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Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and Action-Flix readers, today is a brand new interview with the amazing Janice Hung. She chats about a brand new highly rated series on GMA network entitled; "Mga Lihim ni Urduja". Read on as Janice gives an in depth look behind the scenes of the show, and how her character has evolved. Sit back, relax, grab some tea and read the erudite answers from Ms Janice Hung.

Chat about how you were selected to perform on the show, was there an audition process?

The Talent Coordinator called my manager and asked if I was available and could join the show because it's a reunion project of the well-loved Sanggres (Saga) of Encantadia, where I also played the iconic role of Bathaluman Ether. I was excited to be a part of Mga Lihim ni Urduja. Even more so, I found the story of "Mga Lihim ni Urduja" intriguing and captivating, so I accepted the role. It was an honor to play the characters of Bulan, a Babaylan Priestess and Warrior, and Madam Astra, a Chinese Fortune Teller who is a reincarnation of Bulan. I hope that I am able to bring these characters to life in a way that entertains and captivates our viewers.

Above Image: Janice Hung on set of show in character (C) 2023 Janice Hung, show copyright GMA network. All Rights Reserved.

Chat about the show's premise

In "Mga Lihim ni Urduja," I play two characters: Bulan, a Babaylan Priestess and Warrior, and Madam Astra, a Chinese Fortune Teller who is a reincarnation of Bulan. The show is set in both the pre-colonial and modern worlds, and it tells the story of Hara Urduja, a powerful and brave warrior queen who leads her people with grace and courage. Along with other characters, including Bulan and Astra, Hara Urduja faces various challenges as she navigates through her world, including issues of power, love, and betrayal. As an actress, I am proud to be part of this project, which has a unique and compelling premise that explores the intersection of the traditional and modern worlds. The show's intricate plot and well-rounded characters create an exciting and engaging viewing experience that captivates audiences.

I noticed many of shows in the Philippines have serial qualities as each show builds on the previous show, a bit like American Soap Operas, I am curious of your thoughts on this, would you rather have a single episode tell a story or do you like the arc between episodes and seasons of shows?

As an actress, I think having seasons for a show provides an excellent opportunity to develop characters and storylines over time. It allows the audience to become more invested in the characters and their journey and see how they grow and change throughout the series. With each episode building on the previous one, it creates a sense of continuity and connection that can be engaging for viewers.

Moreover, having a serialized format allows for more complex and nuanced storytelling, as writers can explore different themes and subplots across multiple episodes or seasons.

This format can also lead to cliffhangers and other forms of suspense, which can help to keep the audience engaged and excited to see what happens next.

Of course, there are also advantages to having standalone episodes that tell a complete story in just one episode. This format can be great for showcasing a particular idea or theme, and it can also be more accessible to casual viewers who may not be able to commit to watching an entire season of a show.

Overall, both formats have their strengths and weaknesses, and it really depends on the specific show and what the creators are trying to achieve. But as an actress, I enjoy the challenge and creative opportunities of working on a serialized show.

Above Image: (C) 2023 Janice Hung Image of the set and behind the scenes. All rights reserved, Image created for Dan's Movie Report.

Great balanced answer regarding a serial vs stand alone episodes. Moving on to the next question, discussthe name of the show 'Mga Lihim ni Urduja', what does that translate to in English? Are there ever plans to translate or subtitle the shows in the English language, I ask this cause your show Encantadia was very good I think it would translate to the US market.

To answer your question on the title, "Mga Lihim ni Urduja" it translates to "The Secrets of Urduja" in English. As for plans to translate or subtitle the show in English, I don't have any specific information on that at this time. However, I do agree that it would be great to have the show accessible to a broader audience, both within and outside of the Philippines. Shows like Encantadia have already proven that Filipino shows whether tv series or films can be popular and successful on a global scale, and I believe that "Mga Lihim ni Urduja" has the potential to follow in its footsteps. Ultimately, it will be up to the production and distribution teams to decide how best to market and promote the show. Still, I am hopeful that they will take steps to make it more widely available and accessible to all audiences.

I do hope I have an opportunity to view the series. Chat about training and working with the actors on your new show, are you working as a fight and action coordinator or assistant as well?

In terms of my training and working with my co-actors on "Mga Lihim ni Urduja," I always strive to give my best effort in every scene, whether it involves acting, fighting, or any other aspect of performance. While I am not specifically working as a fight or action coordinator, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to the choreography of my own fight scenes. The production team, director, and executive producer have supported my input in creating effective and exciting fight sequences.

Working with my colleagues on the show has been a great experience. Many of us have worked together before on Encantadia, which has helped to create a sense of familiarity and collaboration on set. At the same time, it has also been wonderful to meet and work with other actors who bring fresh perspectives and talents to the project. I am proud to call many of my co-actors not just colleagues but valued collaborators on this exciting series.

Overall, the dedication and collaborative spirit among everyone involved in the show have helped to create a dynamic and engaging final product. I look forward to continuing to work together as the series progresses.


Above Image: (C) 2023 Janice Hung behind the scenes for the GMA show. Exclusive to Dan's Movie Report

Always training , whenever yo u are either on a show or not. Regards to the filming of your new series, are multiple episodes filmed in a single week or is the show filmed one episode at a time? Can you share a funny or unusual set story from filming or training for the show?

In the production of "Mga Lihim ni Urduja," we typically film multiple episodes in a single week. It allows us to efficiently manage the shooting schedule and stay on track with the series' production timeline. It also requires a lot of focus and energy from everyone involved. We must maintain a high level of consistency in our performances and ensure we deliver the best possible work throughout the long days on set.

Despite the challenges of filming multiple episodes in a week, it ultimately helps us to create a more cohesive and immersive viewing experience for audiences. We're able to maintain a strong sense of continuity and build momentum over the course of each filming block, which translates well on screen. Of course, it also requires a lot of careful planning and coordination from the production team to ensure that everything runs smoothly, but I have complete trust in their abilities to keep things moving forward.

I realize the show takes up much of your time now, but I am curious have you prior to the show filming had the opportunity to do the 'Udefend' or another training program or has it been very limited due to lockdowns and covid?

"I haven't had the opportunity to do the 'Udefend' or another training program prior to filming the show. Unfortunately, due to lockdowns and COVID-19 protocols, it has been very limited. Even though I could not conduct physical training for Udefend in public schools and communities. I shifted to online coaching to promote health and wellness among my followers during the pandemic. It's my way of giving back and sharing helpful tips to stay healthy and strong during these challenging times.


Above Image: (C) 2023 Janice Hung - Behind the scenes on set. Exclusive to Dan's Movie Report

Finally Janice, chat about if you have any other projects lined up when filming on the show is either on a hiatus or complete.

This is the first project that I have accepted after the Covid-19 lockdown. I am open to exploring new opportunities and projects after the show. It has been a challenging year for the industry due to the pandemic, but I am hopeful and excited for what the future holds. As of now, there have been talks about a possible season 2 for "Mga Lihim ni Urduja," but nothing is final yet.

Thank you for the insight to your new show on GMA network, we will catch up later in 2023.

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