Friday, October 25, 2013

Grizzly Peak Films Delivers Diverse Films, Prepares for several hot new releases!

After contacting Michael Worth over 12 years ago while he was filming Ghost Rock, I developed a strong respect and admiration for his desire to make not only high quality films on an indie budget, but to include many actors and actresses who may not have the opportunity to be featured. A prime example is Michiko Nishiwaki Michiko acted in several films in Hong Kong, but when she came to the U.S. she was used as a stunt double, due to her physical ability. Michael's Company, Grizzly Peak Films, check out the official page @ has several films on the release schedule for more info check the official FB pages of each film:

Enchanting The Mortals is a romantic film

Synopsis: The story revolves around two people (Kacey Barnfield and Michael Worth) who meet while on a movie location. Both are able to see past their own frailties and for a brief moment in time, discover a once in a lifetime love.

Bring Me The Head Of Lance Henrikson is a comedy film 

Synopsis: The film follows an ensemble group of creative (and not so creative) artists in the straight to video film industry, focusing on one man in particular, Tim Thomerson (played by Tim Thomerson) who is facing the fact that ageism is alive and well in Hollywood as he discovers every morsel of a part in his age range going to character actor, Lance Henriksen. Tim will confront the not-so-pretty pretty people in Hollywood as he works his way to a face to face with the man booking every available role for those 65 and above.

Seeking Dolly Parton is a comedy-drama film

Synopsis: When Charlie and her girlfriend Cerina decide to have a baby together, the idea of using Cerina's ex-boyfriend Josh as the live-in donor turns an easy on-paper idea into a much more challenging event.Two women want a baby and get a full grown man instead.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

He Who Dares Movie Trailer Premieres Online! Exclusive Screenshots! Action Unleashes in 2014!

From Paul Tanter the hot director of The Rise And Fall of A White Collar Hooligan comes a full force action film called He Who Dares. Check out the how new trailer on Youtube @

Tom Benedict Knight stars as Christopher Lowe in the lead role, In addition the cast includes Ben Loyd-Holmes, Zara Phythian, and Rebecca Ferdinando.

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He Who Dares Twitter @

Kick your browsers over to the Official Facebook page @

Check out exclusive Dan's Movie Report interviews with Ben Loyd-Holmes and Zara Phythian @

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Zom Ammara Wallpaper Images! New Pics! Exclusives!

Greetings Dan's Movie Report readers worldwide! Here are a few new wallpaper images of Zom Ammara for your computer or tablet from Dan's Movie Report, your home for HOT action worldwide. Left click the image to make larger and then,right click save as., and Bam! Hot new Image! Click on her interview for more!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Exclusive Wallpaper!! Agent May In Action!

Greetings esteemed readers and new readers of Dan's Movie Report. Submitted for your enjoyment are images from ABC's Marvel: Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. show! Starting off are some great action shots of Ming-Na Wen as Agent May! Kicking ass, taking Names, and looking rough and tumble in black! On to the pics!

All photos are clickable to make full size image, left click, make larger and then right click as save image as! Images are from ABC and (C) 2013
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On there they have exclusive video, and other inside info! Also if you are not following Ming-Na on Twitter, don't be shy! Follow her today @

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Blonde Squad, Brings Out Hot, Big, Guns! Exclusive, Sexy, Action Pictures!

Hot new poster for Blonde Squad!

Above pic: More action, more violence, more blondage! Blonde Squad! Click above pictures for wallpaper size!

Hi tech, sexy sardonic humor mixed with action and, very large chest wielding weaponry! Blond Squad looks like a fun time! Check out this wild and wacky trailer on Youtube: Full on action from Havoc Operation International and New GenerAsian Pictures, get ready for violence, crazy stunts, and copious amounts of tight outfits! Elizabeth Starr, is the full cup action lady Sabrina Steele and Summer Cummings also stars as Brandy Nash!

Blast that video Link! Kick ass fights sexy girls, haha what more could you want!

Of Course every film has an evil and super sexy dangerous villain! 

Linda Wang, smokin' hot in black, looking threatening!

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