Saturday, November 16, 2013

Daniel Zirilli Has 2 New Films in Production! "Reflex" and "Amontillado"! A 3rd film "Blunt Force" releases In Spring 2014

First up in the news: Daniel Zirilli has a few cool projects working: Currently shooting in New Orleans is his latest Poe film "Amontillado" starring Alex Lombard and Tom Sizemore.

 In addition Zirilli has teamed up with Dean Alexandrou and sultry Selina Lo for a film shooting in Thailand called Reflex. The film begins production in Thailand November  20th!

For More info on Dean go to his official website @

For more information on Selina kick your browsers over to her official FB page @

Speaking of Selina Lo, and Daniel Zirilli their latest film is "Blunt Force" The new film weaves tale about a downward spiral taken by a war hero, wrongfully committed to a mental institution. "Blunt Force" also stars Dan Henderson. Dean Alexandrou, James Lew and several others. Kick your browsers over to the official FB page @  Watch for "Blunt Force" to drop kick out in the spring of 2014!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Get Ready for "Streets Of Myth" To Go Live! Tonight! Exclusive! Zara Phythian! Photos!

Above Pic: Zara Phythian in Streets Of Myth! Click for wallpaper size! Go get it! You want a piece of her, well hell stand in line behind me! HAHA!

Greetings Fellow Dan's Movie Report Supporters! Get ready to have your ass kicked by the Z Factory! Zara Phythian! The U.K. Lady Dragon! I proudly support ass-kickery on screen world-wide!

In case you are unaware of Zara in action refer to this 2012 picture from Zaggora Fitness! A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive edit! Below! Click for Kicking wallpaper!


Birmingham, UK ­ 15 November 2013 ­ Zara Phythian and Beau Fowler go toe to toe in Enter
the Streets of Myth, an intense proof­of­concept short for Streets of Myth.
Streets of Myth is an ambitious web series set in an alternate­universe, contemporary
Birmingham, UK, where every neighbourhood is a fiefdom and every wrong look can end in

And everyone knows kung­fu.

Enter the Streets of Myth aims to give viewers a taste of what’s to come in the dramatic,
action­packed first season, coming in 2014.

The film is a portrait of two characters, each sent as champions from their respective districts,
each determined to win the day. Rather than let their simmering, long­standing feud explode onto
the streets, Aston and the Jewellery Quarter send fighters to battle it out in annual grudge
matches, each accompanied by no more than three other representatives of their
neighbourhood. While the two rivals can’t send any more people, these matches have, over the
years, become almost like county fairs for other districts, bringing people together to watch the

The Jewellry Quarter has walked away with bragging rights for the last few years thanks to their
champion, a young man as cynical and jaded as he is unbeatable. This year, Aston have tried
sending an unknown and untested new fighter to stand for them...

With contributions from some of Birmingham’s and the UK’s finest, including fight choreography
by Rx3 Fight Crew and appearances from rapper Mad Flow, breakdancer Colosseus, DJ
Silence, stunt crew SG Action and more, Enter the Streets of Myth is a vibrant, unique fight film
that packs more than your average six minute short!

Enter the Streets of Myth will be available at 9pm, Friday November 15th on our website at:
Keep up to date on all things Mythic, like when we launch a crowd­funding campaign to produce
our pilot episode, online at:


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hunger Games: Catching Fire Contest! Open to US Residents! November 13- 22nd 2013! Dan's Movie Report!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers! The biggest film of the year opens November 22nd! You guessed it! Hunger Games: Catching Fire! Well then it is time for a swag giveaway, for all things Hunger Games Related!

The contest is opening to U.S. Residents 18 years old or older, and the one (1)winner will receive the following:



movie poster

iPhone cleaner

iPhone dot and wristbands.

Making this really easy, nothing too complicated, tell me why you need these items! This contest runs for a very limited time, only until November 22nd! Post your reason below, with email address, "will remain private", be a fan, and be creative! 

ALL POSTS WILL BE PRIVATE! AS I Judge the entries, I will not post your email or info or entry! SO far I have 5 people wanting it! as of 11-15-13! 

Catching Fire Movie Trailer:

Disclaimer: These prizes are being provided, by the studio, and in exchange for this post, I am receiving a prize pack. The opinions on this post are my own.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dragon Lady, Starring Jade Xu! Photos and Info!

Brand new film starring Wushu Champion Jade Xu!  The martial arts film entitled  Dragon Lady will be produced next year.

Plot: Ancient forces clash in the present when a Chinatown prostitute must go on the run from a Shaolin monk on a mission to kill her because she's the reincarnation of the Dragon who killed his ancestors.

Jade Xu will take on dual roles in the film written by  and directed by . Dragon Lady will be produced by:   with New Palace Films
Also starring in the film is Bai Ling, who will play the Shaolin Monk named Li.
Director of Action will be David Torok.  Check out the 2011 Interview on Dan's Movie Report with Bai @

Jade Xu also starred in Thai Chi Zero, watch for more of her!

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Like Jade on her official Facebook Page

Dragon Lady promises full force martial arts action, watch for more exclusives in 2014 on Dan's Move Report!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dracano Movie Review

Once again valued Dan's Movie Report readers, a trip to low budget theater. Popcorn, check, comfy chair, check, and time for liftoff! On the heels of perhaps one of the more wild titles and indie films of all time, Sharknado, in which a tornado full of sharks is unleashed, comes Dracano! What is Dracano? Read the description!

Professor Simon Lowell () developed the technology known as K.R.O.N.O.S.  is a project developed to harness the energy of a volcano, by capturing the magma chamber, and dispersing the energy. Lowell is in the middle of giving a lecture at the university he works for when a volcano erupts, he puts his plan into action.

This Dragon has a taste for hot blonde girls! HAHA! Petra is on the menu!

One of his grad students Petra () is working on the sequencing near Mt. Baker to deploy the instruments and as the volcano erupts, she is close to the blast zone. Bang, not magma spews out , but um, wait for it, DRAGONS! Yes I said DRAGONS, dammit, I said DRAGONS!. Poor Petra is um, "dragonized", and fade to title! 

Along for the ride for this masterpiece of twisted scientific wonder, is Lowell's Daughter, Heather, played by () and fellow professor Carla Simms () The three flee into the desert, to escape threats, after his program was shut down following the mishap. Lowell, is desperate to search for answers. Professor Simms is at his side helping him. Pratt, Faith, and Nemec do a solid job here, as the three are the main focus for the majority of the film.

Carla shares a nice smile! As Victoria Pratt says on her twitter: "Fluffy, Blonde Land Mammal" is her description, I agree, very fluffy, and a blonde. 

The rest of the film is spent trying to figure out how to contain the dragon apocalypse. Expect humor, even more bizarre science, and more DRAGONS! How to save the world? How many dragons? Where do these dragons hang out, say on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Finally, what is the story of the volcano system? Watch Dracano, and trust me, you will learn everything possible about the intricacies of dragons and the magma chambers!

Wild science, dragons, gruff military personnel, probing news media, not a bad way to spend 90 minutes. The action in Dracano moves along at a decent clip, and the acting is decent. I  recommend Dracano, a 7 out of 10. 

For some fun, follow Victoria Pratt on Twitter, she is not only active, but has a great sense of humor! @

Currently the film is available on Amazon as a region 3 DVD.

Order Below: