Friday, October 16, 2015

Roy Horan and daughter Celina Jade Share Insightful Wisdom Through 'Innovea' (New Videos!)

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Greetings Dan's Movie Report readers, after interviewing Celina Jade in 2014, I changed my website to all exclusive. I have for the past 30 years been inspired by her father Roy Horan and his wisdom which transcends mere film and is an inspiration to life beyond mere existing, His new venture 'Innovea" seeks to form enlightenment and out of the box thinking. Please check out the new FB page @ The Hong Kong based company looks to partner with firms to engage, and energize new thoughts and ideas. As an independent writer, I am looking for new ideas, new ways to approach Dan's Movie Report.

For more on Celina Jade, please check out her exclusive interview on Dan's Movie Report @

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rachel Grant "Die Another Day" James Bond 2015 Contest! Free Entry! (C) 2015 Dan's Movie Report

This is the photo! You will get one photo, 8X10 autographed, on pro paper! (C) 2015 Contest will run until December 31st 2015. In addition The Photos are also available for appx $30.00 US and this is of course a tax deductible donation!  Please go to the website for info and to order! All money's raised will go to build and stock a school/shelter!

Padua Charity main site @

Greetings my U.S. Readers! Yes this is a contest designed specifically for people inside the United States! With the upcoming November release of the new James Bond film "S.P.E.C.T.R.E.", I figured it was the perfect time to unleash a brand new hot contest on your home for exclusives, Dan's Movie Report!

Also for you sexy photo lovers I have this particular photo:

So what the hell are you waiting for, enter, unless frightened!

Rachel Grant starred in the film "Die Another Day" as Peaceful, but her life has evolved into so much more. a native of the Philippines, she was so moved and touched by the devastation, from the terrible typhoon, she devoted time and effort to not only help, but raise money through sales of her autographed photos, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to building a school/shelter for the small village that was wiped out during the storm.

As a writer, I feel that this is an amazing worthwhile charity, so the photos that I am giving away were bought for the contest and to support her cause. I encourage my readers to support the charity as they are a licensed non profit and all of the proceeds go to the Padua Charitable Fund.

What do I have to do to win you ask, just comment on the post with your name and email, the comments will remain private, until the contest is completed! Thanks!

Keep reading Dan's Movie Report for more exclusives, next contests will be Nina Bergman, and Amy Johnston! Get ready! It is go time!

4Got10 Movie Review (2015) (C) Dan's Movie Report

Above Photo: Cover for 4Got10 from IMDB

Greetings film addicts, what we have here is a slick, and guilty pleasure called 4Got10. The film has the outward appearance as your average crime drama, however the crazy beginning proves just the opposite.

'4Got10' opens in a dusty location and the audience sees many dead people, and one guy left alive. A drug/money exchange gone wrong. Who is the criminal, what is the motivation. All of these facts are left up to guessing. What is known is that Danny Trejo plays the baddest drug kingpin this side of the Rio Grande named Mateo Perez. In this crazy shootout his son is killed, not going to say by who, but '4Got10', has some twists and turns. Danny Trejo is his usual amazing bad guy self, snarling and angry, and he did a great job in '4Got10'

The film is not without faults, every bad character in Perez's gang is just 'random thug' it is like they die and there is now feeling. I think much of the basic one dimensional acting perhaps is attributed to the the quip one liners. There is action, but many stop motion quick cuts at times spoil some of the immediacy of it. Also Dolph appeared to move and talk really slow like on some pain killers, not sure, I know he is amazing in Skin Trade, wanted to like him in this film, but just seemed to be disinterested. I am sure a lot of this was due to budget constraints. Seems the producers had an great cast, but the money was spent on them and not on accouterments to make the movie even better.

There are some bright spots in '4Got10', and this keeps the film flowing. Lead actor as Brian Barns, had a complex and detailed character. He seemed to skirt the law, and cannot figure out why. He has memory loss, and no I will not spoil the end. He had good emotion and facial expressions throughout 4Got10. as Christine, wife of Mateo Perez's Lawyer has some really cool lines and, what can I say, she adds some sultry into this testosterone fueled action pic. Natassia is enjoyable to watch, and has that likable quality. Watch for a third interview with her, soon on Dan's Movie Report! as Sheriff Olsen is a real bastard and plays the part solidly. I hated him, by the end, and that means he was doing his job. I enjoyed the sardonic writing by he made the film fun, and not too serious. He injected humor to '4Got10'.

Here is 4Got10 on Amazon instant video @

'4Got10' is not a great film, but a solid rent, and a modern day western style. I actually think it was far better than some other 'twisted tale type films'. The film rates a 6.5 out of 10.