Friday, June 29, 2012

New Continuum Wallpaper Images

I must say I am a dedicated fan of the fantastic science fiction show Continuum. Lead Actress Rachel Nichols proves she can mix it up with the guys on this hi-tech action show. For full sized images, left click to enlarge, on the larger pic, right click and select view image! Bam! a sexy wallpaper of Rachel. All images are (C) 2012 By Showcase, and screen captured by Dan's Movie Report. Watch for more images to be added shortly!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Actress Marissa Merrill Upcoming On Dan's Movie Report!

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Above Pic: Promo shot for Dead Season, with Marissa Merrill as Tweeter.

Diverse, intelligent, and intense, watch for Actress Marissa Merrill to slice into zombies in Dead Season out on July 31st. Watch for her detailed interview shortly on Dan's Movie Report, she has lots of cool stories to tell! Many sides to this talented actress and model. Below is Marissa in the model non Zombie Killing mode!

Above Pic: Marissa Merrill (C) M.U.D. (from her official website)

If you cannot wait that long to see Marissa, she will be performing in Cabaret live in Monterey, CA starting tonight! Here are the details:

What: Monterey Peninsula College Theatre Company presents "Cabaret"

Where: The Bruce Ariss Wharf Theater, Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey

When: Previews at 7:30p.m. on Thursday, June 28; opens at 7:30p.m. on Friday, June 29; Continues at 7:30p.m. Thu-Sat, with 2p.m. Sunday matinees through July 15

Tickets: $25 adults, $22 seniors, $15 young adults (16-21) and military, and $10 children 15 and under; 24-hour advance purchase, $20; online $18 for adults and seniors. Available through the MPC Box Office (646-4213) Wednesdays from 3-7p.m., Thu-Fri 3-5p.m., at the performance venue 90 minutes prior to any show, or online at; Dinner & Theatre packages available for $36 per person, including a prix fixe menu at Isabella's on the Wharf and tickets for the show (price does not include gratuity, drinks or dessert); available only at the MPC Box office at least 24 hours in advance.


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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Solipsist Movie Review

Above Pic: Marissa Merrill and Mary Elise Hayden prior to the Solipsist transformation. (C) 2012 Andrew Huang, Screen Cap: Dan's Movie Report

Solipsism is the philosophical idea that that only one's own mind is sure to exist, many iterations of the original philosophy ranging from the metaphysical to the epistemological exist.

Andrew Huang and his crew have created an absolute masterpiece of technological ideas, merging seamlessly with biological looking physical creations, renderings, and talented live actors to create the 11 minute short film Solipsist.

Above Pic: Sultry, deep in thought, and sensual Marissa Merrill in Solipsist (C) 2012 Andrew Huang, Screen Cap: Dan's Movie Report

Solipsist opens with the two beautiful actresses, Marissa Merrill and Mary Elise Hayden back to back on two separate chairs gently swaying back and forth in unison. Slowly their features merge as one, an intricate form of ideas, emotion, thoughts, and physical being merging into a mind melding cacophony of visual stimulation. There is no dialogue, only music, the visuals tell the complete story. The actresses do a fantastic job, it is very difficult to get the emotions down with no dialogue to play off of. Marissa and Mary obviously worked hard to get their movements fluid, to merge as one, a visual representation of Solipsism, an internal mental theosophy.

Above Pic: Marissa Merrill (L) and Mary Elise Hayden in unison in Solipsist (C) 2012 Andrew Huang, Screen Cap: Dan's Movie Report

Following their merging, swerving tiny sea creatures are the result. The grace at which they movie through the water is amazing. The rendering crew and mind-bending effort which went into this are well deserving of the SlamDance Film Festival award.

The final act of Solipsist, I will not spoil, but involves a third actor, Dustin Edward, some creative sand pool type melting, a variety of live action, and blue screen theatrics. Deflecting the ideological norm, and intrinsically beautiful, Solipsist allows the audience to form their own conclusion, and gives the viewer an epic end to a memorable film. Solipsist's full concept is enhanced especially after multiple views, especially in HD.

This is a top notch film, and scores my top short film of 2012 year! 9.5 out of 10. 

Watch the entire film on Vimeo in HD!

Behind the scenes:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bikini Spring Break Movie Review

Leave it to the crazy folks at The Asylum to blast us with an overtly sexual ultra low budget Spring Break film. Even during the opening credits, there is copious amounts of nudity. Although the nudity in the beginning is great, this is definitely not, Monica Bellucci caliber, but far better than say Kathy Bates, hahah, falling in the 5-6 out of 10 category! Actually most the nudity is done more for comical effect, rather for sensual titillation, although there is a scene in a strip club, which is rather eye provoking and might make one have a minor pants protrusion.

Above Pic: Jello wrestling on Bikini Spring Break! (C) 2012 The Asylum, Screen Cap: Dan's Movie Report

Robert Carradine plays the Coach of the group of girls who are in some sort of band, but the plot is underdeveloped, unlike some of the ladies in Bikini Spring Break. Their bus crashes on the way to Florida, and they must find a way to come up with 10,000 to have it fixed.

There are wet t-shirt contests, jello wrestling and other ways to get the ladies in various states of undress. All of the actresses are serviceable, excuse the pun, if not a bit over the top silly, but do not detract from a script rather weak on jokes. Rachel Alig as Alice is perhaps the best of the group, she has some comedic timing.

Above Pic: The obligitory wet t-shit contest. (C) 2012 The Asylum, Screen Cap: Dan's Movie Report

The question as to how good this film is depends on the mood of the viewer, it is not great, but decent for a small laugh, I rate Bikini Spring Break a 5 out of 10.

It is available from Amazon, follow the link below:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Keylight Alliance Rock of Ages Party at Passions! Getting my 80s On!

Above Pic: Black Velvet Revival, Rockin' in the smoke of Passions Nightclub (C) 2012 Danny Shamon Photo

I am not gonna lie, as a child of the 80s, I was thrilled to see that the Rock of Ages film not only depicted the era, but was completely shot in South Florida. I had a blast on the Hard Rock Live set, and felt like I was 21 again!

The Keylight Alliance allowed me to relive my dream one more time with a kick ass party at one of the hottest nightclubs in Broward county, Passions at Hard Rock.

The party Began at 7:30 PM and included several entertaining events, including a variety of raffles including on for an Adam Shankman autographed Rock of Ages movie poster.

Although there was an entry fee of $20, everyone in attendance, got a free drink coupon, early birds got an Official Red Carpet Burbon room shirt, all who attended got to take home a Rock of Ages mini poster.

By having the party at The Seminole Hard Rock parking is free and covered, pretty much the $20 was all inclusive and a portion of the entrance fee  was used to support the Keylight Allience's effort to bring film productions to South Florida, for more info go to their official site @

A costume contest took place at 9:30, I entered, so no pics from me, but it was a blast, I had to wear my Quiet Riot headband from 1983, bring my working Sony Walkman from 87 and of course in my back pocket was a Pat Benatar video cassette from 1983. Check out the pic of me below with one of the event organizers and Keylight Secretary Debra Hurd.

The party was extremely well organized and very entertaining. The evening's entertainment was provided by three different sources, A live four piece 80s tribute band called Black Velvet Revival, who were excellent, they had the look and sound down perfect!  For something really cool, check out their cool cover of Ratt's Round and Round

Daniel Park 
Park played acoustic versions of some of the tunes from the film
and finally a DJ spinning raucous 80s tunes between live performances.

The Keylight Alliance has several live events scheduled throughout the year: Go to their official site for more info.