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Bai Ling Interview! (C) 2011 Danny Templegod (A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive)

Photo Credit: Bai Ling New movie role!

Every writer seems to have that one person they would like to interview, but somehow it was not meant to be. I was between writing magazines at the time all music related. After watching "The Crow" I thought, maybe after 10 years and many concerts I would write about movies, Fast forward to 2001 and Sirens of Cinema Magazine. I reviewed one of Bai's movies the Breed, and tried through several Channels to contct her, all to no avail. That mag folded, Then Vengeance came, still tried, better magazine, still failed. Now it is 2011, through the magic of Facebook and twitter, I have ditched the PR Agent, and found her! Her recent Celebrity Rehab show on VH1 is the first time I have witnessed anyone on that actually really go through the treatment and not take it as a Joke. Here is our story raw and unfiltered.

Me-Why Did you go on the Roof of the Celebrity Rehab house?

Bai-It was the only place I could find that there were no cameras. I wanted to be alone and to have private time, and not to be followed. No I was not going to jump.

Me-What is the most difficult aspect aspect of the rehab process?

Bai-Yes, The hardest thing is to admit you have real problems, to show your most inner-self.That is the one thing that most scary to face, like the shadow in my life...

Me-I think you have to get to your lowest point to climb out and succeed. I know I have had to deal with my dad's suicide for 16 years.

Bai-Wow you speak through your soul, so wonderful when you are at that state of mind and let your high power speak to you, so so beautiful. I hope watching my story unfold comforts your soul for the loss of you Dad, I know he is in peace and he is watching over you.

Me-Do you feel that the on camera rehab has helped you more than private rehab? Maybe help you look at yourself?

Bai-Yes to answer you yes!,SO hard for me, last Sunday I drove along the ocean till 4am aimlessly lost, wandering, I talked to strangers, I cried so much...The emotions were let out. So much more difficult doing it on camera because you open your wound and weaknesses in front the world, its has been so hard for me, I'm still trying, striving to better myself.

Me-Not going to go Like Amy Winehouse?

Bai-I will not, because I appreciate life so much so much, I am so lucky to experience life this way so deep and close!

With Bai working through her problems we discussed her acting and the prospective work she would like to tackle in the future.

Me-What genre of movie would you like to explore in the future?

Bai-I would like to do a big comedy movie, sometimes I am really funny, because I trust what I say and I don't really know much :) (Hahaha)

Me-That would be an interesting turn for your work, what directors and actors would you like to work with or for?

Bai-I'd like to work with James Cameron, Steven Soderbergh,John Favreau,The Coen brothers, Judd Apatow, Todd Philips, Tim Burton, and Johnny Depp.

Me-All challenging people to work for. Well respected, and solid story development in directing. Do you believe these trusted names will help you refocus your acting career. Take it back to the respect Level of Red Corner and The Crow?

Bai-You give me a smile, I want to do it all, comedy, action, drama, even musical, my heart so open with joy now because I believe I have a gift as an actress. Take a deep breath be light as a feather,a smile will enter and take you away from where you are to where you should be,all we need to do is trust. Life is a test we all on a journey a beautiful one, so keep striving, the beautiful light is just so near I know and see...

Not all interview subjects need have to be 20 pages to get to the point. Thanks to Bai and her willingness for honesty I have looked at my own life again and re-focused. Since Bai and I are the same age, we have half a lifetime to pursue our respective passion. Destiny drives the Dream! Danny Templegod (C) 2011

For more information on Bai Ling please visit her official blog @

For Bai's full list of film credits go to her IMDB page

Finally stay locked in to Dan's Movie Report for exclusive Bai news and updates.

Mission Impossible Costar! Tom Cruise on top of the man made world!

As a fan of big, bad guy action movies and ass kickin' cars, December release Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol has them both. With Tom Cruise dangling from the top of the Burj Khalifa, that is the 1/2 mile high tower in Dubai, tallest man made structure! This is for his new movie MI: Ghost Protocol!

Yes that is him, yes that is 1/2 mile up on the spire! Thanks to Gerald Donovan for the fantastic Ariel Photo!

Not to be outdone his costar the multi-million dollar hybrid BMW I8 gets over 60mpg, seats 4, and the top speed would be near 200mph if it was not electronically limited to only, only 155. The electric engine will power the car for 20 miles, the diesel engine with only a 6.6 gallon tank will blast you 400 miles! The redesign for the movie is below

Photo credit: BMW

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Mark it down for the holiday season! 12-21-11!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Florida Production Charlie's Angels putting finishing touches on TV Debut

Pic. Minka Kelly will not chase you on foot! be prepared to face her wrath! damn makes me want to do somthin' wrong in Miami! (Location: Miami Stables) (Photo Credit:

A a native Floridian I am tickled pink, also black and blue from the news that the new Charlie's Angels Will debut Thursday September 22nd at 8pm est on ABC. The cast is smokin' hot and includes vivacious and salacious Minka Kelly as bad ass street racer Eve French and ever lovely Dina Meyer in a non angelic role. Full cast and crew can be found @

As an interesting side note The Miami Herald reports that ABC has rented out an abandoned Wynwood Warehouses for the interiors confirming the fact that the entire show will be filmed in South Florida! No I did not go to the audition to be an Angel, leave that to the female professionals!

Drew Barrymore's Flower Films is involved in the production.

This is girl power all the way! Hopefully the show will be a hit, as the prospect of Dina Meyer and Minka Kelly in Florida for any length of time will surely heat up the beaches! Lock it in to Dan's Movie Report for future updates!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rock of Ages to Wrap in a few Days!

Even though Tom Cruise wrapped his portion of the filming on July 24th, and the massive wrap party was already held, Julianne Hough is still in South Florida finishing her final scenes. The three month shoot is winding down and should be completed by August 15th The Hollywood Sign on the landfill has been taken down. The Club Revolution, which was rented for one month has opened for metal shows again. That site has several exclusive pics from the filming. Director Adam Shankman is still tweeting how much fun he is having in Florida, and many surprise cameos will be in the huge production. All the beach scenes were shot on Hollywood Beach, that is Hollywood, Florida or as Tom Cruise told us in the concert shot " The right place to film this movie in" "Because this is where the rock is!"

I am ready to blast into the 80s mark it down 6-1-2012 Rock Of Ages!

Chyna Mccoy Working on Bayne Project.

Be a part of movie making on the ground floor! Actor/Writer/Stunt Man Andre (Chyna) McCoy is currently developing a series of Vampire themed episodes with action called Bayne. He is searching for willing investors to help him in his quest. For info look for Chyna Mccoy on Facebook or blast your blood soaked browser to slogan he has is "When The Sun sets He Rises"

Sample Poster Below:

Cynthia Rothrock to Return to Film in Friday's Child!

Action Legend Cynthia Rothrock will return to Film staring in the Action Horror film called Friday's Child. This will be the first venture for newly formed Pentagram Pictures. Dean Meadows, the editor and Chief of Vengeance Magazine is assembling a solid cast including Eileen Daly from Razor Blade Smile. Cynthia has a new website @

Lovely and lethal martial artist Zara Phythian will also be involved in the production, Zara has been practicing martial Arts since she was 7 yrs old! For more info

Dean is ready to shake up the Horror world the way he shook up the magazine world! Stay focused on Dan's Movie Report in the Coming Months!

We are ready for ass kicking Horror!

Benefit show August 3rd Please Read Below!

For anyone in the L.A., California area on Wednesday August 3rd. Check out this cool Stuntacular Benefit music variety show. Wednesday 7:00pm at The Federal Bar, North Hollywood, CA

Every year several stunt people put on a cool, free stunt action Halloween show for the kids, and adults. Stunt woman Tammie Baird will be involved in the August fundraiser. The show in August raises money to put on the main event, which is held in October. This will be a great event. Stunt People work so hard to make the movies we all watch fun and take the hard hits so the actors who make the millions don't hurt themselves. Let's all support them in their efforts. The cover fee is just $20 and it is a charitable donation as the money is funding the Stuntacular Production

Here is the Flyer

Great Music! Great Raffles! GREAT CAUSE!! All proceeds fund the production of the Halloween Stuntacular, a live stunt show benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. $20 cover Over 21 only, please! For more information, or to buy your tickets in advance, please visit

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Bai Ling Exclusive interview in the next few days! Stay tuned!

Hello all Dan's Movie Report blog followers! Thanks to the magic of twitter and Facebook, Bai Ling and I are in the process of completing our interview! Bai has really opened up to me and this interview will be special for me as a writer, as I tried to contact her years ago when I wrote for Sirens of Cinema Magazine. Currently Bai can be seen Sunday nights on Celebrity Rehab on VH1. I applaud her efforts as she is really trying to work through her emotional and physical problems on TV and share her experiences and pain with others. This show is not a joke for her! Bai has had her ups and downs over the last 25 years and her story will play out on live TV and on Dan's Movie Report!

For More information on Bai Ling follow her official Naked Seduction Blog @