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Lady Detective Shadow (Tv Movie) 2018 Review (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report EXCLUSIVE!

Above: Poster of Lady Detective Shadow (C) 2018 
TriCoast / Rock Salt Releasing

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. Had not expected this one for quite some time. The story begins years back 2014 to be exact, when I had extensive discussions with Producer Bey Logan, about the inner workings of his two films, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny, and Lady Bloodfight. We chatted extensively with regards to the difficulty of juxtaposition, to meld East and West cultures. Bey worked for TWC and honestly has spent the past two years not only being close to his family, unraveling the negative orbit of TWC, but finally being able to make a film that is rather steeped in tradition, free of US studio meddling!!

I am planning a second interview with Bey Logan, in March. (please read our first interview) Rather than dwelling on the rehashed past, I will discuss his books and this unue film!

 Being as this is a very preliminary review of Lady Detective Shadow, I will share a few thoughts on it. First of all this is an entire Chinese Production, actually this completely works. Melding styles and forcing a multi-racial cast just for the sake of an inclusion rider type of event, at times can make a film suffer. Case in point, I absolutely loved Black Panther, yes I was the ONLY white guy in the theater I went to, did it matter, absolutely not, it was quite refreshing to see a movie made about an African Kingdom, with um you know people of African origin in it.

Lady Detective Shadow is a Wushu film, with a mystical feel. I told Bey, it has the feel of a House of Flying Daggers, yet, the sweeping action and detailed story made it seem like Hero, minus the massive budget, and A Lister talent. 

The Photos are screen shots from the film, and a licensed for this review.

The story of Lady Detective Shadow opens with a strong interplay of a detective and her assistant trying to solve a crime, and the cool thing is, a story is told, it is a bit mysterious. Unlike the second Crouching Tiger film, the movie has a story that develops and characters, if they are hurt or killed, we care about.

My favorite aspect of Lady Detective Shadow is the way the film is lit, I know what you all are thinking, trust me, too many HK films that were shot in the 80s and 90s had really amazing action, but much of it happens in such a poorly lit environment, it is either turn up the brightness on your TV to wash the color out or sit back and strain your eyes. Lady Detective Shadow is all subtitled and reading the text is made far more engaging with a clearly framed action sequence as well as well lit dialogue for the actors.

Speaking of acting, no cast member stole the show, which in this case is a very important quality, Lady Detective Shadow is not an Al Pacino monologue film. While there may be no award winning performances, the cast make the entire product look good as a whole. 'Would a robin stand in the way of a swan' one of the many quotes that resonate throughout Lady Detective Shadow as in the final one third of the movie, Father, son and sister meet to decide their fate, or do the? A world inside a world, a complex conundrum. Well costumed and intricately fabricated sets for an indie, obviously time was taken to not only tell a story but put the viewer in the world of the Lady Detective!!

Lady Detective Shadow is NOT for everyone, but if you are a fan of 90s style wushu films, and do not mind the lack of massive star power, at least for now, hope they all explode of course than this film is a great watch. At under 90 minutes, actually I thought it was somewhat short, but upon finishing it, it felt about right. To me I see this property as a limited series on HBO Asia or Netflix, if the U.S.. success of Grisse which comes out March 6th and the eventual Summertime unleashing of the massive Netflix show Wu Assassins. For fans of the genre like myself, Lady Detective Shadow is a strong 7 out of 10. I hope that this film can make some rounds in a film festival run. Bey Logan and James Nan have a great indie property, and told a story the way they wanted, for that they deserve respect.

Keep it locked on Dan's Movie Report, more will follow! For even more action news and detailed exclusive interviews, please check out the best indie action site on the web 

 U.S. release date: Feb. 26 on Amazon, iTunes, Vimeo on Demand, Hoopla, DirecTV, FlixFling and Vudu.

Janice Hung unleashes UDEFEND Official Campaign!!

Above: UDEFEND event.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. As you know over the past 5 years I have been covering various aspects of cinema from the Philippines. It is very nice to see the rise of the action in the country. One thing I cannot stress enough is the importance of giving back to the community, I am starting to see that more and more, Janice Hung is perhaps one of the finest examples in the country.

Although Janice Hung has been featured on my site many times, with her various projects and the massive success of the Encantadia series, at her heart she remains true to herself and true to her fans. Janice has created a wonderful charitable organization to reach out to the youth of the Philippines and to reach out to the greater community of martial artists and athletes the world over.

I have written about UDEFEND project in the past, and Janice kept telling me that things are progressing rapidly. Usually she takes the project to the various elementary schools or women's centers to hold classes on basic defense form, this is real life, beyond the movies.

I have donated to the campaign myself and feel that allowing her to pursue her dream of having the youth and young women of the Philippines get some sort of basic knowledge is of paramount importance as we soon will cross the 2020 threshold.

Check out this UDEFEND video for bullying:

This campaign is not to raise money for a movie or her own personal gain, just to help others, the volunteers need pads, gloves, and various safety equipment to facilitate their teaching efforts.

This is a brand new channel dedicated to various defense forms.

Janice has this to say about the project:

In a world full of violence and crime, anyone can be a victim, most especially women and children. In the Philippines, there is an alarming rate of violence against women and children.
4 out of 10 students are bullied and there are about a hundred reported cases of bullying every day.
1 out of 5 children suffers from sexual violence at home, in school or in the community.
1 child or woman is raped every 62 minutes and 70 percent of victims are children.
No one should be a victim because we have the power to fight back by defending ourselves.
Let us take a stand and help those women and children who feel powerless.
Together, we can help empower more women and kids.


This year our goal is to raise at least 5,000 belts to be able to train 5,000 children and women. Each belt cost Php 250, and we hope that you will be able to make a contribution. Your generosity will make a difference in our community by allowing us to continue in our work.

In closing Janice Hung is very transparent in her work, she invites direct contact. Direct Facebook link with phone number is @  

If you are based in the united states and feel uncomfortable on making a donation, the donation is through a secure PayPal link and can be completely anonymous. It is not as important that you identify yourself, just support, the minimum donation is 5 dollars U.S. Below is an exclusive Dan's Movie Report promo from Janice.

The first 5 people who donate and are based in the U.S. who makes a donation and mentions Dan's Movie Report, will receive, a shout out, and be entered into a special surprise “winner take all grab bag of Dan's Movie Report prizes”, the contest will run as long as the UDEFEND Campaign runs.

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Triple Threat EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Ron Smoorenburg! (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report

Above: All exclusive photo! (C) 2019 Well Go USA, Triple Threat the bad guys!! Licensed Exclusively to Dan's Movie Report!!

Below: ALL THE BADDEST guys! and Jeeja Yanin in the middle!
L to R Michael Jai White, Michael Bisping, Jeeja, Scott Adkins, Ron Smoorenburg!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers today marks the blitz to the finish! Impact is imminent, The time is coming, four weeks away, hell will be unleashed all across the United States! Triple Threat is punching and kicking into a theater near you Tuesday March 19th 2019! A one night event film, once night to unleash the pain then off to VOD and limited release Friday March 22nd 2019!

Check out this kick ass, bad to the motherfreakin' bone video of 'Steiner', Ron Smoorenburg as he goes in hard in his home country of Thailand, and shouts out exclusively to Dan's Movie Report, watch for his detailed interviews on in early March!!! Life is action! Follow him as well!

Early Triple Threat Contest Information:

Get in with the program, going to be doing the contests a bit different yep have to pay to play! Users will message John Jerva or myself with a PAID ticket stub in a message FB or email, then we go in hard and start! Contest shall begin 3-19-19 and Run through 5-19-19. United States Residents only please, and MUST, have a paid ticket stub with film clearly visible! All entries will be looked at, judged for legitimate stubs, etc-- final decisions and prizes to to be determined! Keep it locked in on Dan's Movie Report and for more details! Contestants MUST like Dan's Movie Report on Facebook, as that is the contact for the contest, info will be on there in March!

Keep it locked to both sites for upcoming exclusives! For more Triple Threat Info, blast over to the official page @

For more on Well Go USA:

Sally Spectra Back in Action!!?!! Tune in to Bold & The Beautiful!!!!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, all of you know ever since I had the opportunity to interview Courtney Hope in 2014. I have followed her amazing career all the way up to 2019 with Control video game and not gonna lie the guilty pleasure of Bold and The Beautiful on CBS TV! The show is a bold brash look at the fashion world, and Courtney takes the show to the next level with her portrayal of Sally Spectra! Tune in 1pm EST every weekday for the 3o minute show, yeah guys can watch also! Lies, crazy tales, and kick ass style! Go get it! Check out Courtney @

Check out Courtney and her exercise journey @

Interview above!

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Well Go USA unleashes Triple Threat Tuesday March 19th! Theaterical!! SUPPORT INDIE ACTION!!

Update: 2-21-19 Director Jesse V. Johnson reports the following worldwide release dates for Triple Threat:

The Triple Threat UK premiere is April 7th at the Fighting Spirit Film Festival (opening night slot) in Birmingham.
UK ~ Universal will release on May 13th.
Australia ~ Icon Film is releasing on May 15th.
Rest of the World ~ Most if not all international dates align with the USA video release on May 14th.
Screening info for USA theaters will be unleashed in early March!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers. Tuesday March 19th represents perhaps the most important day of the year in action cinema. I call it get to the damn theater day! This is the one day 150 screen nationwide action event! Triple Threat hits the U.S. Box office! Although the film was shot a back in early 2017 and has been a slow burn until now, the time is here to get on the action train. 

Bad guys in Triple Threat! L to R-  Michael Jai White, Michael Bisping, Jeeja, Scott Adkins, Ron Smoorenburg!!

This is an important step for indie action films, proving that they can do well in the U.S. Box office has been a tough road. Of course they go to DVD and VOD services and do fine, the issue is in order to get the big budgets, people have to go to the actual theater. Company success especially from an indie film company like Well Go entertainment is going to great lengths to promote and do a one day screening event. Yes I know Tuesday is an odd day to premiere a film but remember that is the day films come to DVD so their thinking is people are curious to see a film such as Triple Threat, the way it was meant to be seen. Huge screen, loud and crazy!

Over the next few weeks, and months even on into the Summer Dan's Movie Report and will be the place to get exclusive material from the film, contests, interviews, all things Triple Threat!

Triple Threat is perhaps the greatest assembling of real action characters ever. With Tony Jaa, Iko, Tiger Chen, Michael Jai White, Jeeja, Michael Bisping, Ron Smoorenburg. You have actual skilled martial artists not just actors learning a role. Celina Jade is the leading lady and her box office in China is huge, as Wolf Warrior 2 took in 800 million USD there!

The movie sites such as Fandango have set up a page for Triple Threat!

Celina Jade asks you guys to buy tickets! Hah so do it!

Buy tickets, I cannot stress this enough. As a journalist I often have the opportunity to watch a film long before it comes out, that said I like to buy the film if it is good, why it helps the hard working film makers and actors! They worked hard on Triple Threat, this film hopefully will pave the way for even bigger things from Well Go Entertainment and the entire cast and crew.

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David William No Unleashes New Action Reel!! (C) 2019 Dan's Movie Report

Above: David William No at The Debt Collector Screening (C) 2018 Burton Photography, a Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, last July I had the good fortune of interviewing David No exclusively for Dan's Movie report. David is extremely intellectual and superb in action. If you somehow missed his fantastic and insightful interview, please check it out here:

David William No and Scott Adkins on The Debt Collector Set, A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Fast forward to 2019, it is time to put out a new reel and again David shows why he is at the top of his game.

Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube page and social media outlets!

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Triple Threat!!!! EXCLUSIVE!!! Upcoming Celina Jade Interview!

All exclusive photo of Celina Jade as Xian in Triple Threat!
Above: EXCLUSIVE! Celina Jade in Triple Threat!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report Readers! and Readers of It is all about Triple Threat!!!!  Get ready!!!!  Celina Jade is going to do an interview for Dan's Movie Report!!!

Celina Jade: Skin Trade Promo!!! 

Please Check out her last interview!!

 Keep it locked in For All exclusive Triple Threat Coverage!!!

Photos/Video/Interviews/ It is coming over the next few months!!!!

In Wide Release for One Night Only Tuesday, March 19
In Select Theaters and VOD Friday, March 22
Director: Jesse V. Johnson
Cast: Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Tiger Chen, Celina Jade, Michael Bisping, Michael Jai White & ; Scott Adkins, ;Ron Smoorenburg
Writers: Joey O’Bryan and Paul Staheli
Producers: Mike Selby, Ying Ye, Gary Hamilton & Mike Gabrawy
Distributor: Well Go USA Entertainment
Theatrical Release Date (150+ screens): Tuesday, March 19
DVD/VOD Release Date: Friday, March 22