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Scarlett Cross: Agents of D.E.A.T.H. (2022) Movie Review © 2022 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod


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Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, FINALLY 'Scarlett Cross: Agents of D.E.A.T.H. Is on the cusp of releasing through 'Troma Now'!! Troma Now is a service available on the website and as apps in Apple, Amazon Prime, Google Play Store, and Roku. The service costs $4.99 per month with the first 30 days free. is the main website and it can be watched anywhere  by the month or $50 dollars per year, saving 10 dollars after the first free month.

'Scarlett Cross' opens rather salaciously with a truly bizarre, literally titillating, yet oddly engaging fight sequence, not for the children. In fact this movie if rated would probably be an NC:17, lots of violence and copious opening nudity. Notwithstanding is the creativeness of Writer/Director Dean Meadows in combining a horror, action, and thriller film all in 90 minutes. Actually Scarlett Cross is broken down into four distinct parts yet by the end they merge together at some point.

Focusing on chapter 2, 'Asylum 13' which opens with actress Tayah Kansik as Joanna Smyth, the bodyguard! We see three men chasing one man in the Forrest and the action flails out from there. Kansik gets the intensity and acting down, along with extreme action. She has a sequence with a daytime Ninja, yeah they do exist haha! I liked that the choreography on her fight was clear and easy to see in broad daylight, and the moves were fluid and entertaining. More action and fights ensue when she takes the professor back to the safe house, again no spoilers!

Actress Kat Clatworthy as Jennifer Stone has a short but fun fight with actress Hannah Farmer as Sakura Nagasawa. Sword play and blood, what is not to like haha! Seriously though the indie movie moves along at a decent pace, never a dull moment.

The sheer variety of kills in 'Scarlett Cross' make it one for slasher fans as well. For example there is a particularly brutal scene with a nun in a church, no spoilers, but let us just say things are not as they seem. Other parts of the film have sword kills, gun kills and even some other surprises! Dean Williams as stunt coordinator worked with the actors to make the majority of the action seamless.

Dean Meadows in addition to writing and directing 'Scarlett Cross' pulls quadruple duty as Cinematographer and Editor for the film! Often a first feature length film sees the director handle multiple roles, here is hoping by dipping his feet in all aspects of 'Scarlett Cross', that Meadows' career will ascend to higher levels beyond 2022.

The technical aspects of the film are solid, some minor audio issues with regards to ADR, but overall a solid effort. The camera work by Kevin McDonagh captures the essence of action in 'Scarlett Cross'. The musical score is appropriate for the story and never obtrusive, always enhancing the action and laying the foundation for the drama, in 'Scarlett Cross'. Lighting on the film made it very easy to see the action as the subjects were well lit for their fight sequences. Given the tight budget, 'Scarlett Cross; was pretty entertaining.

Overall, this is an ultra low budget film, virtually made for a Troma type audience. Perhaps it means that regular action viewers or thriller viewers may find some of the subject matter a bit off-putting. For me however, I quite liked what Dean Meadows and his crew were going for here and rate 'Scarlett Cross: Agents of D.E.A.T.H. A solid 8 out of 10. 

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Jessica Medina Interview © 2022 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod


Above Photo: Credit Jessica Medina

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. I felt the need to delve deeper into the amazing 'White Elephant' film, Today I am chatting with the multi-talented Jessica Medina. Jessica worked on 'White Elephant' as Olga Kurylenko's stunt double and had the opportunity to work on the upcoming 'Black Adam' film. Jessica chats about working on 'White Elephant' teases 'Black Adam', and chats about her directorial debut short film 'La Oasis' (The Oasis). Unwind, grab some tea, time for Jessica to drop some action knowledge!


Danny Templegod: Since this is a hot new film on AMC+ chat about working as Olga Kurylenko's double on 'White Elephant'.

Jessica Medina: Doubling Olga on 'White Elephant' was Such amazing experience. I was so grateful and  thankful the Luke Lafountaine trust me and called me to double Olga Kurylenko.

She was awesome and always ready to do her action. I was there to help with everything when she need it. I was ready to step in to do a dangerous stunt if the situation called for it.


DT: I know she can do the majority of her own stunts, but did you and Luke go through the stunt sequences prior?

JM: In some instances we didn’t have time to rehearse, we walked through the stunt step-by-step on set several times and worked out the timing, We discussed what was going to happen and the stunt sequence. Luke and I took her (Olga) Step by step throughout the actual sequence and I stayed by her side for anything she may need during the stunt Pad Props etc... 



DT: Without spoiling too much, describe one of the sequences and set up you did for the stunts in 'White Elephant'.

JM: I had to step in and double her near the final sequence. During the Olga shoot out at the character's house I have to step in in to double her when her car gets shot up. The police vehicle car was rigged with several large pyrotechnics to blow out the windows. An explosion also blew out one of the tires and as well multiple Zircs.

DT: Please let my audience know about the term 'Zircs'.

JM: Zircs are the special effects sparks that are shot out of a paintball gun. This makes it look like bullet hits on metal. 


Above Image (C) 2021 Jessica Medina All rights reserved, image not monetized.

DT: Thank you for that informative clarification. I noticed you worked in Ben Ramsey's 'Interface' a cool short film! Chat about working on that project, Ben is a creative guy with some solid sci-fi concepts.

JM: Working for Ben Ramzey it’s always been an amazing experience just working with somebody so creative and talented we can create magic. He is a mentor and a personal friend and he is just awesome. 


Above photo: (C) 2022 Bridgette Bentley and Jessica Medina 

DT: I am always interested in short films, chat about your short 'La Oasis' the concept, plot and ideas you had for the film.

JM: My short film 'The Oasis' was such an amazing experience just bring in my ideas to reality and show my views and just jumping into the directors chair  was an amazing experience.  the story about two sisters that they lost their parents and they took over a business hotel and everything went down south .and the story they have a visitor the creates mayhem.

DT: I realize 'Black Adam' is not out, but chat about working with The Rock and his work ethic, seems to be a honest, positive guy,.

JM: Working on 'Black Adam' and working with The Rock was one of the pinch me moments in my career as a stunt performer. I always admire The Rock and love his movies, he’s just an amazing person and has an incredible work ethic. It was inspiring just to see that. I am very thankful for my involvement and Black Adam. I am so thankful for Tommy Harper and Chris Brewster for believing in me and calling me to do that amazing job .

DT: You are very active in stunts and acting, chat about if you have a desire to transition more to acting or do you enjoy the thrill of a kick ass stunt?

JM: I love and I’m very proud on my stunt career. I am seriously transitioning to focus on my acting career, bringing my decade of action experience in. With the addition of over a decade of acting training to build  my repertoire on interesting and diverse characters. I am determined to establish myself as a leading lady of action.


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