Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pharaoh Movie Review 2015 (Short Film)

Greetings Dan's Movie Report readers. As you all know from time to time I review short films that I feel represent an achievement in film making and interpret a budding creator's dream to achieve his or her goals.

Thanks to Tamiko Brownlee, who plays Doctor Ramos, I became aware of a new film called 'Pharaoh'. Created by Tim Storms, directed by Fabian Garcia and Lohan Buson, the 6 minute short follows Tim Storms as the 'Pharaoh' who is lead away in cuffs. He wants his weapon, a staff and an Ankhe, with a crystal eye.

'Pharaoh' is a collaborative effort between Creative Action Development and Z Team Films. The feel is a bit like the original 'Mummy' film only darker with more of an action feel. Tim Storms did a solid job as the deap voiced Pharaoh, combining a menacing attitude, and backing it up with some crafty, lightning quick moves.

 's portrayal of a scared and frazzled Dr. Ramos is spot on. She looked the part. Tamiko is really talented and it is great to hear her speak on film. Often stuntwork is a job in the shadows of film. If the performers are doing thier job to perfection they often go unnoticed. In 'Pharoah' the stunt performers are all deservedly noticed. Hopefully Tamiko and the others will land some meaty speaking roles in 2016 and beyond.

The technical aspects of 'Pharaoh' are very professional, definitely could be used as the basis for a film or series. The dark surroundings added to the mystery of the location. The audience is actually thrust into the middle of the story, and as we watch Dr. Ramos walking 'Pharaoh' through an entrance way near the end, a swirling realm of possibilities could transpire.

With the rise of Netflix and Amazon original programming, new potential series creaters have increased outlets to display their craft. Creative Action Development and Z Team Stunts have the tools prepared for the next step. 'Pharaoh' rates an 8.5 out of 10, a must watch.

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