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Director Hicham Hajji Interview © 2021 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod



Greetings valued Dan's Movie report and Action-Flix.com readers. I had the opportunity to watch a very cool movie called 'Redemption Day'. I wanted to know more so I sat down and chatted with Producer/Writer/Director Hicham Hajji . He chats about getting the film together and various inside stories behind the production. Let us take a trip to Morocco and enjoy the ride with Hicham.

Chat about how the idea for the plot of Redemption day materialized, did you do some research on archaeological sites? In my review, which I have also attached, I stress that much of this film, though fictionalized is plausible, I am curious if you have seen or heard accounts of things like this happening?

Thanks for taking the time to watch the movie, and I’m really happy you enjoyed it

I had the idea to write this script when my high school friend was killed during a terrorist attack in Burkina Fasso while she was sitting on a bar with her crew during a mission for Amnesty International. I wanted to write a movie where I show the point of view of our part of the world.

During the writing process, there was this interesting discovery in Morocco of the 315k human bones and everyone was talking about this. I thought it was very interesting and that would have been a great excuse to bring the Kate character in Morocco, and of course we did many research and wanted to add real life events in the movie.



I saw that you also are listed as one of the film's producers, I am curious with regards to the casting process, how much were you involved, and were the parts write specifically for the actors involved?

I’m the main producer behind the movie, and therefore I was the only one involved on the casting. I was very fortunate to have an amazing casting director by my side, Nancy Foy, with whom I’ve been working in close collaboration for almost a year until she was convinced with the script and my abilities to put that on screen.

Once we got the actors, I had to adapt the script in consideration and give the actors a more attractive parts, almost like a customized script



I really enjoy the work of Serinda Swan, chat about her audition and perhaps what ideas about her character she brought in.

After we made the offer to Serinda, she liked the script and we had a long conversation where she wanted to know everything about my vision about the cinematography, the light, the characters. She understood her character immediately, and created a back story between her and her husband that made her character very credible and intense.

Did you have time with the cast for table reads, for them to get familiar with each other?

Unfortunately, not. I was in preparation in Morocco when they started to arrive. I had the chance to have Gary Dourdan two weeks before the shoot to train with arms and his fight choreography. We spent a lot of time together and it created a friendship or even a brotherhood that created a trust between him and I that helped me a lot directing him.



Chat about working with legend Andy Garcia, I am curious if his part was written for him, and what ideas he brought to his character.

A Legend. That’s the exact right word. I couldn’t believe myself when his agent said he agreed to play the part. He came in the middle of the shoot, as humble as a human can be. As a first-time director, I thought he’ll be telling me what I should do etc… but he’s always been this respectful actor asking for the director’s direction, and he was talking to me like any other director he was working with. Very respectful, humble and of course he was thinking about his character and making him more interesting that what we had in the paper.

Chat about Serinda and Gary's relationship in the film, felt so natural, did you have ideas how you wanted them to interact, or did they bring character ideas to you or a combination of both, if they brought things in, please let my readers know what ideas they shared about their characters.

It was a combination of both. They had great ideas creating their back story. Sometimes they wanted to do more, like during the opening scene where I had my vision and wanted to be straight to the point without a theatral drama, but 99% of the time they were perfect, and they knew exactly how to interact and how to be a natural husband and wife.



With regards to directing, are you a specific detail oriented guy who likes to lay out everything, or do you thrive on the actors hired to bring ideas to the table?

Well, we have a script that I’ve been spending years to write and make it as best as I could, but even though I believed in my script, I was always open for good ideas. I’m the type of guy who’d listen to my grip, for example, if he’d tell me “look, this shot would be better if the camera is on tracks” or to my DP if he said “I’d prefer to shoot this in a different time” or to my actors if they propose me a better dialogues that feel more natural and interesting and even adding additional information that I didn’t have in the script. So I definitely listen, reject what I don’t like and keep what is good.

I noticed that two other writers are listed in the IMDB credits for the film, I am curious how their involvement was, I have seen the movie, is there parts of the film they adjusted or added to it, or did all three of you collaborate in entirety?

I came up with the idea to write this feature and wrote a treatment. I then hired Samy Chouia to help me write a first draft, since English is not my first language I needed someone who can use better worlds and develop the characters. I was constantly reading his drafts and sending pages and pages of notes until he came back to me with the best version. After 8 or 9 drafts, I decided to hire a new writer, Lemore Syvan, to bring fresh ideas and a new vision. I did with her similar work that with Samy. She was proposing some solutions, I’d read what she sent me, send pages of notes until I see it is going my direction and that I had the version I wanted. After several versions, I saw I could take it from there and I then was working on editing the script, adding new dialogues, new characters and been working on the script until the last day of shoot.

Chat about the action, I felt it was more gritty and realistic, were you ever pressured by other EP or studio to add some more like stylized and explosions? Did you use military consultants for the flashback action?

It was very realistic because it was real! We had real guns with blank bullets, we did real explosions, and since we were mostly shooting the action scenes at night, it felt pretty real.

During the shoot I was the sole producer deciding about how I wanted my movie. Most of the others came later on and were respecting my vision of the movie. Unfortunatley I didn’t have the luxury to afford a military consultant, but I watched tons of war movies, and I tried to be as precises as possible. Nevertheless, we used the Moroccan army who provided me all the military equipment, and I had some very interesting conversations with the Colonel that helped a lot. 



Chat about securing locations to film, seems like most was shot on location, were there any issues with particular locations?

I had 90% of the locations in mind while I was writing the script. I was born and raised in Morocco, and been a 1st Assistant Director for a decade, and then a Line Producer and a Producer for 8 years. I scouted and shot in almost every place and every city in Morocco. I took this amazing experience I had and put all the most beautiful locations in the movie

Chat about the final film, I feel that it told a dangerous, yet honest story, was there anything you though damn, I wish I could have added this in?

Yes it does. One of my friend works for the US Government and he was shocked reading the script and seeing all those back stories. I really wanted to be as honest as possible telling this story and explain what happens in our part of the world (North Africa). To be honest I wish I could have added a lot of things, unfortunately we had only five weeks of shoot and I had to be quick and efficient and focus on what was important.

Perhaps share a funny behind the scenes story you have not told anyone about.

We stared the shoot on April 1st, 2019. Since nobody in my part of the world has ever directed a Hollywood movie, everyone thought I was joking and that it was an April Fool. Then on the first shooting day, on April 1st, we. Were in the middle of the desert, and had a huge snow storm, yes, in the middle of the desert and we had to change the schedule ad go interior

Chat about your upcoming projects, The Moderator and the Sand Sea? Can you shed a small tidbit about them.

Regarding 'The Moderator', that I wrote and produced, I had the idea to write it during the lockdown, and we shot it a week after the borders reopened. It’s a movie where are female hero is avenging women victim of violence. A kind of Nikita in the modern times. A very female driven story

'The Sand Sea' is also a female driven story, this time inspired from life events, where a young American woman has to fly to North Africa to find and save her adventurous twin sister

Finally, chat about Morocco, I read that you were born there, curious how the average person view the English western culture, like the United States and England? I feel that film brings cultures closer together, allowing people to interact, perhaps share some of your thoughts.

Yes, born and raised in Morocco, watched 'The Shining' when I was four, and then felt in love with the movies. Hollywood movies are very present in every country in the world, and they are translated in all the languages. Since a very young age I was consuming a lot of movies. When I started to work as a PA in the film industry, I was working first on Moroccan local movies, but I would hear that Ridley Scott was shooting not far from US 'Kingdom of Heaven', 'Gladiator', 'Body of Lies', and many other big directors, so I was dreaming to work in those movies until I made it happen and line produced Werner Herzog’s 'Queen of the Desert'. Then I knew I had to go to LA and develop my own stories, because I’ve always been creative and learned very quick. Making 'Redemption Day' was not easy at all. I had to prove to a lot of people that I was able to do what I was telling I could do. It took time, and a lots of sacrifices, but in the end it was worth it.

Thank you for your interest in me and my movie Redemption Day.

Redemption Day opens in theaters this Friday January 8th and will be available to own on Digital and On Demand beginning January 12th from Saban Films.

My 'Redemption Day' review:  http://dansmoviereport.blogspot.com/2021/01/redemption-day-2021-movie-review-dans.html

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Redemption Day (2021) Movie Review © Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod


Above Image: Redemption Day Poster (C) 2020 Saban Films all rights, reserved image not monetized.

Greetings Valued Dan's Movie Report readers. Across my desk today comes a surprisingly great film titled 'Redemption Day'. Saban Films have unleashed a winner from Producer/Director/Writer/ Hicham Hajji

Even at 99 minutes, 'Redemption Day' tells a detailed story, and we learn a bit about the history of Gary Dourdan character Brad Paxton and his wife Kate Paxton portrayed by Serinda Swan . Brad is a former marine who has nightmares of the war in the Middle East constantly haunting him and Kate is an archaeologist and lecturer who is excited to go on a dig in Morocco, yet the dig is very close to the Algerian border.

At first I was curious why they strayed off and ended up going over to the Algerian side, but after researching, often archaeological finds cross current boarders and are unmarked to prevent theft. Also of note is the location used, while may be fictional, the truth is the Moroccan and Algerian governments often do not see eye to eye how to handle these situations. While being a fictional plot, in all reality, sadly at least prior to the pandemic, like 75 percent of what occurs in 'Redemption Day' seems highly plausible. I mean after all it is a movie and I leave it to the viewer to decide, but I recommend doing an archaeological search for Moroccan ancient ruins.

Without spoiling too much of the plot, Kate and her small group are taken hostage, but the captors want money for her. The captors are Isis inspired, but are looking for credibility in the terrorist ranks. What the director does right here is he shows the hierarchy and importance of prayer in their society. A good amount of time was spent developing the enemy, their motives, resolve, and aggression.

Highlights for me in 'Redemption Day' are the tremendous acting of 'Serinda Swan' showing a vulnerable side, her acting and honesty made her character come to light. I mean she took abuse, and yet managed to keep it somewhat together. The second highlight is Gary Dourdan, who I remember from CSI. He did a great job in the intense role and while showing love to Serinda Swan. Andy Garcia is amazing as usual as Ambassador Williams, in a role that suits his personality! No Spoilers!

My minor gripes are lighting in the terrorist compound, yes I know it is supposed to be dim and quiet, but I really had to turn the brightness up on my screen to watch some of the action., especially towards the end. I also thought it was weird that (minor spoiler) no one was monitoring the perimeter of the terrorist compound, not like just right outside. Also (minor spoiler) was a bit miffed that very early on a expedition guide was killed, n as it happens very early, but I think if she had survived, there would have been a balance of four hostages two men and two women. I am assuming this was done though to spotlight Serinda Swan's character, as she was the main focus of their attention, thus being a fan of Serinda maybe I need to keep my mouth shut, haha!

The action is excellent, we see a variety of things inducing a war simulation that is part of his re-occurring nightmare, and several scenes of gun-play and hand to hand fighting. The mix was not over the top, no Michael Bay explosions, more realistic, which is a nice touch. Kudos to the entire music and composition team, the score ebbed and flowed with epicness, tense in the right moments, yet building to a massive crescendo during the action.

Overall, 'Redemption Day' is a blast of energy and angst, worthy of a re-watch, and to own, rating a strong 8 out of 10. Serinda Swan is an amazing actress, full of heart, intellect and talent, I really enjoyed her character, and the emotions.

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4439620/?ref_=ttfc_fc_tt

'Redemption Day' is available in Select Theaters January 8th and On Digital and On Demand January 12th from Saban Films.

Interview with Director Hicham:  http://dansmoviereport.blogspot.com/2021/01/director-hicham-hajji-interview-2021.html

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Vanguard (2020) Movie Review © 2021 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod


Above: Vanguard Poster (C) 2020 CineAsia UK all rights reserved, image not monetized.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and Action-Flix.com readers. Let me preface this review by saying I am a fan of Jackie Chan's work, yet recently his prowess and choice of films has suffered significantly. The movies are passable, barely yet seem to lack the vim and vigor of his 80s and 90s work. The comical aspect and action timing just seems to lose a step. I am not one to say if he should just produce and direct films, but maybe it is time to step back and allow the newcomers time to shine and groom the next wave. Vanguard is sadly a new low in the Jackie Chan realm. The villains and plot are so poorly executed that it is not even worth time in this review to describe. Gone are the timely jokes and high flying action. Very basic plot coupled with rather boring execution makes for a really bad and bland film. Even the most ardent fans of Jackie will want to skip this one, no real redeeming qualities.

Jackie is a legend in HK action films, yet in recent years the down-slide is evident. The last great film he made, 'The Foreigner' was serious and represented a tone not usually seen in a Jackie film. Actually I kind of wish this was his new style thus leaving the slapstick action in the past. Ho hum is Vanguard, not funny enough to be slapstick, nor serious enough to be in the mode of 'The Foreigner' the movie is really kind of boring and has that, when will it end, I want to shut it off vibe. I just cannot find anything to like about this film, rating this a 3 out of 10 is about as generous as I can be. 




Vanguard is set for a On Demand and theatrical release in the UK on January 8th, followed by a Blu-ray and DVD release on January 11th. CineAsia Releasing. Pre-Order below:



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Paris International Film Festival 2021 - February 4th Thru 14th, 2021- New Information - Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod


Greetings Dan's Movie Report readers. Finally 2021 has arrived! The Paris International Film Festival

will take place this February and the event will be held virtually on Filmocracy website, details will come soon, in the meantime please go to https://www.parisintlfest.com/ ! The Festival will take place February 4th thru the 14th.

PIFF 2021 (Feb 4-14 2021) - Highlights

WORLD PREMIERE Why Not Choose Love ?, A Mary Pickford Manifesto (Female Gaze / Mary Pickford Anniversary on Feb 5th)

INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE, Kiss The Ground (Environment/film green, with Woody Harrelson and Patricia Arquette, World Premiere at Tribecca)

INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE Cream (Female Gaze, Valentine’s Special)

EUROPEAN PREMIERE Bad Candy (Horror Feature hitting 400+ cinemas in the USA in 2021)

WORLD PREMIERE Invisible Love (Female Gaze, Indochine/Period Drama)

WORLD PREMIERE Being Mortal (Female Gaze, Mental Health)

PIONEERS IN SKIRTS European Premiere (Female Gaze, Female Filmmakers)



Bring Change

Invisible Love WORLD PREMIERE, 



Tyrants of Tomorrow Telethon FRENCH PREMIERE

Why Not Choose Love? A Mary Pickford Manifesto WORLD PREMIERE

Documentaries For Change

Pioneers in Skirts, EUROPEAN PREMIERE

Surviving The Silence, EUROPEAN PREMIERE



The Race To Save The World, WORLD PREMIERE

Epic Stories




Soundtrack to Sixteen, FRENCH PREMIERE


Take Care (Mental Health)




When All That's Left Is Love, WORLD PREMIERE


So many films will be featured including these full length films:

Official Selection, Features, Paris International Film Festival 2021

  • Soundtrack to Sixteen fiction feature directed by Hillary & Anna-Elizabeth Shakespeare

  • Why Not Choose Love ? A Mary Pickford Manifesto fiction feature directed by Jennifer DeLia

  • Pioneers in Skirts documentary feature directed by Ashley Maria

  • Sum of Us fiction feature directed by Anthony Meindl

  • Bad Candy fiction feature directed by Scott Hansen

  • The In-Between fiction feature directed by Mindy Bledsoe

  • Kiss the Ground documentary fiction directed by Josh and Rebecca Tickell

  • When All that’s Left is Love documentary feature directed by Marilyn Gordon

  • The Race to Save the World documentary feature directed by Joseph Gantz

  • Awauta fiction feature directed by Mile Nagaoka

  • Where Hope Grows documentary feature directed by Linlin Zhu

  • SURVIVING THE SILENCE: The Untold Story Of Two Women In Love Who Helped Change Military Policy fiction feature directed by Cindy Abel

  • Invisible Love fiction feature film directed by Nancy Hanzhang

  • The Big Kitty experimental feature directed by Lisa Barmby and Tom Alberts

  • Cream fiction feature directed by Nóra Lakos

  • Marcus fiction feature directed by J.R Poli

  • Being Mortal fiction feature directed by Lily Huo

  • Green Flake fiction feature directed by Mauli B.

  • The Prison Within documentary feature directed by Katherin Hervey

She Should Run documentary feature directed by Petra Terzi

Watch for more exclusives coming leading up to the festival on Dan's Movie Report.


Above: Trailer for the Festival.

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Boss Level (2021) Movie Review © Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod

Above image: Poster for Boss Level (C) 2020 Hulu, all rights reserved image not monetized.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and Action-Flix.com readers. I must say, Hulu is really rising in popularity, especially with many more people being home. Unlike Netflix and Disney, Hulu does not yet have a huge library of films and shows to entice new viewers. Of course Hulu does offer one huge advantage, live TV. Things are going to change in 2021 as Hulu aims to be a bigger player on the streaming stage, starting with a huge buy of 'Boss Level', giving the service exclusive North American rights to the film. I am sure that 2021 will see a heightened competition between the streaming services for eyeballs. Once the pandemic subsides, I am sure that many viewers will perhaps limit their streaming services to one or two, perhaps dropping the ones they watch the least. Please adjust your browsers to desktop mode.

'Boss Level' skirts the line between action and science fiction, while keeping audiences entertained. Frank Grillo plays Roy Pulver a man one the edge of madness and forced to relive the events of a particular day over and over. In a modern day 'Groundhog Day' Roy must navigate the day to try and decipher why this is happening to me. His wife Alice, played by Annabelle Wallis is some sort of scientist, who is working on some top secret technology. The science is never fully explained, the the plot is a bit thin, that said, what the film lacks in plot and story it makes up in action and thrills.

Roy has to survive the day, and this fact alone makes the journey of 'Boss Level' entertaining. From the moment he gets up, throngs of thugs are after him. He must dodge bullets, cars, swords, and big guys with big weapons. The day starts with him waking up to a thug in his bed wielding a machete trying to kill him, then flies off the handle with him having to leap out of his apartment and land inside a refuse truck to break his fall. Needless to say, he dies, a lot, over and over. With each reset he tries to learn from his mistakes, thus a slightly different outcome. Grillo narrates the entire movie, which normally I would hate, but in this film the humor works and keeps the ride rolling along. 


Above image: Guan-Yin (Selina Lo) gets rough with Frank Grillo (C) 2020 Hulu, all rights reserved image not monetized.

My favorite encounter Roy has is with a sultry Asian assassin named Guan-Yin played by Selina Lo, who is like a guard for Mel Gibson's lead bad guy Clive Ventor. Roy has a gun and Guan-Yin has a sword, sometimes two, but even with a gun, Guan-Yin is faster and always manages to slice up Roy proclaiming: “I am Guan-Yin and Guan-Yin has done this.” Each time is more brutal than the last, and she always has a quirky line thrown in for good measure. Even though the film repeats sequences, each time the outcome is slightly altered, either by the way he dies or ends up surviving.

Director Joe Carnahan keeps things flowing along, playing up how 'Boss Level' would make a good video game by setting it up like a video game, including transitions and characters. The action and virtual movement from scene to scene without much story filler makes 'Boss Level' a fast paced film. With many scenes repeating multiple times it feel like the movie is shorter, yet still is 100 minutes.

Above Image: Mel Gibson as Clive Ventor (C) 2020 Hulu, all rights reserved, image not monetized.

Mel Gibson's sinister bad guy Ventor has a few wordy diatribes, yet has limited screen time, and his character is a bit under developed. In addition to the smaller amount of time spent in the movie, there is no back story on Ventor, his underlying motivation, and why he is the way he is. Even with minimal time to shine, Gibson does deliver the pensive older boss, never yelling and screaming, more seething underneath.

There is some sort of technology, which is also very vague, yet with all of the action, it really does not matter. Some sort of time shifting technology is shown, yet for the life of me, I just can't decipher what sort of technology it is, definitely not a time machine. Actually I thought about how 'Boss Level' would play out if it was a regular linear movie with no time shifting, obviously plot development would have the be put in, as more time for the side characters.

Behind the scenes, 'Boss Level' is given the “Hollywood” treatment. There are big action sequences, car chases, fights, exaggerated villains and heroes, bombastic music and huge stunts. Generally, films fall into three budgetary categories, the blockbuster 75 million dollar plus, low budget under 10 mil and mid-range 10-75 million, “Boss Level' probably was in the middle of the mid range category, yet has a more independent feel, though I would say it is not a 'B' movie. Actually by having the film on Hulu, 'Boss Level' will have a more prominent push on on the platform than it would have had as a theater movie.

'Boss Level' is a fun film to watch, yet even though it would have been a mid level theater movie, I feel that a streaming service is a better fit, as the audience for the film is more of a niche market. Hulu stepped up to the plate, thus 'Boss Level' will have a wider audience than if it got a limited theatrical release and faded to obscurity. Overall, even though I am a bit critical. I liked 'Boss Level' the film had some clever action bits and sardonic dialogue, rating a 7 out of 10.


Below: Trailer for Boss Level



For further information go to Hulu: www.hulu.com

IMDB Page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7638348/