Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Displacement Successful Screenings and Updated Information, From Maderfilm Productions! Exclusive!

 Above photo: Poster for Displacement for festivals.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. As I sit down to type this report, the wheels are in motion for the latest offering from Kenneth Mader, 'Displacement' to be unleashed to the world this fall.

Recently Maderfilm have created this special reel for the fantastic FILM-Com conference in Nashville!

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Maderfilm announces next feature after 'Displacement'

After a successful worldwide premiere to a sold out crowd at the Hollywood Reel Independent film fest garnering an award for best Sci-Fi film, and Bruce Davidson wins for best supporting actor, the film screened at the well respected long running USA film festival in Dallas and star Courtney Hope was featured on local TV!

Above photo: Exclusive for Dan's Movie Report (C) 2014

Courtney has seen her latest project the Microsoft video game 'Quantum Break' released and she has been featured in the LA times and Dallas morning newspaper!

 Here is her exclusive interview from 2014 on the set of Displacement @

Dan's Movie Report strongly recommends the film as a must buy, and also recommends that the company that picks up the film give 'Displacement' a theatrical release.The  film has big screen qualities for an indie, and needs to be shown to the widest audience available. The two hour film is of the highest quality and has distinct 'repeat watch factor'. With the award winning talents of Bruce Davison and Susan Blakely, and emerging star Courtney Hope, 'Displacement' is my top pick for the first half of 2016, and rates a 9 out if 10!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Occupants (2015) Wins award at Phoenix Comicon heads to Florida Supercon July 1st Thru 4th!

Above pic: Poster from Occupants, reflecting new additions as of June 7th 2016!

Above photo: Occupants Main poster, from official Facebook Page

Live shout out from Russ @ Phoenix Comicon!

Greetings Dan's Movie Report readers thanks for your fantastic support of the #1 independent film site on the web! Recently I spoke with 'Occupants' film director Russ Emanuel and he told me that 'Occupants' is going to be in the San Diego Comicon July 23rd at their film fest ! Of Course Dan's Movie Report was one of the first places on the internet to review 'Occupants'! July 23, 2016 @ 10:45pm
Occupants West Coast Premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival, where director Russ Emanuel, producer Howard Nash, actress Briana White, and director of photography / editor Emile Haris attend promoting Occupants, including a Panel Discussion and a live video feed by Eric D. Brown of the Cosmic Café Show.

Review below:

 Watch for the film to also appear in the Action on Film Fest September 2-10!

The film is a great original concept and should play well with an international audience. Dan's Movie Report recommends 'Occupants' as a must buy and am looking forward to the eventual official release date! IMDB page for the film is @

The massive Florida Supercon in Miami Beach will screen the film on three separate occasions beginning July 1st 2016, and Russ and Robert Picardo will be on hand. There will be two separate panel discussions about the film as well including one with the composer. Producer Howard Nash and lead actor Michael Pugliese will be there too, as well as composer Vasilis Milesis. This will be the best opportunity to view the feature film and meet with the film's creators, and cast.

 Florida Supercon Schedule (July 1-4, 2016) 1. Friday July 1, 2016 a. 3:30pm to 4:30pm EST: The Making of “Occupants” – Room C225 & C226 2. Saturday July 2, 2016 a. 2:00pm to 3:00pm: Music for Film with Anthony Espina and “Occupants” Composer Vasilis Milesis – Room C225 & C226 b. 5:15pm to 7:00pm: “Occupants” Film Screening 1 – Room C227 & C228 c. 5:30pm to 6:15pm: “Occupants” Actor Robert Picardo Spotlight Q&A – Flamingo Ballroom 4 3. Sunday July 3, 2016 a. 5:00pm to 6:45pm: “Occupants” Film Screening 2 – Room C225 & C226 4. Monday July 4, 2016 a. 12:00pm to 1:45pm: “Occupants” Film Screening 3 – Room C227 & C228

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f.       7/1: Florida Supercon Event:

g.      7/6: WIND International Film Festival:

h.      7/15: Shore Leave 38:

i.       10/22: Promenade-acon 2:

Finally Support the Comic for Occupants! You can still contribute to the indiegogo campaign
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Monday, June 6, 2016

'Sampan' Exclusive Photos! Hot New Short Film Starring Juju Chan! Directed By: Maxim Bessmertny

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. As all of you know for the past couple of years my site is ALL exclusive! I do not share news nor photos from other sites. It gives me great pleasure to help out independent film makers, and being that I am a judge on a film festival, I feel that spot lighting talented film producers, directors, and actors from around the world is a necessity. Today, a brand new film entitled 'Sampan' comes across my desk. Talented NYU Tish grads get together in HK to make this cool short film shot entirely on a boat.

'Sampan' is directed by
Maxim Bessmertny

Pontus Maximus Productions
 The director of photography is Jordan Quellman. 'Sampan' stars Juju Chan, Kenneth Cheung, and Anthony Hackett.

Keep watching this space for more exclusives later in 2016! Keep it locked for a massive Juju Chan contest as well! Dan's Movie Report, your home for independent exclusives! As soon s a trailer for 'Sampan' is posted my readers will be the first to know! Check out the IMDB page for 'Sampan' @
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