Friday, September 22, 2017

The Assassin's Apprentice Exclusive Updates and Photos!

Above Photo: Credit The Assassin's Apprentice Facebook Page @

Greetings fans of worldwide action, special thanks to the good folks at The Assassins Apprentice for allowing me the opportunity to have a look inside of the film and a few exclusive screens! The 15 minute short film should be complete and ready to view by the end of 2017, with a festival run following in 2018. Having spoken to several members of the crew they all seem pleased with the progress of the The Assassin's Apprentice, and are preparing for an all out film fest and Comicon blitz.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Mandrill (2009) Movie Review A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive Flashback!

Above photo: Mandrill IMDB photo

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report, as always, it is great to scan the globe for worldwide movies and DTV projects to bring to light. Special thanks go to the amazingly talented Marko Zaror for literally pointing out that Mandrill was his favorite of all his films. He asked me to check it out and was curious of my thoughts.

I must say the film is rather impressive, not just with the copious and inventive action sequences, but the really well developed characters and great camera work. Stating with the characters, Marko Zaror play kind of a dual role here as a Hitman Mandrill, and Antonio Espinoza his 'normal' life role character. A bit like a typical story of pain bad guys kill his parents when he waa young so he feels the need to sort out their killer or killers. The best thing about this Marko has to get kind of close to the daughter of a guy he wants to kill and I must say when sparks fly they do! The actress does a wonderful job of selling her salaciousness and it is palpable. Marko gets into character as well and even does a little pre-romance dance haha!

This brings me to my HUGE pet peeve in action films. Do not, even bother with romance in an action film unless three major areas are covered:

1) Have a back story about the lady, or guy being romanced on, I cannot stand when a character is just tossed into a love scene and all of the sudden they are a couple. Tell me about the character prior. Give me 2-5 minutes of pre meet up life!
2) Pretend like romance is real, move around, squirm, squeal, again if one person is a dead fish let the one who is better be on top or focused, let us not turn this into Lady Gagas' 'Bad Romance'!
3) After the so called liason, do not just cut away and forget about it, let me see what happens, not in the bedroom, but perhaps a bit of chat right before the next adventure.

On to the action, the best thing about the action in Mandrill aside from Marko's adept and clever moves are the way the director of photography captured the moment of the fights and the lighting and angles used. We see the action and, even feel the impact when a thug hits the ground. Actually seems the Netflix Marvel shows are filmed somewhat in that way, specifically the Daredevil Season 2 prison sequence with The Punisher! Boom!

There is action, romance, a side drama, all adding up to what feels like a film that plays longer than its 88 minute run time, yet never feels boring. Overall Mandrill is a must watch,  I give the film a strong 8 out of 10, it is a great action film and Marko proves he can handle the ladies as well as his fists!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Break the Walls Movie Review (short film) Indiewise Screening! Dan's Movie Report Exclusive

Above Exclusive Video from Indiewise (C) 2017 Danny Templegod for Dan's Movie Report

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report, today begins a coverage of the amazing Indiewise Festival which took place in August at the Aventura AMC 24 Theaters in Miami, Florida! One of the highlights of the show is a short film by the fantastic Hiroyuki Oda's class of gifted highschool producers called 'Schoolgirl'. The team toiled for months perfecting a high quality short film, with according to Mr Oda, very little assistance or guidance. This proves, how for would you travel for film. Across the world the young film makers went to screen at the Indiewise Festival! Meeting the young stars was tremendous! The ladies all have verve and reverance for the talented film makers who have worked in the fest. They had a quiet respect for everyone there, an innocense yet confident standing, I took a short video of there talk at the fest and it is posted on Youtube @

The film is a character study on how Brazilian culture and Japanese culture mix and shows through dance how the two peoples can interact and share common dreams and goals. Schoolgirl is a strong and powerful message of hope and as told by young people a beacon of light for the future! 

I think Mr Oda has caught on to the inspiration to teach the youth of tomorrow, and it is exciting!

Hiro Oda

Monday, September 18, 2017

Clinton Road Update! A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Above: Pre-production promotional photo from IMDB of Clinton Road.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, many sites have posted about the hot new film about to ramp up production called 'Clinton Road' Special thanks to the amazing actress Erin O' Brien who supplied me with the news and also the fact that Ice-T has joined the cast.

Synopsis-  A widowed firefighter seeks closure after his wife goes missing on an actual haunted road in rural New Jersey but must unlock the roads secret if he wants to get out alive.



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Above pic- From Dan's Movie Report interview, EXLCUSIVE!

Erin has been featured on my site many times, including our in-depth interview last July!

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

James Lew Wins An Emmy For Luke Cage, Shards From The Glass Ceiling Rain Down!

Watching award shows for the past several decades, I have witnessed many changes, Halle Berry Academy award, moving speeches by many actors etc.. Mark the date down, September 17, 2017. Finally the glass ceiling for Asian Actors has been shattered. Grand Master James Lew has been toiling at his craft under the radar for those out of the action realm for 5 decades. Unassuming, humble and always willing to lend a hand or an ear to those less fortunate or those just starting out in the business. I had the opportunity to meet master Lew several times at 2 Dragonfests and an Eric Lee Roast. Hard working and unrelenting are two qualities that Master Lew has demonstrated his entire career. It was amazing to cover him in Vengenace Magazine back in the day, see photo, and to watch as time after time more work piled his way. It took the unique visionaries at Netflix, and Marvel to trust Master Lew with the daunting task of Stunt Coordinating the Luke Cage series. Who knew that luke Cage would stand out with perhaps some of the best written series ever created on any platform. The fighting and action were not beautiful, but raw and angry. Bodies littered the streets, bullets flew yet Luke Cage emerged the anti- hero for a new generation.

Stand Up Master Lew, take a bow, let the nearly 3 billion people of Asian Heritage realize they to can shatter the glass ceiling and win awards! Take that Emmy, show it to the young film makers, show it to the old Grandmasters and say, your work will always matter--

 Master Lew at the 2004 Dragonfest Danny Templegod photo for Vengeance Magazine!

A power reborn in the indie masterpiece Black Salt, James Lew will go down as a master of action, and a master of connecting a variety of people worldwide in action.

Yes sir I do have my very own James Lew and full Black Salt Autographed DVD! BOOM! Now Emmy winner!

As a indie writer, I cannot wait for 2018 and season 2 of Luke Cage and haha more of Master Lew's unique flair for the dramatic action, reach for the stars keep your heart and feet planted firmly on terra firma! Boom Say it with me again EMMY WINNER James Lew!