Friday, December 26, 2014

Uppercut! Exclusive Behind The Scenes Photos And Video From The 2015 Action Film!

Above video: (C) 2014 Maria Tran- Shout out to Dan's Movie Report!

Uppercut is still in production, watch for exclusives as they come! In the mean time check out Maria Tran's other cool film called Hit Girls, and her action demos! Like Her on Facebook!  My review and link to Hit Girls is @

As always, watch for more exclusives direct from Producer Marcel, including a detailed full contact, ultra-violent and adorable interview with Maria Tran in 2015! On the only real independent source for exclusive movie content on the web, Dan's Movie Report! Forget the zeros get with the heroes!

Check out the film on IMDB @

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  1. I love all Darvin Dela-cruz's work such an amazing actor/stunt performer :)
    great producer to work for with such a tallent and vision for film making and i see great things in the near future for these two talented guys!


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