Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Knock Movie Review (2014) Short Film

Above Photo: Poster for 'Knock' (C) 2014 Joseph I. Martinez

From the clever horror mind of Joseph I Martinez comes a 5 minute blast of creepiness called 'Knock' After a dare, Emma goes to the abandoned mine and knocks three times. She claims she has heard three knocks back, and a mystical being called  "The Cavewitch" The two ladies hole up in the bedroom in fear for their life.

'Knock' has a 'Candyman' style premise but the mystery is never solved. Actually 'Knock' would make a great feature length film. With only a 5 minute run time, the audience is thrust into what essentially is the middle of the film, kind of like a Poe short story.

'Knock' Behind the scenes. Noelle Ann Mabry, Arielle Branchfeld, Joseph I. Martinez ,David M. Brewer. (C) 2014

All of the aspects of 'Knock' are totally pro in feel. David M. Brewer
who also was the director of photography on 'Insidious' gives the audience an up close view of the fright, we see fear on the actress faces, and the creepiness of the surroundings. Lighting, shadows, and almost ghostly images permeate the film to add urgency.

'Knock' Behind the scenes. Noelle Ann Mabry, Ashley Pallas (C) 2014

Acting from the two leads as Emma, and as Murielle, is consistent and not over the top, which happens in horror films. Amazingly enough they look scared, but the screams, whispers, and facial expressions, denote an air of insecurity, not just fear.

Arielle is experienced in the horror genre and it shows.Her mannerisms and expressions add gravitas to the production. Many horror films suffer from the either dis-interested or unconvincing actor, emotionless or the other extreme of over the top faking it.

At times, short films that run only 5 minutes do not give the audience enough to chew on, in 'Knock' the view is treated to a cornucopia of subtleties and multi-layered textured concepts and directions the story could travel if fleshed out.

Watch for the film at festivals, and later in 2015 to be available for online viewing!  Check out the film on IMDB for more info @

KNOCK will make its world premiere as an OFFICIAL SELECTION of the 2015 Pasadena International Film Festival!!passes-events/c1mya the festival runs February 11th thru the 15th.

In addition to his new film 'Knock' Joseph Martinez also has another amazing film out called 'I See You' Starring Celina Jade! Check out  'I See You' on Vimeo @ my review is @

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  1. This short film had me on edge! I couldn't get comfortable. Excellent work! This needs to be made into a feature film for sure.


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