Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dragonfest is Back! Get Ready to Kick Ass! Sunday May 18th! Burbank, CA!

 I went to the final two spectacular Dragonfest events in 2003 and 2004 they were amazing, I cannot attend this one so, please get me pics etc, all will be credited this is a charitable organization! Action folk are awesome and interesting to chat with!

What is Dragonfest?

DATE: Sunday, May 18
TIME: 1 pm to 7 pm
WHERE: Holiday Inn Media Center, Burbank, CA
COST: $25   (Tickets are a tax-deductible donation to the Museum).

THE DRAGONFEST CONVENTION The Martial Arts History Museum is so delighted to bring back an old friend, DRAGONFEST! Gerald Okamura started this convention many years ago which lasted for nine years. Now, nearly a decade later, Dragonfest has returned under the hosting of the Museum. 100 percent of the proceeds goes directly to the Museum.
THEME FOR THE EVENT The DRAGONFEST convention will be divided into FOUR MAJOR AREAS: 1. HISTORY – a section for martial arts icons, celebrities, pioneers and more. 2. DOCUMENTATION – a section for the actual martial arts authors with new books being released 3. ART – a section for artists, anime, Asian crafts, t-shirts, cups, toys, and more 4. FILM – a section for new films coming out, dvds for sales, movies, special effects, prop houses, etc. PLUS areas for unique booths such as health booths, interesting items, etc.
WILL THERE DEMOS? Instead of demos, we will be created MINI-SEMINARS for each of the vendor booths of every section so that can pitch their wares to you.
FOR INFORMATION Contact the Martial Arts History Museum (818) 478-1722 email:

Upcoming Exclusive! "Chyna in China" (c) 2014 Andre "Chyna" McCoy! Title and editing Danny Shamon! Two hearts One Mind!

Above Pic: Chyna in China (C) 2014

Awhile back I did a pre-China trip interview with him @  Now fresh of off six months of filming a variety of projects, he is back and will chat in detail about his experiences, this will be epic, and I will dole out parts over the next several months! Watch for exclusive photos, videos, text, and be prepared to have feathers ruffled! Mine also! It is time to Rock!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Great interview with Master Julian Dale!

Cynthia Rothrock Begins to Ascend Everest! Her quote! Please Read!

"Hi great news last night I went to get a massage and they were closed and someone comes up to me and says let me call the doctor had massage and acupuncture and today I trekked all up hill in snow and rain with poles and little pain my prayers were answered so I may make it freezing cold and four days to Everest feeling good no altitude problem today xo"

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rest in Peace Rod Johns, Thank you for changing Dan's Movie Report!

As a writer I love the underground films, Rod was such a pioneer, a true visionary, he worked for the love of film, he  could not be bought, sold or disrespected by anyone. I am giving hi priority from this day forward to high quality non studio productions, yes, I will drop a big thing now and then, haha, but I want to focus my main efforts to indies, shorts etc! I love movies, I enjoy variety Rod, please watch me from above and guide me..... More to follow, oh his photo is behind the blog! Please say hi to Ronnie James Dio for me! Just walk towards the "Silver Mountain"   Keep reading Dan's Movie Report in 2014! BTW Stunt people are the reason action films rock! Keep on with the action, fun, and live for happiness! BTW I would like to extend an olive branch to Xavier Kantz, I am sorry, I saw the light!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Polypore! Wild new indie film! First trailer drops!

I loved this trailer, have emailed the director and watch for more!   Why no pics, I want you all to watch this! Watch it, live for the underground!