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Black Site (2018) Movie Review (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report.

Above: Poster for Black Site, (C) 2019 Epic Pictures/Dread used for promotional purposes only

Sometimes fate is more interesting than life! I was curious about this film awhile back, as a very early trailer dropped in 2017 (, but when I saw a September 2018 release date and never saw the finished film, only in festivals. I was not sure it was going to be be released on DVD or streaming services.

Enter the amazing Epic Pictures in conjunction with Dread! Black Site will finally be unleashed April 9th, 2019. There is also a limited special edition Blu-Ray which is Region Free, has director commentary, deleted scenes and all of the Dread trailers to date on it, link at the end of the review.

Whew...on to my review. Black Site is one of those tense brooding, Dario Argento build up films. Writer/Director Tom Paton crafts an undulating story, mixing sci-fi, horror, and especially near the end a whole boatload of action!

Although the plot is basic, how the story unfolds and the eventual outcome is what makes Black Site entertaining. Essentially the entire film takes place in an underground, long abandoned research center that has been re-purposed to send beings known as 'Elder Gods' back to their own realm. Much like a 'weigh station' or holding place, prior to transport.

The character flaws of people who work at the facility are made evident, One person is relegated to a certain area due to her PTSD, and is passed up for promotion. Very often lower budget movies never take this kind of time to develop the characters, (Incidentally many strong female leads), and in Black Site a solid 35 minutes is taken for the set up to the action!

Acting wise, the film is average, never bad, my only small gripe is more emotion perhaps was needed when a person in the film is killed off, but this never detracted from the enjoyment of the film. The other issue, I guess since I watch a lot of action films is, the way the fights are executed. I think that the choreography and actor fight training needed to be better. I am sure with a few extra days or a week of intense choreo, the cast who are all young and fit, would have no trouble selling the fights better. I am sure A LOT, has to do with budget. The thing is even a lower budget film, if you have a copious amount of fighting and inexperienced actors in the fight game, they need to be trained, case in point Zom Ammara, in Kill 'em All, she had zero training in any type of screen fighting, or real martial arts, and she was a central action character in the film, so the weeks she had training, worked, she was fit and looked bad ass on screen.

Not going to go into too much details, as I never put in spoilers, especially if a film is unreleased. I will give Black Site a strong rent, a 6.5 out of 10. That said, if you rent the film, and like it, def recommend buying the Blu-Ray as I am sure the additional deleted scenes and director commentary are worth the price.

Actually the Blu-Ray can be pre-ordered now direct from Epic Pictures, and is on sale now for $14.99!

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Monday, April 1, 2019

Book Of Monsters (2019) Movie Review © Dan's Movie Report

Above Poster for Book of Monsters, used for promotional purposes only

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, a swerve to the left for Epic Films Book Of Monsters! I know, yes I am late to the review party, but ha, I had to get me 2.5 cents in! Going to keep this review short, why cause it has to be!

Book of Monsters for me plays out like a horror comedy, yet, has elements of Never Ending Story, haah, well only the book part! Plus I mean there are evil redheads, scary gnomes and just various random craziness! It seems to borrow from other films but never copy them, so there is a chainsaw attack near the end, but the film is not Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The key here is a bit of horror diversity as it is not a slasher film but has elements of it, not a jump scare film, but there are scares, not a true comedy horror but has comedy and horror in it. Book of Monsters is an eclectic mix of horror ideas, meshed into a bizarre yet entertaining package! Standing out is actress

Lizzie Aaryn-Stanton

OK so get the film, it is out now!, Book of Monsters rates a 6.5 out of 10! I recommend a definite rent, buy it if you dig indie horror comedies mixed with action!

The film is out now on AMAZON! Also for rent on various platforms for 3 or 4 dollars!

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Director Ben Ramsey drops 4K trailer For INTERFACE! A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Above Photo: Interface (Chris Jai Alex as Lazarus) (C) 2019 Ben Ramsey (Dan's Movie Report - Exclusive!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, of course I have another exclusive news item to drop! Ben Ramsey told me that he uploaded the hot new 4K action short film trailer for Interface on March 30th 2019! He stated to me the current progress so far: Interface is in final sound design now and color grading, then the project is done! He also told me that the film is in picture lock at 28 minutes and just have to add in the closing credits as well. Ben states that the film should be ready in 2 to 3 months. He wants to have it ready for the ComiCon and Summer and Fall Film fests like Urban Action Showcase! 

Above: some radical CGI on Interface!! It is cool as hell for an indie! (C) 2019 Ben Ramsey (Dan's Movie Report Exclusive)

Not only do I have some exclusive stills, the entire cast has been announced and it is on IMDB as well: Chris Jai Alex plays Lazarus, a central character, Kinyumba Mutakabbir plays Andre Bakari, he also starred in Black Salt, the amazing short film that was released in 2015. Michelle C. Lee plays Brix. Michelle most recently was in Venom! Also she did some kick ass action in Captain Marvel! Some cool additions include Pamelyn Chee as Operator 749, and Sophie Norman, who plays a pretty cool role! Overall a diverse cast with interesting backgrounds! BELOW is the epic 4k Interface Trailer!

The entire 2 and ½ minute trailer can be viewed in all of the 4K sci-fi action splendor on YouTube @

As many of you know Ben Ramsey was the director of Blood and Bone, a really amazing film starring Michael Jai White. He also worked as the director on Black Salt short film! Below is some of the older news on the project---

Above: a SCARY future AWAITS in INTERFACE~ (C) 2019 Ben Ramsey (Dan's Movie Report Exclusive)

August 9th 2018: Producer Daniel Zirilli (Please check out our Interview- )joins Interface to push the project to the next level:  Daniel Zirilli "When you see the insane action co-creators Ben Ramsey and Arnold Chon and team created and the whole cinematic universe we are expanding for INTERFACE and the various media involved- it will blow your mind. The action sequences alone surpass anything I’ve been involved in to date. I’m so happy to be a producer on a project like this- though will take a while to fulfill its destiny - I am down for coming together with these creative geniuses. Mark my words. You will see!" 

Above: The fights take flight in Interface!!!! (C) 2019 Ben Ramsey (Dan's Movie Report Exclusive)

July 2018: Ben Ramsey, who directed the amazing short film Black Salt and the full force action feature Blood and Bone released a comic book called Interface. The book details a horrific, yet beautiful near future nightmare where the world is jacked into consciousness and crimes, criminals and law enforcement have undulating, yet blurred lines of existence..

After completing principle photography on the initial sonic blast of the first episode, Ben Ramsey, and the intrepid main cast of seasoned professional action people such as Emmy winner Master James Lew as stunt coordinator Chris Jai Alex , Michelle Lee , Kinyumba Mutakabbir (Both Michelle and Kinyumba starred in 'Black Salt'. The amazing Arnold Chon is one of the films producers. The short i ready to be unleashed to the world! Watch for more information soon on your home for exclusives, Dan's Movie Report.

The appx. running time for Interface is 28 minutes, incidentally, of course, this film is shot in 4K! Hard action in UHD!!!

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