Friday, November 30, 2012

Dead Season # 2 on Netflix! Yeah I called it! Great film!

Above Pic: Poster for Dead Season!

In my amazement Dead season became the #2 most watched film on Netflix, before you read this please check out my review @

Also check out two exclusive interviews 3,000 words from Lead actresses Marissa Merrill and Corsica Wilson! (Marissa) (Corsica)

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LOS ANGELES, NOVEMBER 30, 2012 – Merely 24 hours after its release on Netflix last week, DEAD SEASON, an independently produced zombie film, jumped to the #2 most watched movie per day in the Netflix “Instant Watch” catalogue according to tracking service instantwatcher. Ranking just below the Will Ferrell vehicle CASA DE MI PADRE, DEAD SEASON has remained consistent as one of the top-watched films on the streaming platform, edging out other new releases RE-ANIMATOR, AIRBOURNE, IN THE NAME OF THE KING and Netflix’s own HOUSE OF CARDS (trailer).

DEAD SEASON (When a worldwide viral outbreak leads to a plague of zombies scouring the earth for the living, two survivors flee to a remote island) was recently released in the US August 2012 by Image Entertainment, and was also released internationally in Germany, the UK, France, Canada and Japan.  DEAD SEASON’s VOD tenure has been successful with over 25,000 buys in it’s first week alone, and the movie’s initial DVD release outsold its first order to retailers.   

“The online response to DEAD SEASON has been tremendous, and we are proud to be at the forefront of a robust emerging market for film. Being on Netflix ‘Instant Watch’ opens us to a new audience – it’s no secret that there is an entire demographic who prefers streaming and downloading to physical media,” said producer/writer Loren Semmens.  

Online consumption of the movie has not only limited to Netflix, however, as it has been torrented over 1.4 million times before the DVD was even released in the US.  The film’s director Adam Deyoe is optimistic about these numbers.  “How many indie directors have had millions of people see their movie?  It’s amazing and promising to see that given the right platform, there is still a real market for independent films,” Deyoe said.

DEAD SEASON is also available on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and DVD.  For more information, please visit   

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jeff Centauri Unleashes Girls of Action! (Exclusive Pics!) Updated for 2014!

Update August 26th 2014: 
Check out Baliw Crazy Style on Youtube @

Check out Manilla Assassins Creed on Youtube @

Check out the latest blast of madness from the mind of Jeff Centauri Models and The Crazy Photographer! Wow is this a wild short!

Above Pic: Upcoming action star and fitness expert Leigh Guda (C) 2012 Jeff Centauri (Dan's Movie Report) Click on pic for exclusive sexy wallpaper image!

Leigh Guda Full Interview @

As the 2012 year of action rapidly draws to a close, it is time, to get rough, time to get sexy, and time to reveal Jeff Centauri and his exclusive (C) Girls of Action series! Watch for more exclusive videos, and photos only on Dan's Movie Report! Jeff has been around film for many years working on all aspects from behind the camera filming, acting on screen action, and fight choreography. He has a wealth of experience filming action, stunts, chase scenes, and sultry, hot, talented and dangerous ladies. Jeff's film Fear of Speed is groundbreaking, with dangerous car stunts and sexy action in the same scene.

I Highly recommend Fear Of Speed to all budding film makers and action folk, who are not afraid of sexy girls and fast cars!

Actually Fear of Speed is just a starting point, Jeff has more than a half dozen action films out on AMAZON! Blast your way, and search his name! He did the Kung Fu Fighting Series of Short films! Check out Action Angels as well!

Check out this new youtube video of Jeff @ 

More Girls of Action series @

Watch for more of Leigh Guda, exclusives! Photos video and interview in 2013! Drop what you are doing and grab a hand held device, (No not that one) and click, click, CLICK! on Dan's Movie Report!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

40 Days and Nights Movie Review

Above Pic: Poster for 40 Days and Nights

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Admittedly, I am a lover of low budget cinema, and it is time for an end of the world mock-diasaster film, from the folks at The Asylum comes 40 Days and Nights. No this is NOT 40 Days and 40 Nights!

The world is going to get "Biblically" wet and the film begins appropriately with a tidal wave in the desert, sweeping away four unsuspecting youngsters out on a jeep off-road ride.

Above Pic: The four Jeep passengers await a huge, and I mean a huge wave! (C) 2012 The Asylum, Screen- Dan's Movie Report

40 Days and Nights is family film, and is also very basic, due to the sadly lackluster CGI coupled with the intrinsic, for the most part, lack of direction for the actors. The scenes were just thrown together rag-tag and strictly by the book, with a mixture of the big budget 2012 type thrown in on a micro scale. While the CGI is getting better on some of The Asylum films, 40 Days and Nights sets them back a few years, lower quality and obviously rushed.

The one redeeming quality, and it is a big one, for those of my readers with families and small children, there is no, zero, zilch, in the way of objectionable material. No curse words, no blood, nothing,  40 Days and Nights could easily play on a Disney Channel or Hallmark Network. This fact, sadly, makes it rather boring for adults.

Wait, my audience asks, I did not wax poetically with regards to the plot, haha, figure it out, it is The Asylum, low budget, disaster film. While I can recommend 40 Days and Nights for families with children, I have to give it a barely rent 4 out of 10 as it is one of the weaker efforts in 2012.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rhino Season (Fasle kargadan)

Above Pic: Poster for Rhino Season (C) 2012 MIJfilms

Rhino Season spans a three decade time frame and is based on the story of a Kurdish Poet who was unjustly imprisoned during Iran's Revolution. Presented by Martain Scorcese, Rhino Season is currently making the festival rounds.

Above Pic: Rhino Season (C) 2012 Mijfilm

Behouroz Vossougi portrays the lead character Sahel, a tormented man searching for his wife, separated by decades of incarceration.

Above Pic: Rhino Season (C) 2012 Mijfilm

Monica Bellucci  takes the female lead as Sahel's devoted wife Mina. Her character goes through a myriad of emotions and life experiences, also being incarcerated. Ultimately she searches for her husband, who she presumes is dead.

For the Rhino Season trailer on Vimeo check out

For more information on Mijfilm check out the official site @

The IMDB link for Rhino Season is

I am always searching for thought provoking historical films to watch. A couple of years back I reviewed a sprawling Italian film Sanguepazzo (Wild Blood) about the sordid lives of Italian film stars Valenti and Freida, worth a watch.