Saturday, November 9, 2013

Film Combat Syndicate, Great Website For Action!

Over the past several months I have been checking out the great articles written by Lee Golden on his website Film Combat Syndicate. He has a great attitude for action, and supports indie films just like Dan's Movie Report! He scours the internet searching for news tidbits. and reviews independent short films as well! Great Stuff!

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Friday, November 8, 2013

6th Annual Action Icon Awards Honors Women In Action Films!!

Amazingly enough there is still no recognition from the Academy Awards for a proper award for stunt people. The Action Icon Awards, celebrates the hard working ladies of action, and benefits The Diamond In The Raw Foundation. Although the banquet is this Sunday, November 10th, many events and workshops were held throughout the week, spotlighting various tricks of the trade.

Among the Honorees are Maggie Q for Action Icon, Boni Yanagisawa for Diamond In The Raw Award, and Tammie Baird, for Special Achievement Award.

A few categories will be decided at the event including a dynamic duo category which features the actress coupled with her stunt double. Dan's Movie Report recommends Elodie Yung and Ming Qiu for their amazing work in G.I. Joe: Retaliation for the Dynamic Duo Category!

For more information on the event and to purchase last minute tickets go to:

The event takes place at the Skirball Cultural Center 2701 North Sepulveda Blvd, LA, CA 90049

Special ID Episode 2: Blood (Donnie Yen Inspired) Movie Review

I thoroughly enjoy reviewing short films, more often than not, the director and actors work long and hard to perfect something, hoping to get noticed by movie producers, to turn concept into reality. Last year my top short film went to Liberator, and this year Liberator is on DVD! Special ID Episode 2: Blood, is my top pick short film for 2013! The 2 minute and 53 second blast of insanity, is perhaps dare I say, one of the best film fight scenes I have ever seen. Inspired by Donnie Yen's film Special Id, Episode 2 Stars Tamiko Brownlee as The Demon and Tony Chu as The Human. This film is the second film in a innovative Donnie Yen inspired series by talented director Vlad Rimburg The film is available to watch on YouTube @

The fight setting is simple some grass and a high wall, so no escaping the pain. Tony and Tamiko crunch into each other with the same bruising precision as a doctor operating with a steady hand. 

Everything about Special ID Episode 2: Blood is top notch quality, the angles the fights are shot at allows the viewers to feel the action, not just watch it. Keep an eye for the point Tamiko's knee hits Tony's face. Rather than shy away from the impact the two pugilists relish the power and grace of the motions. Vlad shatters conventional wisdom when shooting a fight scene, and his efforts need to be witnessed on a larger scale.

Tony Chu and Tamiko Brownlee, have amazing on screen presence. The intense look on their eyes, following each blow, is palpable.  If this was filmed without credits and slick music, it would much like a real fight, and people would be suspicious. Tony Chu is such a talented all around individual behind and in front of the camera. According to the Youtube info, Tony, Vlad, and Tamiko took 4 hours choreographing and over 12 hours filming what amounted to be a shade over two minutes of actual screen time. The dedication to technique and precision is commendable. 

In my life as a writer, I have never ever watched a more amazing 3 minute blast of one on one combat such as this. Special ID Episode 2: Blood is so beautiful, like a ballet of brutality! I am humbled, by such earth shattering awesomeness! Vlad, Tony, and Tamiko! All I can say is Holy Sh#@! I rate the film a 10 out of 10, my top short film of 2013! The film set proper action parameters, and followed them perfectly. The old ECW wrestling adage applies, "This is AWESOME!"

A few final comments, I would like to see all three individuals work together on a feature length film with a solid budget in place. Tony Chu, Tamiko Brownlee, and Vlad Rimberg, are supremely talented, hardworking, and willing to adapt to a variety of settings and situations. 

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 2013 News and Photos on Dan's Movie Report, Support Indie!

Greetings readers, it has been a really long time since I did regular news column. In 2014 I will try to write a monthly news column. I receive many tidbits of information from various sources, whew, here goes.

First up in the news: Daniel Zirilli has a few cool projects working: Currently shooting in New Orleans is his latest Poe film "Amontillado" starring Alex Lombard and Tom Sizemore. In addition Zirilli has teamed up with Dean Alexandru and sultry Selina Lo for a film shooting in Thailand called Reflex.

For More info on Dean go to his official website @

For more information on Selina kick your browsers over to her official FB page @

Speaking of Selina Lo, and Daniel Zirilli their latest film is "Blunt Force" from Executive producer Saye Yabandeh and Daniel Zirilli  comes this tale about a downward spiral taken by a war hero, wrongfully committed to a mental institution. "Blunt Force" also stars Dan Henderson. Dean Alexandru, James Lew and several others. Kick your browsers over to the official FB page @  Watch for "Blunt Force" to drop kick out on December 15th!

Grant Bushby provides news about Baftra Nominated Composer Andrew Hewitt will provide the score for "Narcopolis", for more information on the futuristic thriller go to

In web series news: check out the unusual series in the style of Hitchcock and Twilight Zone called Horror Hotel. The series includes several 15 minutes webisodes revolving around a seedy motel. The entire series can be found on YouTube @ The first episode features an cute and quirky Andriod played by Marie Barker

Web Series Humber City has a cast feature: On Nov 15-16, we've united the Series Regulars of Humber City for the first time ever - John Carrigan, J Alexandra Marriott, Joseph Stacey, Paul Flanagan, Kenny Richards and Gemma Deerfield for Platform Expos On the Friday, 15th November we'll be screening "Darkest, Before the Dawn" at the Expo with a Q&A with Executive Producer, Peter Goundrill and all the series regulars.

Actor Ben Loyd Holmes has produced a new video to promote Prostrate Cancer Awareness. The oddly sexual and poignant video entitles "Up The Bum, No Harm Done" can be found on YouTube @

Follow Ben on his YouTube Channel @ he has posted several production videos of his adventure film The Expedition. 

On November 26th Stunt Woman/ Author Angela Meryl will be having a book signing for her Stunts: The How To Handbook @ Central Cafe in Brooklyn, NY. Read my review here for more info on

From director Jimmy Hollywood comes Ninjas! It's about the adventures of Betty, a secretary at a ninja dojo who is forced to save the place after it was destroyed. She fights ninjas, zombies and the all powerful Mighty Morphin Power Ninja while trying to restore her dojo and resurrect her Shadow Boss. 

Above Pic: Erika in full make-up from Kung Fu Femmes Webisode 8. Photo by: Sachiko Ishida

Finally Producer/Director Tony Laudati is putting the finishing touches on Kung Fu Femmes Webisode 8! Watch for a full exclusive feature on Kung Fu Femmes Soon! To watch all the Kung Fu Femmes videos go to the official Youtube channel @
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Helene Leclerc Heats Up The Screen in Man Of Tai Chi! New Photos and Info!

Greetings fellow Dan's Movie Report readers, Man of Tai Chi is heating up on the big screen and premiering in the U.S.! We all are lucky enough to watch Tiger Chen's rise to fame!  

Above two Pics: (C) 2013 Village Roadshow Pictures, used as promotional material only. Dan's Movie Report screen capture.

Not lost in the mix, however, is newcomer to the screen actress/model Helene Leclerc. Helene is from Hong Kong, and speaks five languages, and plays the role of the evil announcer in the in Man of Tai Chi. Helene has an extensive modelling background, commanding speaking voice, and is ready to break into film, watch for her, and enjoy the photos!

Above images (C) 2013 Florent Petitfrere, follow him on FB @  
Above Pic: Headshot of Helene

Above image: Helene Leclerc Model Comp Card

All photos are clickable to increase size.

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