Thursday, May 29, 2014

Brutal The Movie Posts a vicious NSFW trailer!

Ok action film fans! check this out, a brand new trailer for Brutal!

Bob Levy Invades South Florida with a week Shows!

Update! Levy has a full week of shows all over South Florida! check his website 

Check out fantastic Comic and all around Stand Up Guy, Bob Levy live in South Florida on Thursday june 5th! Here is the flyer

The second show is a huge show with the talented Artie Lange @ June 28th in Coral Springs!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Charlie Ruedpokanon Uncage! Much Awesomeness! Stuntman unleashed!

Above video screen: Tiger Films Tigerbeer (C) May 2014

Get ready my readers, as later in 2014 you will be treated to the Uncaged crushing stunt power that is Charlie Ruedpokanon! Charlie is such an amazing performer and a down to earth guy waiting to burst onto the scene like a tornado! Read Dan's Movie Report for exclusives, interview, pics etc, as the 2014 year of Reflex action rolls on!

Exclusive Tiger Beer info @

Check out his brand new video UNCAGE on Youtube @

Monday, May 26, 2014

Rising Action Star Tamiko Brownlee- Brand New Website! New videos!

Update August 1st 2014 New video of Tamiko Shadow Boxing!

Above Photo: Tamiko Brownlee (C) 2014 Tony Chu @

Action lady Tamiko Brownlee has a brand new website full of photos info and videos. Tamiko is a multi-talented performer who has a myriad of experience in a variety of action settings. 

Above Pic: Tamiko in a themed photo shoot with Tony Chu

Check out her new official site at www, In addition to her various action and stunt work, including the latest Transformers film, she has two recent short films available on YouTube that showcase her extraordinary ability in action and adaptability.

Tamiko's new action reel is live online @

Check out the fantastic short film shot by Vlad called Special ID Episode 2 @  this film is my top overall action fight short of 2013, so epic and amazing, bone crushing and earth shattering, a game changer for modern action, my only perfect score ever for short film! Dan's Movie Report review is @

The second short  film showcases Tamiko's comedic timing and quick wit, with action and flair. Check out the madness that is Reverse Mugging! The tables are turned as the smart and sexy Tamiko over powers the weaker thugs!

Follow her on Twitter @
IMDB link @

Watch for more in 2014 on Dan's Movie Report from Tamiko!