Saturday, October 8, 2016

Martial Artist/Action Actor Cung Le Unleashes New Videos And New Merchandise! (C) 2016 Dan's Movie Report

Above pic: Cung from his Facebook page, heart of a champion, a true warrior

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. Action Actor and MMA star Cung Li, fresh off his new role in the Jesse V Johnson film 'Savage Dog' has released several new videos on hus new official Youtube page and also has a merchandise online store and has a cool new shirt available to buy. Cung is a fierce and loyal warrior, trained in a variety of styles of martial arts. His social media following is growing at a rapid pace. Be on the forefront of action and like and follow his social media outlets.

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Check out the shirt below, it is available in several sizes and colors!

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Above: Check out this classic Cung Le fight video! Subscribe to his official You Tube Channel for more exclusive video. Make sure you follow his social media accounts.


Coming in 2017: Watch for an exclusive interview and photos on Dan's Movie Report as 'Savage Dog' is expected to be unleashed! Get ready to get inside the action with Cung Le!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Action Actress Juju Chan New Acting Reel Updated September 27th 2016! (Dan's Movie Report)

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers! Juju Chan has unleashed a new acting demo! The latest demo reel includes selected scenes from Crouching Tiger 2!

Juju has been featured many times exclusively on Dan's Movie Report. In 2017 Juju has two new films unleashing, Savage Dog and V-Force.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Guitars and Guns (2017) Movie Review A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive! (C) 2016 Danny Templegod

Above Photo: Poster art from IMDB Film IMDB page @

 Be on the lookout for more exclusives from this amazing movie coming in 2017, including autographed memorabilia!

After interviewing the lovely and talented Erin O'Brien I knew I had to chat with the director of Guitars and Guns, Robin, and ask him about an early review copy. This film is everything an old school Metal DJ and a lover of action could possible want. Pulling no punches, 'Guitars and Guns' opens with the Dark overlord character type Jake Busey and his minions of crazy followers. Loved the setup and makes me think this could be amazing, or could be too over the top. The cool thing is, 'Guitars and Guns' focuses on a solid story of a crime drama wrapped in a Rock and Roll backdrop.

Robin knows how to focus efforts on the action but the cool thing is the action is part of the crazy story, yet there is drama, thrown in as well. Robin lets the ladies get in on the action, watch for
Cody Renee Cameron
as the insane biker chick, literally arising from the depths of crazy. I mean hey girls just need to do bad things, and that she does. Count me way in!

There is guns yes, but the music, the guitars, and rock in the film sing to the soul of an 80s metal guy like myself, unabashed and loud, the band rips through the rock, and the camera work is captures the angles like a concert in a 1000 seat club. What is not to like, two great things combined! Guitars and Guns Delivers in action and in musical energy. Indie films like this need to be encouraged and supported.

'Guitars and Guns' is like a concert in your home, with sexy, yet angry girls, Chuck Zito, and Jake Busey. The cover charge for this show is well worth it, a must purchase! 8 out of 10! Finally, please Mr Mountjoy, send Erin O' Brien and Cody Cameron over, to rock out, and kick my ass! The question is can Chuck Zito protect me, or is he just as crazy? Music, Mayhem, and Madness!

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