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Zombie Guillotines Movie Review

Zombies are overtaking Hong Kong, and they are multiplying at an alarming rate! Even a chainsaw strapped to the handlebars of a motorcycle cannot stop them! The population is growing so fast that a talented team of intrepid hunters look for new ways to dispose of them.

Seriously, a barbershop?! It turns out to be a perfect location for a weapon's stash against the undead! Located in the confines of the humble shop are dozens of straight razors, files, and scissors! The group, including Celina Jade as the Nun, battle against evil and begins to assemble their weapons. She is the calming force, the silence behind the violence, until she sees zombies, then the aggression kicks in.

The weapons are actually hair drier tops, outfitted with a circular blade arrangement. The apparatus is then attached to a long chain, thus allowing the wielder a wider throw radius. While the new weapons are being forged at the shop, the undead surrounds the compound. Suddenly, Celina Jade screams at the top of her lungs: EVIL!

After that all hell breaks loose and the team is forced to go on a rampage to dispose of the hoards of Zombies. Celina says her prayers while ripping off the heads of the nasty undead in the closing moments of the film. At the end of Zombie Guillotines we see the team walking slowly toward the harbor and eyeing the erie skyline of Downtown Hong Kong shrouded in a layer of haze! Zombies beware!

The make-up and sets were creative and detailed, each zombie performer was given a cool look and character to play, one of my favorites is Katherine Yam, she was really brutal and maniacal looking, check this picture out below. Now that is a Zombie! RUN!

The 9 minute short is a fantastic proof of concept movie in the vein of 'Flying Guillotines', but with the undead and a dash of ultra-violence. Easy to envision Zombie Guillotines as a game or web series. Tightly shot, expertly produced, well acted and edited, this over the top gore fest rates a head ripping 8.5 out of 10! A must watch!

The full Zombie Guillotines movie is available on Youtube 1080p with CC subtitles in English as the main language is Cantonese.

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July 2014 News! Dan's Movie Report (C) 2014

Ghost Bride

Ghost Bride Synopsis:

Young chinese immigrant Jason Chen is trapped between two women; kiwi girl Skye and chinese bride May Ling, two cultures; modern New Zealand and traditional China, and two worlds, that of the living and that of the dead.

Genre: Fantasy | Thriller
Director: David Blyth
Cast: Yoson An, Rebekah Palmer, Fiona Feng
Writer: David Blyth
Rating: PG
Running Time: 1 hr. 30 mins.

Director David Blyth's Ghost Bride is screening in Manilla! If you live in Manilla, Check for a screen near you!   Check my review for this fantastid film @

It is coming down to the wire for the selection of who will be the lead female role for the Crouching Tiger Sequel, July 14th is the final day Click the link for info: I know many people who have auditioned best of luck!

More Florida Supercon Updates in the future, still going through the material. The official attendance was 43,000! Watch for new video of Celina Jade at her panel discussion!

Upcoming interviews on Dan's Movie Report:

Carly Sunae, Dean Alexandrou, Ron Smoorenberg. Silvio Simac, Nikki T,  plus many more surprises!

Arrow is having cast meetings for the third season in California, adding Brandon Routh to the cast. Filming begins next week!

Cynthia Rothrock's and Don Wilson's  latest film project :The Martial Arts Kid in full post production mode and dozens of photos have been uploaded to  Watch for an exclusive feature soon on this fantastic family film. Cynthia and Don are really great people!Make sure to  like the film on FB @

On the bad ass action side comes Transit 17! Still a bit mysterious as to the full description and plot, but casting is set and production is set for early August. Cast:

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Actress Celina Jade Interview (Exclusive: (C) 2014 Dan's Movie Report) All Rights Reserved.

Update October 2015 Celina and her dad Roy Horan do the first of many instructional videos with their company Innovea!
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Update August 2015: Celina Jade to star in new film 'April Flowers'
Watch for more updates!
Above pics: Autograph pic from Celina,Skin Trade Banner Exclusive and my artistic Shado photo, click to make Wallpaper Sized!
Update August 5th 2014: Celina Working on Music Video with  Follow his twitter @
Update: Video I took from Celina panel @  Florida Supercon! (C) 2014 Dan's Movie Report

Celina Jade is a one in a million talent, that can act, sing, fight do just about everything she puts her mind to. What struck me most meeting and chatting with her, was Celina's quiet calm, demeanor, and kind generous heart. At the Florida Supercon, she was giving free hugs to anyone she met, and rather than talking about herself, she was asking about the people she met. A genuine person, no ego, attitude, humble, and amazing. Her father is the legendary Roy Horan, but she made it on her own, carved her distinct path to excellence, and I am honored to share her vivid stories on Dan's Movie Report. Sit back, grab some Ginger Tea, and enjoy 3,000 words of Celina Jade, I gave her the questions printed out the day before to look over, and here goes a live exclusive chat with SHADO! Interestingly, for her panel discussion at Florida Supercon, she sat her chair on the floor, used no microphone, and asked us to huddle around her, fireside chat style, this displayed warmth and a single sense of being with the audience.

Above Pic: Celina on the floor at Florida Supercon!

Chat about Kung Fu Vettel, the action short film with the racing legend.

Sebastian Vettel is the 3 time world champion race car driver, extrememly talented. I did a short film with him in 2012, where he teaches me to race around a track and I teach him Kung Fu. I tried to beat his lap time, but the funny thing is at the time I actually did not have a drivers license. Actually I just got my driver's license, so I can fight and do all kinds of things, but my driving sucks haha! Driving him was interesting, If you look on Youtube behind the scenes, you see him freaking out. He told me to go around the racetrack, as fast as you can, then you have to break on the outside of the corner and cut the apex in a straight line, I was unsure what the apex was. I assume now that was the pinnacle of the turn. He told me to drift out. I thought, I got this, I am a good student, and then I slammed the accellerator, and he goes WHOA, let us do a slow run first, haha! I figured if we crash it is just a bunch of tires it will be fine. Come on your a bad ass, I am a bad ass, so lets get on with it hahahaa! That was kung fu Vettel, if you guys like formula one he is very talented and funny guy.

Above: Celina Jade in Kung Fu Vettel: (C) 2012 Simon Woollard

Please chat about the film Legendary Assassin, and your experiences on the set of the film.

Has anyone seen Legendary Assassin? (and dead silence in the room, as of course, I was the only one haha to actually have seen the film, but happy of course to educate the Arrow fans, who were very cool)

This how I got into acting, I started as a singer songwriter, I never knew I would get into acting. I always admired people who could act, I was the shy kid who was too scared to take drama, because I did not think I had what it takes to be onstage. When I was signed to a record label in Hong Kong, my music manager, knew my dad (Ron Horan) He played the token bad guy in older bruce lee and Jackie Chan films. He used to wear spandex and fight in the old martial art movies.

My manager said to me, “Hey, your dad can fight, can you fight?” I said “Yeah” he said: “Why don't you audition for this movie called Legendary Assassin.” The film stars Wu Jing (now known as Jackie Wu) He is kind of the person after Jet Li, he is a Wu Shu national campion, as well as some other really big actors, and they are looking for a lead actress for that movie. I was like ok, I will try out. My manager said the chances of you getting this role are next to nothing, because they already have a few big Chinese actresses in mind. I just thought, I will do it for experience. I auditioned and forgot about it. A few weeks later I get a call “You got it” I was shocked, I said “I got what, the role?” I said “I do not know if I can act” this is trusting me with your investors money, your reputation, you guys are insane haha.

Literally, I was thrown into the deep end, I had to play a police woman, who falls in love with an assassin. Lots of fighting, lots of stunts. In Hong Kong, the safety is next to nothing.

How long were you on set of Legendary Assassin for?

We shot for three months, I trained 6 days of week, very intense, many hours a day with Wu Jing to the point where lets just say, I have a small bladder, I go to the bathroom a lot at night and I could not get up at night to go to the bathroom, because I was doing so many sit-ups, I had to literally roll off of bed to go, because my muscles were in so much pain. I trained every day with the guys and Wu Jing a Wushu champion, he is amazing, that is how I got my big break into acting.

Back then I did not know how to act, I thought, how am I going to fall in love with this guy, haha. My friend told me: “Celina, if you can convince someone of a lie, then you can act” I thought: “I guess I have my rebellious years, lied to my parents a few times haha.,I will try.” I tried to be that character, which was really tough. My mom said, three months after shooting the movie: “You are still walking like a man, haha” I am a police woman, I am not going to be strutting down the street, I am a tough cop. After that I took acting lessons and slowly improved my art and really fell in love with acting, that is my experience on Legendary Assassin.

I really enjoyed it, was a great movie, you were fantastic in it.

Thank you. It is available on netflix if you guys are interested in watching a foreign film.

Chat about a bit of behind the scenes on Arrow (I had written the exact question to her, oddly another audience member also asked, if you read this please let me know, I will add your name!)

The first day on the set I meet Manu, and he is on the floor doing push-ups and he was pacing and running around the set and really hyped up, and Steven is doing pull-ups. I thought, should I get down on the floor and start doing sit-ups, haha. Should I fit in, these guys need to be super pumped, if you look at Manu or Slade they are really pumped because before every single scene he is doing push-ups sit-ups and running. I was wondering, should Ibe doing jumping jacks. The guys especially Steven were really protective of me, I had to stand on an apple box (height extender box) and he said are you ok, I said if I cannot stand on an apple box, I am not going to have much of a career as an actress and martial artist especially in HK where you have to do your own stunts, haaha.

Manu is a comedian, he followed me into the toilet, not into the stall. In the wilderness in Canada where we were filming the toilets are kind of far away cabins, he was getting into his stalkerish mode for that scene, he said: “I am watching you.” I screamed : “GET OUT!” I turn on all of the faucets so he does not hear anything. Haha, fun times, I had to also do archery training! (Ed Note, many more very cool arrow questions were asked by the audience, I will uploaded additional video to youtube, above.

I intended also to ask this question as a follow-up, and once again, another amazing audience member read my mind! What is your favorite stunt to film?

I don't know, stunt work is usually pretty dangerous. Oh I don't, know if there is a favorite stunt, I don't know, just throw me down those stairs another five times. 

None for Arrow, but for Legendary Assassin, I will never forget. One of the first scenes is me falling off the tree, that is two stories high. We are on this island, on a public street. The villagers are off on the outside, but they are able to watch the scene where I fall of this tree and this guy catches me on his back. 

I will never forget this, I am on the tree, not scared of heights or anything, but I look down, to my right the guy holding the wire and holding me up, and he is wearing a wife beater, kind of a chunky big guy, wife beater rolled over his big belly, he has a beer on the bottom, a cigarette in his mouth and he is holding the rope with ONE hand, with a cigarette, alternating cigarette, rope, rope, cigarette. Uh Oh, red flag! I look over to him and said are you going to be all right, he was like “Don't worry I got yah.” I thought All right I guess this is what I signed up for, if I have to fall, just fall. I fall, and Wu Jing catches me with one hand and swings me down on the floor and the villagers were all clapping and the sound guy goes CUT! Live sound, we have to do the stunt again. I was like oh my God we have to do it again. I think that was definitely one of the more “fun” or crazy stunts I have filmed, interesting and funny.

In most of my experiences in Arrow and other films most of the stunts are first attempted by guys. The will try the stunt out to make sure it was safe. I remember in one of my scenes, they put a wire up and I have to swing around a pole and kick someone. For the guy he was heavier, I do the same stunt, and because I am lighter, and the location of the hooks, I swung around and went straight into the pole, bruised my entire leg, and was limping the rest of the day. Same thing happened in Shanghai, for Kung Fu Vettel. They lifted me up, I was in the air, I do a round house kick to the guy's head (Ed. note, thank you Celina may I have another!) and the guy dropped me to fast so my knee went straight into the concrete bridge. My knee, blew up so much that I could hardly fit it into my jeans the next day.

Again the same thing happened for another movie where I am supposed to fight with this guy and kick him then someone pushes me from behind or kicks me from behind and I fall into a couch and the couch flips over, then I roll and turn up and fight again. The stunt guy, who was a lot heavier, when he fell on the couch,he actually flipped the couch and continued on. I fell into the couched flipped the couch and continued to fly into the wall, which was behind the couch. I will say I have a few battle wounds, but nothing major, which is cool, actually it is fun. My mom hates it, she says:“Why did I give birth to a boy?” Why do you have to follow in your dad's footsteps?

On Arrow, I have a stunt double, which is weird, but on a tv series, if you get injured, the filming has to stop, and they are screwed. There is a lot of money and time invested. They will not risk any dangerous stunt, fall etc.. They will always use a stunt double. On Arrow, They use Kim Chiang, she is really good (she did stunts for Kelly Hu as Deathstrike) another woman named Atlin Mitchell, who is very talented. (Ed note, shout out to the fantastic stunt peeps!)

Talk about the new film Skin Trade. Fantastic talent on that film.

It is called Skin Trade, I just did a movie with Ron Pearlman, Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Michael Jai White, etc. Tony Jaa is awesome, no wires, he flies. I can attest to that he does all his own stunt and he has no wires. Right now he is shooting a new movie in HK and they put him in a wire and he was not used to it, he had to jump and kick over a car and come on the other side. They put him on a wire and he could not do it. He told his manager I can do it without a wire. He did, he jumped over the car, spins in the air lands on the other side.

Skin Trade comes out in May 2015, if you follow me on FB Twitter or Instagram you will see it. It will be a theatrical released film worldwide, rated really highly in a recent test group.

Working with them in Bangkok was so fun. Another action area, craziness. In one scene,  someone pulled out the chair I was on and I get kicked. I always get tied up and kicked haha. There were nails sticking out of the chair, I am like um, can you pull the nails out, before I go crashing into it? That was a really fun shoot, please check it out. Skin Trade will have lots of action, and a very serious subject of human trafficking.

Do you know about the rating yet, is it actually going to have an R rating, or watered down PG 13?

I think it is pretty R, although that we did film some scenes with two versions for certain territories. China, and the middle east, it has to be toned down. No swearing, shit becomes hell. Etc. Less violence (ED Note, less violence in a Tony Jaa, Dolph, Michael Jai White, Ron Pearlman, Celina Jade film, VERY BAD! We will take the actual R Rated version thank you!) 

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Finally Chat about your father Roy Horan ( A Legend in HK films IMDB page @

He taught us to fight, we play fought at 3, 4, 5 yrs old. We were wating for the bus and he was testing us punch, punch, punch, block, block, block, he taught us, (my sister and I) to block, kick, etc... My father told me, well actually I learned the hard way, first, never to surprise attack him. I jumped out at him from the side of a corridor where he was coming and said boo, and he literally punched me in the stomach so hard, by natural relex, I flew across the room onto the ground. I was down for two minutes, my mom is screaming and I wake up, and go: WHOA that was AWESOME! I want to learn how to do that! It is the only household where you get beat up by your dad and you don't call the police. We still play fight, my sister, and my dad, it is fun, I enjoy it!

(Above photo EXCLUSIVE!, Celina jade in Zombie Guillotines!) 

I was bullied in school a number of times and I would come back, and mom would always be the diplomat go to the principal, and tell him what happend. I went to a bit of a racist school, as I was the westerner in a Chinese local school. It was tough, kids are kids, when you look different people judge. My dad taught me how to Judo throw, and kick in the stomach hard, so next time they won't bother you. It worked, when the boys bullied me, one kick to the stomach, they never came back! (Ed note, needed you in Jr high) My dad, would be defend yourself, never let anyone push you around. When the diplomatic way does not work, be prepared. (Ed note: Need her as bodyguard!)

Amazing interview, I could ramble on for another 5,000 words, but sadly this is where I end the text, Celina thank you so much for sharing some amazing stories today, and watch for more soon on Dan's Movie Report! For the great questions from rest of the audience as well! (I only printed the questions that were asked by me, specifically for the interview.)

Danny, thanks for the questions and for the fruit, it was delicious! (I gave her some mangoes, and avocadoes from my yard.) Yeah pic is blurry, so what! She is holding my fruit, not yours. Haha!! 

Keep reading Dan's Movie Report for more SKIN TRADE exclusives! And for Celina Updates, photos, videos, etc,,,

Finally Check out this cool picture of Celina, from Florida Supercon, she asked all of us to gather around for a group shot after the panel interview. Great Show! For more info on Supercon go to the Official Website @

To find Celina Jade on the internet, roundhouse kick your browsers to these sites! First though, for the latest updates like her on FB as it is actually her, posting! @

For up to the minute Arrow info, Check out this site! Great Resource

For a very cool short film with Celina, Check out my review and link to Zombie Guillotines @ Warning, NSFW, ultra violent film!

For an in depth video interview with Celina check out this Youtube Link to Asian's On Film @


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Florida Supercon Massive Success! Miami Beach! And 40,000 fans!

Celina Jade is the best comic convention guest in my 20 yrs of going to them, humble, patient, kind, free hugs, intelligent, and loves mangoes! She did a no mic, fireside chat panel on the floor! Much more to follow! Interview soon!

Here is an exclusive shado pic! Mysterious and Black and white like a shadow! Celina in a no mic panel she sat her chair on the floor and chatted!

I spent 30 hours in two days at the Florida Supercon! Please be patient! Much info to decipher! 

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Costume contest Sat Night, amazing! Thousands in attendance!

Troma screening of Return to Nuke em high! 

Please stand by! Do not adjust your smart or dumbphone, tablet, laptop, PC Iphone etc or if you can get internet through a living object please let me know!

All the respect to all involved with Supercon, moving to the Miami Beach Convention Center was amazing, 40,000 in attendance for the 4 days! 

All I can say is The ladies rocked it! Celina Jade, Nichelle, and Tara Cardinal! Mangoes for Celina Jade!

Oh yes to the thousands in attendance for the wrestling, that is also amazing!

I am up for 36 hours straight, mind loopy, heart focused! Eventually all will be covered!

Destiny Drives The Dream! Mike S. Broder! You did it!