020 Fox Network!

Below Shout out to Dan's Movie Report

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. A few years back I had the opportunity to meet Yessenia Cossio breifly at the Widescreen Film Festival. I did a little article on her --(

Fast forward to 2019 and 2020, Yessenia has taken the bull by the horns in stunts and action starring in the popular Spanish language competition show Exatlon, where the contests were divided up into teams and competed in various races and sports. 

Above Yessenia in the Telemundo show Exatlion (C) Telemundo Network used for promotional purposes only.

Above: Yessenia (C) Chris Headshots

Above: The group of pro taggers, ready for action May 20th! (C) 2020 Fox TV


Also Yessenia was able to work on the amazing Netflix 'Punisher' show on season 2! She has a really cool show coming up, 'Ultimate Tag'. It is a FOX competition show where the contestants have to run an obstacle course to try and avoid being tagged by their opponent. Yessenia has several exciting upcoming projects, watch for a full interview later in 2020. In the mean time check out her Official Instagram @

On the 'Ultimate Tag' show her character nickname is Dynamite!

Official Site for The Ultimate Tag

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