Saturday, December 7, 2013

Army Of The Damned Movie Review

More indie madness on Dan's Movie Report.Army Of The Damned follows the cops of Salem County. A reality show about cops in the county is filmed, in a town where normally nothing happens. Sure enough, this time it does, two of the cops take a call about what they think is a domestic disturbance, and it turns out to be a gruesome murder scene.

The two cops first on the scene, Lawson () and Carpoza () come across the horrible scene and find an innocent, or at least she looks innocent girl at the scene. The other cops on the scene get there and soon it is discovered the girl has NO pulse.

Above Pic: Wrestler Tommy Dreamer and sweet Thea Trinidad go into the house of unspeakable horror in Army of the Damned!

Apparently the murdered victims do not stay dead but walk among the living with seaming normality until their eyes turn black. Army Of The Damned does a fairly decent job of building suspense, especially by not showing who is doing the killings, making the movie more entertaining to watch. Army Of The Damned is actually more of a slasher film than a zombie type film.

Surprising the acting is pretty good for a lower budget film with some inexperienced actors. David Chokachi Joey Fatone, and Tony Todd bring their knowledge to the production. The rest of the cast does a good job of adding interest in the film, which has some decent suspenseful parts.

Above Pic: Tony Todd is on the case!

Most of Army Of The Damned is filmed inside a house under renovation, keeping the scenery simple. The chairs and furniture are covered, save for some of the gruesome blood spatter peppered throughout the film. Violent and outlandish Army Of The Damned is a cool way to spend an hour and a half. Writer/Director  does a solid job, of keeping the film flowing, eliminating the normal boring spots that tend to appear in movies of the same genre. 

Overall liked Army Of The Damned and rate it a 7 out of 10, the Screen Media Production is available and recommend it as a buy or rent on Amazon, who has the film available now! Click Link:  

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Uwe Boll Launches "Restaurants Around The World With Uwe Boll" TV Show!

Restaurants Around The World With Uwe Boll, presents Uwe's favorite fine eateries. The show features behind the scenes information on the chef, cooking processes the establishment uses, and more. Very cool idea, from the prolific filmmaker.

Check out the Youtube videos @

On the official channel so far 14 separate videos of a wide variety of restaurants are featured.

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The Expedition Premieres New Footage At MCM Comic Con!

Check this out! New coverage of The Expedition on Dan's Movie Report!

We're very excited! So excited in fact that... well... we might burst! We premiered our first footage at this years MCM Comic Con event in BIRMINGHAM UK! The response to the footage was overwhelming! 

The film is now very close to completion, with the focus right now being on completing our Colour Grade, Visual FX elements and some final tweaks to the Sound Design! We expect to release a trailer for the movie very soon and we have some very exciting news on possible release dates, plans and our next appearance on the expo circuit in the pipeline, so as soon as those details are confirmed, we'll announce them to you!

We had a great day at MCM Comic Con, where over 3000 people visited our stand alone and over 500 people took part in our CREATURE EXPERIENCE, where they could have their photograph with one of the critters (courtesy of the awesome DAVE and his team of animal friends) super-imposed onto our rain forest background!

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Watch for further updates and exclusives from Dan's Movie Report in 2014!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

REFLEX Exclusive News and Photos! Brand New Stunt photos June 2014!

Update July 24th 2014! Exclusive Interviews with Ron Smoorenburg and Dean Alexandrou! 3-2-1-Go! 

Update 6-27-14: Brand New Reflex poster form Archstone Distribution!

Above Photos: (C) 2014 Jaika Stunts! 4 story fall! Bang!

Update June 14th 2014:

Still steeped in action production Reflex has the huge fight sequence with Ron and Dean currently underway, check out these amazing photos of Reflex (C) 2014 Jaika Stunts!

Update June 2014! Daniel Zirilli!  Daniel Zirilli is currently producing two feature documentaries, one is based on the Grapes Of Wrath by John Steinbeck featuring James Franco, and the other is based on the book "It's So Easy & Others Lies" by Guns N Roses founding member Duff McKagan
while rapping up the Reflex film he is directing in Thailand... Watch for more exclusives, interviews, pictures and videos from Reflex! 

Update May 2014!
Above photo: Brand New Poster for Reflex (C) 2014 Daniel Zirilli/Stunt Power/ Archstone Distribution!

Selina Lo!

Update May 2014: Film available for worldwide sale at Archstone Distrubution, in final stages of production!

New Trailer! 

New Exclusive photos!

REFLEX: The Movie - TRAILER, directed by Daniel Zirilli, starring Dean Alexandrou, Ron Smoorenburg, Selina Lo, Byron Gibson, DP Ross Clarkson, and Thanks to the rest of the Cast and Crew we will tag. PLEASE REPOST this one (instead of the old Temp one out previously... wires now removed, and color corrected by my man Jod Soraci!) Archstone Distribution is heading to CANNES to pre-sell while we head back to THAILAND to wrap it up and begin Post..... thanks to the Stunt Community in general, Jaika Stunts and Stunt Power Films and everyone pushing this tiny experimental Action film.

Get Ready for Action! Above Photo: Reflex Stunt! Ron Smoorenberg and Dean Alexandrou do a four story wire stunt! (C) 2013 Daniel Zirilli

New Exclusive Photo of Selina Lo on the set of Reflex! Click Below! 

Selina did a special exclusive Dan's Movie Report promo from Thailand on the set of Reflex @

Thai actress Zom Ammara (Ammara Siripong)(Chocolate, Kill 'Em All) has joined the cast of Director Daniel Zirilli's new action film REFLEX, starring Dean AlexandrouSelina Lo , and Ron Smoorenburg ...

Here is Zom Ammara with the one of the men from Jaika Stunt team!

REFLEX (written by Alexandrou) is about a man who is stuck in a repeating loop of time, and must explore and navigate his way through an Asian metropolis with chase scenes, fights, and falls, all ending in his death, until the last loop.. maybe... 

Daniel Zirilli most recently directed the action film Roadrun which is in post and previously directed Locked Down, Fast Girl and over 250 music videos. 

In addition the fantastic JaiKa Stunt team is also involved in the action on Reflex, follow them on Facebook @

The Action Elite has posted an exclusive video from the first day of production: 

Check out Dan's Movie Report exclusive interviews with Selina Lo and Zom Ammara 

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Ron Smoorenberg Watch for way  more on him check out his blog @

Watch for the action of Charlie Ruedpokanon! He is a fantastic stuntman/action actor, check out his YouTube Channel!  He is also featured in Reflex! Crazy reel on 12-12-12!

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