Thursday, March 12, 2015

Natasha Liu Bordizzo thoughts on Crouching Tiger: The Green Destiny

This is NOT an exclusive, but a re-post from her facebook page The main reason I put this on is such honesty and coolness from the young star! Respect, and not many have seen this yet! Follow her on twitter @  With all good intentions I would hope to have an exclusive interview with Natasha at some point in 2015!!

After four mind-blowing months, the day has finally rolled around - we've wrapped Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend & its time to fly home. There are no adequate words to describe the experience of feeling every possible emotion for weeks on end. I guess all I can say is that I've never felt so alive. As my first film, first acting gig, first full-time work and first time living away, I was faced with bizarre challenges that most jobs would never present you with. Acting, I've learned, is pretty damn difficult. You are allowing yourself to be vulnerable and raw in front of a crew of a hundred, and a world of millions. You have to surrender yourself to your fellow actors, and have the courage to unlock areas of yourself that you may not have otherwise.
 Above all making a film is story-telling, and when faced with an intense script and multi faceted character- you are living it and it can consume you. Perhaps it should. Either way, playing a lead meant I was at work for almost every hour that I wasn't unconscious and asleep. The long long hours of weapons training, dialect coaching, breaking down the script and of course filming, meant that it took a new kind of resolve to perform, live in the moment and stay easy-going - all on little sleep and physically/emotionally draining days. The only way anyone can ever succeed in this industry I've realized, is with passion.
That brings me to the most important part of this experience; the people. I have had the honour of working with an incredibly inspiring clan of international seasoned actors, crew, producers and director (the legendary Master Yuen Wo-Ping). Spending such a crazy amount of time with very talented humans, all to ultimately create a beautiful story was a highlight of my time here. They become your temporary family. The people I'm surrounded by I've learned, are successful because they're passionate. The way arguments happen on set because of disagreements about the most minuscule details. 
Because they care. About. Everything. Because of the way their face lights up when they tell you the recent work they've been doing for the film, whatever department they are. It's taught me that no matter what the hell you're doing on a day to day basis, life's pretty short, so hey why not give a damn, be bigger than you, throw yourself into everything and maybe it'll take you somewhere you could never imagine. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! The worlds up for grabs, you just gotta reach out for it. You probably don't know what you're capable of; I sure as hell didn't.
I'm going to miss everybody so painfully much. Grateful for everything and excited to go through them film release process next year. I hope this movie makes you feel something. Cause it made us feel everything..... X

Exclusive! Scarlett Cross Production Report! Killer Nuns and Ninjas! Madness From Wales!

 Update 5-13-16: Three hot, new, stills from Scarlett Cross: Agents of D.E.A.T.H.!

 The above photos feature Sky Rose as 'Reaper'

From the mind and twisted fury that is the Dean Meadows universe comes the Feature film 'Scarlett Cross: Agents of D.E.A.T.H.'! And of course Dan's Movie Report is on hand for the madness as filming continues! Continue to watch this post for more exclusives later in 2016!

Above Photos:  Maria Lee Metheringham: Above Photos are exclusive to Dan's Movie Report!

3-10-15:  ‘Scarlett Cross’ of the title refers to, is not yet clear with the whole synopsis currently under wraps. However, writer and director, Dean Meadows has promised an insane mix of naked assassins, killer nuns and ninjas… and he’s only just getting started!

Above photo: Producer Kat Clatworthy!
Filming began in Clatworthy’s home country of Wales on 7th March and continues in 2016, starring Kat herself, alongside Maria Lee Metheringham.

Above Photo: Maria and Kat exchanging pleasantries!

So like the Facebook page right now or else! Haha!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2015 Widescreen Film & Music Festival A Smashing Success! 2016 Event Already Planned! #WSF (Excusive!)

Have to hand it to promoter, director, and all around man about town Jarrod Knowles, at the ripe young age of 24, a man with a vision, a dream to connect, to unite, and unify all aspects of entertainment to one amazing weekend of festivities in Miami, Florida!

Above Photo: Brand spanking new widescreen logo for 2016!

Throughout the entire amazing weekend, which took place at the AMC theater Aventura Mall 24, down in hot and awesome Miami, FL and a couple of other venues around the vibrant city, there were short films, music Videos, and feature films from over 25 different countries!

Friday night was a Kickoff awards party, Saturday there were networking workshops, Sunday was the film showcase and Tuesday was the awards show! A full weekend and this was only the FIRST of many! as 2016 is already LOCKED DOWN! .
Next year is a Leap Year! Woohoo we have a February 29th!

Above Pic: (C) 2015 #WSF  Jarrod Knowles stands behind the amazing statues! Flanked by his beautiful and talented staff of organizers and hosts!

Jarrod, is a great guy with a vision and lists 10 goals for the festival, and I like it!

"It is important to set Goals everyday and work diligently to achieve them. With that said, here are the Short Term Goals set for WideScreenFest for this year and Beyond:
1) Become Associated with IMDB (by the end of this month)
2) Become an Oscar-Qualifying Festival (within the next 4 years)
3) Become the Top Festival in South Florida (within one year)
4) Produce a high production value commercial advertising the WideScreen Awards (by the end of the year)
5) Triple the number of submissions we did in our First Year (within one year)
6) Increase the number of countries involved from 29 to 38 or more (within one year)
7) Triple the number of Attendees to ‪#‎WSF‬ (within one year)
8) Add "Best Lyrics" and "Best VFX" to our line-up of Awards (already done)
9) Increase the amount of sponsorship to #WSF (within one year)
10) Increase the number of Hollywood Distributors that attend #WSF (within one year)
Jarrod A Knowles
Founder & President"

Image: Left to right Jessica Nam, I, The balding suited man, Jesse V Johnson!

Above Photo: Director Jesse V Johnson accpets the Sound Design Award for his Wonder Woman fan film! (C) 2015 #WSF

I was on hand for the Awards show Celebration Tuesday Night, and it was pretty cool, as the backdrop was the big screen! Dozens of shall I say epic heavy awards were handed out, and giving various people from all genres to celebrate the limelight. Here is a cool video of the awards video @ and a second complete awards show video!

What was also cool is the fact, they had a red carpet Ceremony! A backdrop, the whole 9.1514 yards! Check out this radical photo from the red carpet!

This being the first festival, I was mainly there to observe, but for 2016 I plan to take a far more active role! For more info an full photos and video blast your browsers to the FB page @

For my personal highlights, Director, Producer, and all around action guy Jesse Johnson, obtained a statuette for his Wonder Woman fan film starring Dan's Movie Report resident rough girl Nina Bergman! Check out her amazing interview @

In addition Phoenix 4 media screened their fantastic feature 'Breathe' a moving a powerful film of intersecting stories. For more info on this spectacular film, blast your browsers over to

They also win my amazingly cool indie poster award, as there needs to be awards for that too!

Watch for more on this festival and the 2016 version exclusively on Dan's Movie Report!