Saturday, September 3, 2011

From the UK! Warrioress wrapping post production!

Why should guys have all the fun in sword and sandal films? From the UK comes Warrioress. Two female warriors in a journey to fulfill their destiny is the basic plot premise for Warrioress. The film is in the vein of Xena, and should prove to be interesting,sexy and full of action, as the lead actress has a 20 year martial arts background. Blast your browsers to

The Cannes trailer is @

Actress Cecily Fay from her official website.

Lead actress Cecily Fay has a very diverse background. She is a Martial artist, dancer, gymnast, and a musician, even working on the score for Warrioress! Check out her official site @

To view Ms Fay's martial arts demo on you tube kick your browsers over to

Australian Thriller "X" Movie review

After witnessing New Zealand's Wound, I was ready for some more movie thunder from down under. X falls into the classification of erotic thriller, but but the second act turns into more action thriller. In X even the basic premise is intriguing, a high priced call girl out on her last job has a random meeting with a young girl on her first night on the street. The interplay, and their separate lives are explored enough to care about their characters.

Vivica Bianca plays the experienced call girl Holly, and the movie opens with some rather bizarre fetish voyeurism show, and delivers a package I rather would not have seen, ladies watching the film should fully enjoy it haha. Holly wants out, to go to Paris, live a new life. Later we witness Hanna Mangan Lawrence's character Shay have an odd first encounter with a bloke who wants servicing, she looks nervous, but eventually figures it out. The movie develops both stories independently prior to their meeting, to tell why and how they meet would spoil a plot point. Hanna's acting is excellent throughout, she meets up with a drug addicted couple, going from innocent girl to aggressive, back to sweet all in the space of one minute. She obviously studied the emotions for the roll.

Shay (Hanna Mangan Lawrence) meets up with druggies looking for a fix

The movie really picks up pace when the two are in the room with a guy together and witness a murder, this turn really ramps up the action and delves into the craziness of the characters in X. I liked the way the ending played out, even the final scene, leaves it open for some ambiguity.

Everyone, from the villains,secondary street thug characters, and even the mousy street kid all played their parts to perfection. This was a gritty, rough film, full of several unscrupulous characters. Definitely worthy of an IFC release!

I rate this picture an 8 out of 10, It does have a sordid subject, but repeat watch-ability factor.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Get Ready to take on the horror in the woods with "The Hike" !

The Girls are ready for The Hike or are they?

Martial Artist/Actress Zara Phythian Stars in the new Indie UK thriller The Hike. She plays a soldier returning from Afghanistan after watching her boyfriend die in combat. She embarks on a hiking trip with a few other girls, eventually one of them is kidnapped, they must rely on their instincts to survive. The movie looks like a action/thriller with a bit of "The Descent" thrown in for good measure

Below is a sample poster:

The Trailer is @

Slice your way over to the Official Facebok page @

As For Zara, she is an excellent actress and an accomplished martial artist, being the first British Martial Artist to be inducted to the International karate & Kickboxing Hall of Fame. Check out her official website @

Her on screen fighting is solid as well check out this Youtube video @

Watch Dan's Movie Report for future movie review and interview with Zara!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Australian Thriller "X" burns into the US on IFC on Demand!

Shay (Hanna Mangan-Lawrence) and Holly (Viva Bianca) in X.

Screen Australia in association with Film Victoria, Circe Films, Rough Beast present a Circe Films production (From Australia) entitled "X" a thriller about a young prostitute on her first night at work and and older call girl trying to get out of the business. The movie looks excellent, dark, and gritty, judging from the trailer. Look for a future review on Dan's Movie Report! The movie is available in the US as an IFC ON Demand film, and is currently making the film festival rounds.

Trailer on the IMDB Page @

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gene-Fusion Movie review

The concept of Gene-Fusion is rather intriguing, fusing different animal DNA to make a new species for battle one on one in an arena, with the animal being controlled by a handler. The execution and animation are rather dull, looking like a vector graphics game from the 90s. The three factions in the film, the evil alien, who has fused human and alien dna, zealots who aim to free all the caged gene-fusion animals, and the guy in charge of the Gene-Fusion project all have screen time but none of them are fully developed to car about the characters. Four high-school aged kids are recruited to infuse new life into the arena with new animals and fresh concepts.

I liked some of the ideas, but ultimately this movie missed the mark and fell flat. The voice acting was actually pretty good. Clocking in at only about 75 minutes long Gene-Fusion was not boring, just not cohesive, and the scenes felt like they were thrown together and a bit disjointed.

I have to give this film a 4 out of 10. Wait for cable on this one.

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