Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Eternal Code (2019) Movie Review - Dan's Movie Report

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Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. The folks at Vision Films have unleashed a thriller/drama called Eternal Code. The 'eternal code' referred in this film is transferring mind to a new body. Two corporations caught up in a merger, with ruthless thugs forcing the merger to happen. Kidnappings, murder, betrayal, and general mayhem all ensue!

Eternal Code requires the viewer to be completely engaged, due to the fact there are so many plot twists. The eerie relaxed pace adds some tension, and allows the viewer to catch up, yet at a 106 minutes, I felt that the run time is a bit too long, and there is a bit of transitional time wasted. Unexpected turns in a film are amazing, but if there are so many it can bog down the film, as good as the Eternal Code story and idea is, the impact and message is at times, muddled.

On the plus side, the acting is natural and not forced. Richard Tyson as Oliver brings a command performance to Eternal Code playing a vet who is down on his luck, but has a conscious for others. Scout Taylor-Compton is great as well, showing emotion, and concern. The younger actors in the film do a solid job. Actually, this is one of the strengths in Eternal Code, and for an indie film is refreshing.Executive Producer/Director/Writer Harley Wallen worked very hard on this film, and it is obvious from the quality of the acting.

I do not want to spoil any of the plot of Eternal Code, but I will say, be patient watching it. There is a moral character study occurring here, and it unfolds as the movie progresses. The end of life technology is never completely explained, nor explored that much, but implied. In addition, there are so many characters introduced, there is just not enough background material on them to initiate empathy when they either expire, or someone close to them does. A second watch, which I did, yields better results, and due to the plot complexity of Eternal Code, it is nearly mandatory.

The quality of the film, sound, editing, and ADR, is very professional. All of the dialogue can be heard, even when a character is speaking under their breath. Lighting, location and accouterments in Eternal Code allow for an clear viewing experience. I am thinking with a few less characters and perhaps 10 minutes of running time trim Eternal Code could have been pretty epic. Even with the gripes I have, Eternal Code is clever and engaging, definitely not a check your brain at the door, film. With a variety of u-turns and worth a watch for fans of dramatic thrillers. Admittedly, I struggled with a rating score, as stated prior, a second viewing yields an evaluation 6.5 out of 10.

Eternal code is available for rent or purchase now on various outlets.

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