Friday, December 14, 2012

Dead Season To Premiere on SyFy! 12-15-12 at 9pm EST!


LOS ANGELES, DECEMBER 13, 2012 – The indie zombie film DEAD SEASON will see its American broadcast premiere this Saturday, December 15th on the Syfy network at 9pm EST.

DEAD SEASON (Two survivors flee to a remote island after a worldwide zombie outbreak) was released in August 2012 in the US, Germany, the UK, France, Canada and Japan.  DEAD SEASON’s VOD has enjoyed over 25,000 buys in its first week alone and its DVD release sold out at retailers.

Weeks after charting as the second most streamed feature on Netflix ‘Instant Watch’, Dead Season will now be available to all CATV viewers subscribed to SyFy.  “Dead Season has excelled in all ancillary markets and we’re excited for our US broadcast premiere.  Syfy is a great home for this film,” said producer/writer Loren Semmens.  

Syfy has entered a broadcast licensing deal with Image Entertainment for the title for a three year term.  “The online community has really responded to Dead Season,” said Adam Deyoe the film’s director. “We’re excited to see our film connect with the viewers that enjoy their horror through more traditional channels and Syfy is a perfect fit.”

DEAD SEASON is also available on Netflix Instant Watch, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and DVD.  For more information, please visit    

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About Flynn Forest Productions
Flynn Forest Productions is an independent feature film production company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.  Flynn Forest is in pre-production on a slate of three horror-suspense films and a WWII drama, all slated for principal photography in 2013.
Loren Semmens produced DEAD SEASON and Sundance favorite THE WOMAN.  Adam Deyoe recently wrapped on his latest feature 1 CHANCE 2 DANCE.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Breaking The Girls Movie Review

Above Pic: Poster for Breaking The Girls (C) 2012 Myriad Pictures

In a reverse story of revenge, Breaking The Girls tells the wild story of two college girls making a pact to exact revenge on their enemies. Agnes Bruckner portrays Sara Ryan, a law student, who has her world crumble around her when her enemies get her fired from her night job, and then has her scholarship revoked. She meets Alex Layton (Madeline Zima) and  the two begin a torrid relationship.

The clever script plays out like a Mean Girls with a violent revenge twist. The two ladies play a dangerous game of deceit, mostly with Alex initiating, she makes a pact with Sara to murder their two rivals Nina Layton (Kate Levering) and Brook Potter (Shana Collins).

The best part about this film is the dialogue, as the action and such seems to happen off screen. Maybe I watched an edited copy, but this film could have had a  bit more action, and intensity, especially considering the subject matter.

Above Pic: Alex (Madeline Zima) and Sara (Agnes Bruckner) plot love and revenge in Breaking The Girls. (C) 2012 Myriad Pictures, Dan's Movie Report Screen.

The acting on the other hand, especially by the two leads is fantastic, both women work hard at their roles. Agnes Bruckner is definitely one to watch in the future, she has talent, and obviously takes the time to delve deeper into her character than the words on the script. Breaking The Girls is a defining role for her. Alex Layton portrays the devious bad girl with vim and vivacity.

A story with female leads, centering on young people, is sure to play well with the younger audiences, Breaking The Girls delivers the girl meets girl, girl loves girl and girl plots revenge story. Director Jamie Babbit, and screenwriters Guinevere Turner and Mark Distefano take time to develop a clever tale, tantalizing the audience, and making viewers care about the characters, even though the entire film runs under 90 minutes.

Even with the mostly off screen action, implied romance, (no nudity, sorry kiddies) I rate Breaking The Girls a solid 7 out of 10, a very good story worthy of a watch.

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Agnes Bruckner, who is also in The Baytown Outlaws  has an official Facebook page @

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Avex Rising Angels (ARA) Release New Music Video!!

Above Pic: Group Shot of ARA.

Avex Rising Angels (ARA) release their first official music video to Youtube. Their first song is Make My Dreams Come True, and the music video can be seen with this link

Above Pic: Emily Kaiho in the studio for ARA recording session. Click link for Dan's Movie Report exclusive interview with Emily!

On their official Youtube Channel, which you can subscribe, ARA have cool behind the scenes videos, where you can see the ladies rehearsing and performing  Check the ARA official Channel @

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Cartel War Movie Review

Update 01-10-13:  Cartel War Actress, Mercedes Brito Interview with exclusive pics! Click Link for more info.

Before I begin this review, I found out Cartel War was originally called Disrupt/Dismantle and was filmed in 2010. Although shot on a very low budget, Cartel War spins a torrid tale of deceptiveness, drugs and absolution.

Lying is often the way a drug gang is infiltrated by the police, and Cartel war tells a story loosely based on a Mexican Drug Cartel of a detective with a personal axe to grind with the drug dealer trying to take him down.

In Cartel War the gang is led by Catalina (Mercedes Brito) and Antonio Vega (Roberto Sanchez), a ruthless brother and sister team.  Hot on their trail is a police veteran Mike Marino (Jack Lucarelli) Sandra Carolina portrays Gina Cassidy, she volunteers to be sent in to take down the gang.

Now the players are established, the well thought out Miami Vice (the film) style drama unfolds. Sexy women, fast cars, drugs, all wrapped up into a surprisingly slick 93 minute package. Cartel War keeps up the pace, as more bodies show up dead. Even though the plot has no real mystery aspect, the action and quality acting makes up for it.

Above pic: Sandra Carolina as Gina, learning about Antoio Vega's  (Roberto Sanchez) drug operation, while Vega is blinded by her beauty.

While all the acting is quite good, honestly, the ladies steal the show here. Mercedes Brito, steams up the screen with her come hither sultry bad girl persona, not to be out-done, Sandra Carolina has a panache with her mannerisms aggressive yet, at times surprisingly reserve and passive. Crime drama's that have a strong balance of female lead characters are not only far more entertaining to watch, but also allow for further interpersonal character development.

Above Pic: Mercedes Brito as Catalina on a yacht none the less, is hell bent on shrinking her operational payroll, and doing it in a skin tight bikini!

Technically Cartel War is expertly filmed and edited, the movie smoothly transitions from action heavy scene to dialogue heavy scene. Directors Troy L. Price, and Jack Lucarelli (who is also the lead actor Mike Marino) have a firm grasp when to use the action to tell the story, and when to use words to convey his message. In addition Mr. Lucarelli and Mr. Price took their time and make sure the actors have the right facial and body expressions for the specific scene. A great achievement for a film with only a reported 200,000 dollar budget.

Rather than go on and on about this film, spoiling plot points with other asundry ramblings, if you like violent crime dramas watch Cartel War. I rate this movie a solid 7 out of 10, worthy of multiple viewings.

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Hot Holiday 2013 CONTESTS! 400,000 views! Exclusive Photos!

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Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers! The biggest film of the year opens November 22nd! You guessed it! Hunger Games: Catching Fire! Well then it is time for a swag giveaway, for all things Hunger Games Related!

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In Celebration of the 2013 New Year, I have several contests! Please choose the appropriate contest for your region. For my new French Readers, check out this great new film called Bye Bye Blondie.

Before I start this contest, I would like to thank everyone who has supported Dan's Movie Report in the past three years! I would also like to thank all of the individuals who have taken the time to conduct interviews. To all of the fantastic photographers who have allowed me to use their exclusive photos, thanks, wait till you see what will happen in 2013! Without any more of my blustering BS, lets get to the goodies!

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