Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Celebrity Sex Tape Movie Review

Above Pic: Screen Cap from the DVD menu.

Celebrity Sex Tape plot basics are the set up of a taped cell phone conversation and threats for a huge blackmail sum as a group of college age kids try to raise the money to ward of the threatening man. The kids hire washed up porn stars to film and people pay good money to watch the videos, and the funds start to add up.

The film has copious amounts of nudity, and the ladies are rather good looking. Celebrity Sex Tape plays out like a comedy, but often the jokes fall flat, but did I mention the excessive nudity. Emily Addison is very cute but her acting ability is tepid at best which is fine, cause she is there specifically for the scenery haha!

This is a guy film, don't even bother to watch it with your lady, cause she will just become jealous and angry. There is sex, but simulated Cinemax sort of sex, at least it is clear and easy to see, pause button anyone haha. Nice camera work, the film makers must have some sort of porn experience, even if the copulation is pretend.

Plot holes and lack of story are to be expected, but I do give this an solid B for boobies haha.  Celebrity Sex Tape is not the worst film from The Asylum, but far from something in the Ben Hur category hahaha. I rate the film a 4.5 out of 10, and it also has a couple of nice extras, with a gag reel, and behind the scenes. The film is available from Amazon and ships February 14th.


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