Friday, May 17, 2013

Upcoming On Dan's Movie Report! Roberto (Bob) Orci Interview! Exclusive!!

Above Pic: Bob Orci, 5-16-13 (C) Dan's Movie Report

Greetings Sci-Fi fans worldwide, Dan's Movie Report takes a break from the usual indie movie coverage to blast away inside the mind of the prolific writer of Star Trek: Into Darkness, Hawaii 5-0, and a slew of other high profile projects, Bob Orci. Bob took brief time from his super busy schedule to conduct this short interview, exclusively with Dan's Movie Report. He also chats about Ender's Game and other projects! In addition to the interview Bob of course reads Dan's Movie Report, and recorded a short video! 

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Exclusive Tara Macken Action Wallpaper Images from Aaron Paul Rogers!!

Hello all action fans worldwide! A special sexy action wallpaper shoot from Aaron Paul Rogers. Aaron is an amazing photographer who has also contributed exclusive photos from sexy actress Marissa Merrill. Aaron has a unique eye, melding sensual beauty with cutting edge action. All photos on this post are exclusive to Dan's Movie Report!

To enlarge images in windows: left click, then right click the enlarged image then select view image, left click again, and it will increase again in size then right click and select save image as, and boom, pow-You have sexy and dangerous Tara on your desktop!

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From China With Love Movie Review (Short Film from Kung Fu Femmes)

Above Pic: IMDB Poster of From China with Love.

I watch a lot of short films every week, it would be nearly impossible to review even 1/4 of the ones I watch. Tony Laudati has actually been doing Kung Fu Femmes shorts for close to a decade now. From China With Love represents a huge step forward, as rather than focusing strictly on the fight scenes, time is taken to set up a story, even though the story is based on the opening sequence to From Russia With Love.

The story opens in a back alley with a sexy computer hacker portrayed being murdered and a bullet shaped thumb-drive being taken by a sultry, sullen, and dangerous terrorist named Mei Ling Li portrayed with zeal by actress  .

Mei Ling assumes the hacker's identity and goes to a meeting with Undercover Agent Harridan, portrayed with determination and voracity by  . There is of course a scuffle. This is of course the signature aspect of the
Tony Laudati  Kung Fu Femmes series of shorts. 

Above Pic: A fight is brewing in the bedroom! (C) 2013 kung Fu Femmes, Dan's Movie Report Screen.

What separates From China With Love from the many previous efforts from Kung Fu Femmes is a detailed plot set up before the exuberant ladies begin the melee. At almost 12 minutes, the film represents a detailed display of Tony's abilities as a dynamic film maker, and great editor.Time is taken to set up each scene with a dramatic flair. 

My only small complaint, is that the fighting takes place inside a very small hotel room, and at times, the camera has to be a bit too close to capture all of the action. The lighting is good however, and the facial expressions of the ladies while they are fighting are seen clearly. The fights are down and dirty, with some pretty cool choreography from Terry Taneie .

Overall, From China With Love represents a huge developmental step forward in the evolution of Kung Fu Femmes, and I am looking forward to watching what Tony comes up with for his next outing. I rate From China With Love a solid 7 out of 10.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Adventure Racer Heather Kluch Chats about American Ninja Warrior!

Above Pic: Heather poses.

As a writer, I am always interested in the story behind the story. Adventure Racer Heather Kluch chats in detail about her experience with American Ninja Warrior. She raised money for her trip to Miami, and the money she did not use she donated to the March of Dimes.

I had originally applied for a Bear Grylls reality show last year but didn't make the final cut. A few months later, I received a call from NBC asking if I wanted to be a part of the American Ninja Warrior. I said sure, but they told me I still needed to fill out the application and send in a video. I had plans for someone to help me with the video, which fell through, so I was in a time crunch and only had about a half hour to come up with something before the deadline. I put something together at the last minute, and I think it sucks so much that I still haven't watched it again. So you can imagine my shock when I got the call saying I made the cut to be on the show for the taping in Baltimore! It took me a while to finally make my decision and sadly I had to turn them down. I just had too much going on that weekend and I just couldn't make it happen with such a short notice. The casting producer asked if I'd like to be put in the decision pool for Miami with no guarantees that I will be called again. I said sure, might as well take a chance, at least the dates of Miami were more doable than Baltimore, and I knew it would be a lot warmer! I really didn't expect another call...One day out of the blue, I got the call for Miami! My first thought was "Are you freaking kidding me? Did these people not see my horrendous video?" I contemplated for a couple days since I had not been specifically training for these types of obstacles. I'm an adventure racer, so I've done 36 hour races that include non-stop orienteering, mountain biking, and paddling, so I knew I had the mental and physical strength, but I also knew obstacles could be tricky. I had also done a few Tough Mudder races, but knew that American Ninja Warrior was a whole different animal. Then I thought, when would I ever get a chance like that again? And Miami? It's hard to say no to Miami!!! I knew I couldn’t afford the trip, but when I mentioned on Facebook about the Baltimore call, my friends offered to donate, and suggested to set up a donation page. I didn’t feel right about doing that. I’m not one to just take people’s money like that, but knew it was the only way to get me to Miami. So I decided to setup a donation page and set it to a goal of $1500. I wasn’t sure exactly how much everything would cost me in the end, but I thought $1500 should be enough. I also decided that if I had anything leftover, I would donate the money to the March of Dimes charity on behalf of my running team, Team Randomocity. I ended up reaching over my goal, which got me to Miami to be a ninja warrior for my first time!  Follow the rest of Heather's Story on her official  Blog @

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