Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 2012 News and Photos:

Greetings to movie fans worldwide! A big hello to the 1,000 fans who have visited my site last week from Thailand! There are several news items to report, Here goes...

Above Pic: Cynthia in Thailand

Actress Cynthia Rothrock is in the midst of filming White Tiger in the Thailand jungle with Don (The Dragon) Wilson and several other talented martial artists from around the globe. After few intense training sessions, in the city. The filming has begun as of Wednesday February 8th. Cynthia reports the first day she was there a power outage occurred, but no damage to her or her computer. News and pics as they arrive.

Multi-talented actress Krystal Vee recently completed voice-over work on an animated TV series for children in Thailand called Flying with Byrd. Check pic below:

Krystal actually voices two characters, the girl in the pink dress named Lily and the boy to her left Hyun. More information will follow shortly. If you live in Thailand check out the FB page @!/byrdland  A note: this website is not in English, it is in Thai.

Sexy Selina Lo is currently training for her next film, more info will follow shortly. Watch for more news and exclusive photos on Dan's Movie Report.

Above Pic: cute and lethal Elodie Yung from District 13: Ultimatum

Lithe French actress Elodie Yung is in the U.S. completing re-shoots on G.I. Joe: Retaliation. The film comes out in the US on June 29th, but some areas will get the release a week early. Stunt-woman Ming Qiu reports that Elodie trained for two months with her and did all of her own sword fighting! Ming did the harness work on the mountain side. Watch for more news on the film and Elodie soon for now slice your browsers over to Youtube for the brand new international trailer from Paramount Pictures:

Fantastic New Zealand horror film Wound has finally found its way to American shores and will be released by Breaking Glass Pictures March 6th. The title will be altered slightly to Wound: Beware the Beast, an updated movie poster is below:

For More info on the USA release of Wound: Beware the Beast go to:

Director Russ Emanuel is putting the finishing touches on his latest film The Legends of Nethiah. The tagline is "Where fantasy meats reality." The film stars Star Trek vet Robert Picardo and veteran actress Theresa Russell. Beam your browsers over to  for more info.

Martial Artist/Actress Zara Phythian is completing work on The Gauntlet TV Series, the series, produced by Zara and Clash TV will feature realistic brutal action, more news will follow.

Check out the butt kicking new poster below for Iron Monk: 

Above Pic: JNC Productions new Iron Monk Poster

Although the film is still in the pre-production stages, the industry is buzzing about the action in Iron Monk, as a real 36th generation monk engages in battle. MMA master Silvio Simac, (AKA Mr. Supple) also stars, so the action will be fast and furious. More news as soon as it arrives.

Finally the moment the 20,000 viewers of Krystal Vee posts have been waiting for, the first contest on Dan's Movie Report will take place very shortly! The autographed pics from Krystal Vee have arrived safely! Keep watching the site over the next few days!

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