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Great Website for action Films!

Above Pic: Logo from Budomate E-Zine.

2012 is the year of action on Dan's Movie Report. Over the past few weeks I have been reading this fantastic site called Budomate. The address is the information is plentiful, and look for exclusive interviews with Jesse Johnson, and Art Camacho.

The site is well laid out and super crammed full of reviews. These guys bring the thunder from down under! Well Done!

The Lazarus Papers Movie Review

Above Pic: Movie Poster

The Lazarus papers is one of those films that flew far under the radar. I actually watched it a couple of years back, but never took the time to give it a chance. Good or bad, I am surprised that there is only one external critic review of this linked to IMDB for this film so here is my 2.5 cents.

The film opens with a mystical beginning. A foreshadowing Shaman type character named Aroon (Danny Trejo) is seen curing blindness in an older woman. He heals her and makes her touch a white lotus. In this realm the white lotus is an omen of impending death.

Above Pic: Danny Trejo as the all healing wise man. Note to self, um, stay away haha!

It turns out the woman's daughter Nana (Krystal Vee) witnesses her mothers eventual demise. Nana turns to a life of drugs and salacious prostitution with ring leader Kyo fleshed out by a gloriously slutty, and playful Bai Ling.

Above Pic: Bai Ling as the dangerous swindling prostitute! No man is lucky with her haha

Action star Gary Daniels plays Sebastian Riker a con, always wanting to swindle money out of someone. He is a smarmy and very rough individual, ruthless who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He approaches Kyo to make a business arrangent in which Nana will marry unsuspecting Lonny Smith (John Edward Lee) from the US and steal his suitcase full of cash. Things go awry and a chase ensues, Riker is hot on the trail of Nana and Lonny. Lonny is just looking for love in all the wrong places haha.

If after this set up the audience is not confused, the Lazarus papers is not that bad of a film, not great either. Yes the plot is muddled, but there are enough interesting elements, including some colorful dialogue, and over the top audacious performances by the actors. This is crazy B movie madness all the way. Be warned, if B movies are not your thing stay far away, far, far away.

All of the characters eventually come together in an odd way, there is death, mayhem, and some really bizarre flashbacks. The Lazarus papers is at times over ambitious for it's scope, but never boring. The scenes flow freely, and the action is plentiful, although the plot is obscured at times.

Above Pic: Krystal Vee as the innocent one transformed to a life of treachery

For the acting, I thought everyone does a decent job, I particularly enjoyed Krystal Vee as the innocent girl thrust into a life a debauchery and pulchritude. She has a soft face, smooth features, and an innocent calming voice. Bai Ling is over the top maniacal, comical, yet playful. Gary Daniels is his typical action oriented self. Watch for cameos from Tiny Lister and Damon Whitaker. Mr Lister meets a surprise fate in The Lazarus Papers.

The movie's setting of Thailand is appropriate. The scenic background, allowed the characters to relish the settings. The camerawork was soft and flowing, making the use of slow motion at times fuzzy flashbacks. Once again the audience is reminded however, that this is a B movie, as some elements, like the lighting and ancillary props are not given proper depth.

On to the rating, I struggled with this one, I will give it a cautionary passing grade of 5 out of 10, a rent. The muddled plot, brings it down, but the performances lift it up.

Currently it is available as a region 2 import from Amazon, and rather hard to find. The title is listed as The Mercenary, although typing in Lazarus Papers will come up as the correct search.

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Wow I am ready for Gina Carano in Haywire! Check Yahoo Video!

Attention all female fighters, action fans and movie watchers, Prepare for Haywire, the world just got more dangerous! YES!

Zara Phythian News Update With New Photos!

2011 was a fantastic year for Martial Artist/Actress Zara Phythian with the release of The Hike to DVD and her success with the world record, but 2012 will be the year of The Lady Dragon. Zara has so many new projects in the works it is hard to contain them in just one news article, but here goes.

Before I actually start the news I must make mention of fantastic photographer Emrah Mihyaz. He sends these new ass kicking shots of Zara. Emrah is a 20 year practitioner of martial arts and really knows how to lens action poses and styles. His attention to detail and architecture with his engineer background makes an excellent addition to any photography project. His professional and accommodating attitude is also refreshing, and makes the project flow smoothly. Watch for more of his work on Dan's Movie Report. His official website is

Above 3 Photo Credits: Emrah Mihyaz

Zara is of course starring in the new film called Iron Monk, check out the new cast photo. She is second from the right.

Image Credit: Iron Monk Facebook Page!/ironmonkmovie Make sure you press like or feel the wrath of Zara and the rest of the cast hahaha!

Zara is also attached to star in Friday's Child, a horror film produced by Dean Meadows' Pentagram Pictures company. Cynthia Rothrock and Eileen Daly are also attached to the production, Eileen is the associate producer. Blast your browsers over to the Facebook page @

Zara is also in the process of producing an episodic action TV show called Gauntlet for Clash TV. Watch for more news on this in the future. Clash TV is Sky Channel 219 in the UK.

Zara will be opening a second Personal Best Academy. She is an excellent teacher of the arts and has a wide age range of loyal students. She does seminars as well. Check out her academy page @

Watch for Zara in the Ross Boyask/Cecily Fay production of Warrioress to be released in 2012. She has a fight scene with Cecily!

Zara has several other projects working, but those are in the early developmental stages, keep it locked on Dan's Movie Report for more details.

Coming later in 2012, Dan's Movie Report will be doing some Zara autographed giveaways, keep checking the site for more information!

For all of Zara's happenings, follow her on twitter, where she posts up to the minute news.!/Zaraphythian

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Dohard Movie Review

Dohard in action! Selina Lo showing no mercy, note to self, RUN!! Image credit: Stunt Power Films

As a writer, I am constantly on the lookout for new films to review. One area of movie making that is under promoted on the web is the short film industry. Yeah there are film festivals, but you rarely ever see the films reviewed. OK enough of my soapbox, lets get this fantastic short film called Dohard which was shot in Qatar.

Dohard is an extremely high quality merging of Parkour (free running) action style mixed with full on martial arts madness, and a dash of gravity stunt work. The talented folks at Stunt Power Films have produced a short film masterpiece which hopefuly will allow them to produce future feature length films.

The chase continues! Image Credit: Stunt Power Films

The film opens in an outside cafe where customer Selina Lo who plays The Customer is waiting for her check when suddenly The Thief (Terry Kvasnik) comes along and steals her wallet off the table. Not to stand and take it The Waiter played by Dean Alexandrou gives chase.

What follows is a full on assault on the senses, with more action that I have ever seen in any short film. The chase goes through the city, along the shoreline. All of the actors are adept at running and parkour. Selina lo just unleashes a world of speed, grace, and energy with her martial arts skill, even choreographing her fight scenes! After watching this it is easy to see why Selina deserves movies like the Scorpion King 3 to hone her talents. She is a multi-talented action star, with an expressive face.

Sexy Selina Lo corners the thief in the sand, two blades vs two hands! hahah Image Credit: Stunt Power Films

The camera work on Dohard is impressive considering the rapid movements throughout the film. Directors Dean Alexandrou and Masato Riesser know how to frame a sequence, with diverse angles, blending in a synergistic smooth fashion.

Even though there is no dialogue in the film, the music sets the mood, is upbeat and tells the story. The entire story is told through the actions of the actors involved, and it definitely works in Dohard.

Overall I give this short, 7 minute blast of movie madness called Dohard a hard 9 out of 10! This is a great film for people who want to learn to make action movies. Even experienced film veterans can learn a trick or two with this one, and witness sultry Selina Lo!

The film is available to watch on youtube @

Stunt Power films have an official site @

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Krystal Vee Wallpaper Photos!!!!!!!

Greetings to all Krystal Vee Fans Worldwide! Keep Reading Dan's Movie Report for the latest exclusives on Krystal and the first link below is a brand new contest for the new year! Ring in 2013 with a Bang!

12-10-12: Brand new Krystal VEE autographed contest! Click this link!

8-17-12: New Krystal Vee Film with exclusive screenshots!

 1-31-12 Updated Photos! New Post!

Follow Krystal Vee on Twitter:!/VeeKrystal

In all of my life as a writer, I have never seen so many requests for two people's images in one week as Krystal Vee's and Selina Lo's names have been searched on Dan's Movie Report, Along with Selina Lo, who also stars in The new Scorpion King 3: Battle For Redemption film, their names have been searched over 2,000 times in a week, with the Scorpion King Movie Review being the highest hit count of all time on my site with almost 8,000 views in two weeks! I have decided to give my readers what they want, some Wallpaper screens from The Scorpion King 3! First up is Krystal Vee! Watch For sultry Selina Lo soon!

To view the images full size, click on the image, right click on the enlarged image and then click view image, it will display in its own window, click on the image again it will be wallpaper sized!

Win the above photo!

Follow Krystal on her Facebook Page, which she is on regularly, and responds to comments, when she can. Look for additional images and info on it!!/pages/Krystal-Vee/102635523190526 Remember to keep reading Dan's Movie Report for more exclusive reports direct from Krystal, as she rises to new heights in 2012!

All Images (C) 2012 by Universal Home Entertainment, screen capped by: Danny Shamon

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Bai Ling New Song Available on CD baby!

Bai Ling from her official Facebook page. Photo Credit: Tony Z

Actress/Singer Bai Ling has her new tune "U Touch Me and I Don't Know You" is available for download @

Also check the video on Youtube by dancing your browsers over to:

Her older single "Rehab" is still available on Itunes @

For all her happenings keep reading Dan's Movie Report and check her official site @

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Krystal Vee Interview (C) 2012 Dan's Movie Report


August 17th 2012 update: New Krystal Vee film! Nighthawks In Bangkok:

Above Pic: Selina Lo and Krystal Vee Fight in The Scorpion king 3! Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Follow Krystal on Twitter:!/VeeKrystal

Sultry and talented actress Krystal Vee has literally exploded on the scene with her sublime, hypnotic portrayal of the Silda character on The Scorpion King 3: Battle For Redemption. As a writer I am always interested in finding out about fresh talent, enough of my B.S. let's get to Krystal in her own words.

I read in your bio that you have some training in martial arts, how long have you been practicing? TaeKwonDo or Muay Thai is you primary focus? Have you ever considered learning other styles?

Well I have mainly focused on training in dance. From an early age I have trained in Thai dancing and ballet, but since then I have expanded into other styles of dancing.  I was always fascinated by movement so I decided to try Taekwondo.  I only got as far as learning the basics and strengthening the upper body, but never went further than that.  Later on,  I decided to try my hand at Muay Thai (Thai Boxing).  This is partly because my sister said it was fun to learn.  I also figured that as I am half Thai and living here (and it's a National Sport) I should try it.  Anyway, up until Scorpion King 3 I had only touched on basic training in martial arts.  Preparing for the movie brought the whole martial art training experience to a new level.  It was a dream come to true to get the chance to train with the movie's stunt team.

Krystal Vee Photo credit: Facebook Fanpage

Do I want to learn other styles? Oh definitely! Been meaning to learn Capoeira just because the movements look so beautiful.  As a dancer I will always see things from a dancers point of view and look for the beauty of the foot work and body movement :)

Getting right into The Scorpion King 3, how did you get the role of Silda? Audition or wewre you called in specifically to do it? If audition, describe the process. Did you watch the prior Scorpion King films and The Mummy series?

My manager and I contacted the casting director of Scorpion King 3. She (the casting director) told us to put me on tape and send it over to her so she could pass it on to the director (I was actually on tape with Geoffrey Giuliano- who played Sirius, FYI talented actor).  Then surprise! I got a call back and met with the director in Thailand. There were a lot of requirements that had to be met for this role, as it not only needed the right look but also needed someone who had martial arts experience. So it was like auditioning for the acting part first then putting ourselves on tape by learning a fight routine with the stunt guys.  It was really exciting! It would have been totally worth it to be a part of the auditioning process just because it's the Scorpion King franchise.  I am a fan! :)

Playing a character that has a dual role (innocent, and tough girl) what are the aspects of Silda's character are like your own mindset? Is there a bit of Silda's wild side residing in Krystal?

Actually I do have a combination of a sensitive and aggressive personality, people tend to think that I'm just sweet but I do have another side that can be very different and I guess you can say, wild, you can ask my family, haha.  I'm very respectful and loyal to my friends and if anyone does anything to hurt them and I feel like they're being treated unfairly, I'll do anything to stand up for them.  I can really make my point verbally.  I have that in common with Silda, but the only difference is I wouldn't bust out in a fight when mad :)

How long was your portion of the filming process?

There was just under 20 days of shooting if I remember correctly.  The only part that took a while was training. That was about 5 weeks long.

Must have been fun to share time onset and onscreen with another
strong female character Tsukai played by Selina Lo? The fight you ladies had was quite a wild one. Share a behind the scenes story about that fight scene. How about any bumps and bruises on set, looked like a rough and tumble time?

Practicing with weapons was definitely intense, I have to admit.  Bumps? Bruises? Well of course, it wouldn't be possible to come away from intense training unscathed, but there were no serious injuries of course.  They made sure that Selina and I were always safe and the stunt team took great care of us during training.

Krystal Vee (Silda) Victor Webster (Mathayus) and Bostin Christopher (Olaf)
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Hero or villain do you have a preference, could you see yourself as the Tsukai character?

I love playing both! Do I dream of playing the wicked/evil character someday? Yes I do! I did a TV series in Thailand where I had to play the villain, it was fun getting to play the spoiled brat who always got her own way and always slap the troubled girl as oppose to having to cry all time because you're being bullied, so yes, for acting it would be fun. Being evil in real life? Umm no.

The sparring fight with Victor Webster (Mathayus) I am assuming you took it easy on him haha, must have been fun for you guys to do?

It was hilarious! He's so tall! Yes, it was definitely fun, especially trying to nail that scissor kick in the end.  Imagine how high I had to swing my legs up to reach his neck so I could take him out.

sexy Krystal Vee Photo Credit: Facebook Fanpage

Chatting  movies in general, do you have a particular style of film you like to watch, (Action horror, etc)> Who are some of your favorite actors and actresses?

My favorite actresses are Natalie Portman and Helena Bonham Carter.  I love actors or movies or anything that show a lot of intensity.  Especially when you see the vulnerable side first, then later in the movie the aggressive intense side kicks in and catches you by surprise, those are the best ones.  Helena Bonham Carter is amazing and I love how much power she has.  Natalie Portman is also amazing, I loved her in Black Swan and getting to see her play a dual personality.  Wonderful surprise it was.

I read you did some modeling earlier in your career, do you still do that or are you primarily focusing on acting now?

Yes, I still model.  I make my living through modeling, acting, and dancing (well I haven't taken on a dance job in a while, now I just pay for more dance and singing classes, haha).  I am now focusing my energy on photography.  I do a lot of photography projects and have been working at it for 8 years.  I plan to go to photography school.

Krystal Vee as a fierce snake: Photo Credit: Nicolas Guilbert : Stylist: Khanurisia Jazmin

What about some of your future projects, what is down the road for Krystal?

Would love to do more films if that's possible, but a musical or theater would be a dream come true.  If there is time, I would love to go in that area. Right now I'm quite busy with current projects, which is doing voice overs for an animation (I play 2 characters, boy and girl), also modeling and shooting commercials.  I'm also deciding whether I should go to LA or London to study photography :)

Thanks I really appreciate it! I wish you nothing but success in the
future and for your support of Dan's Movie Report.

Thank you :)
I wish you gain more success in whatever u do and More happiness this year...

That is it for now readers! Keep reading Dan's Movie Report for further updates on Krystal's activities!

Update 1-31-12 More news and new Pics!  Follow Link Below!

Krystal has a Facebook Fanpage, make sure to press like!!/pages/Krystal-Vee/102635523190526

Slice your browsers over to her official website @