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Mezmerized – Electrolyze (2020) Music CD Review © 2020 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod


Above: CD cover for Electrolyze (C) 2020 used for promotional purposes only

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, today we take a musical diversion away from film! The pandemic has horrble adverse effect on independent bands. Not only are their tour plans cancelled, the at show merchandise sales are virtually down to zero. Because people are home more, we are seeing a wealth of bands creating new music, yet competition for fans money remains tight. Although it has been around for awhile, direct sales from consumer to the musical acts have become very valuable to the bands and incredible for fans of newer bands to get in on the ground floor as direct supporters. Incidentally, I was not provided a pre-release of this music, I bought it. All views in this review are my own.

Mezmerized really caught my attention with their video for 'Shutdown' which occurred PRIOR to the actual shut down due to the pandemic. The band has an interesting mix of styles, ranging from rock, to industrial, and tinges of metal.

Above: The amazing video for 'Shutdown'  (C) 2020 Mezmerized used for promotional purposes only

They released a very limited EP and I attempted to get it, but it was sold out prior. Fast forward to the Summer of 2020, an amazing thing happened, the band was signed by Blood Blast a division of Nuclear Blast, the largest and most prestigious indie label for heavy music! The quality is evident from the outset, the band produced pro quality music and videos prior to getting signed and have a unique sound and music that is catchy and accessible, yet not mainstream, just enough to have fans in many genres.


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Rather than going song by song on Electrolyze, the best thing is to listen to the entire CD and decide for yourself what the best tracks are. I like the ethereal quality of 'Electrolyze', and the power and aggression of Shutdown. Notes of the band Amaranthe come to mind, but Amaranthe is multiple vocals, so I find this a bit different, yet I can so the two bands touring together. The Italian band Volturian, with Federica has a somewhat similar level of heaviness, but the musical style is different.

Musically the band is solid, complete with driving pronounced melody lines and feel. Vocalist Anna has a rather unique delivery, smooth, yet with a background tinge of aggression. Not as harsh as Doro or Battle Beast, but a audible range in between them and Amaranthe 'seering highs/ All great bands, but Mezmerized is blazing their own trail!

Due to the pandemic Mezmerized has yet to have a tour, however I can imagine an energetic and entertaining live show. Actually I hope the band does a live video, so the fans can see what a live performance would look like.

Overall Mezmerized's Debut release is a real winner, a must own! The band is excellent and rates a very strong 9 out of 10. ! hope to see them tour in 2021!

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