Friday, February 27, 2015

Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope (2014) TV Mini Series Review (C) Dan's Movie Report

Above photo: (C) 2014 Robot Underdog, Poster of DBZ: Light Of Hope

Above photo: (C) 2016 Robot underdog!

Update 7-21-16 The backers have spoken and the new official teaser is on youtube! 

Watch for Android 18 in the beginning! This is a 30 minute episode so way more to follow!

Update 6-22-16 New teaser trailer for Episode 2 drops for backers! Watch for exclusives on Dan's Movie Report coming later in 2016! Indigogo is still live with new perks! The new episodes promise more excitement than ever! New stories, longer episodes, and top notch special effects.

Update 4-3-15: New Indigogo campaign for second and third episodes @

Kudos to the hard working team over at Robot Underdog. With the myriad of fan films and web series out there, their version of Dragonball Z manages to rise far above the crop, and propels the DBZ series back to what the fans want to see; action, fights, and superpowers!

Funded entirely by the fans, 'Light Of Hope' Episode One follows the rise of two heartless and maniacal androids. Dispelling with names, for automaton reasons the two go by Android 17 and Android 18. Portraying the characters are Tyler Tackett and Amy Johnston. As adorable as Amy is, nice to see her portray an diabolical character, in 'Light Of Hope' stretching her acting chops.

Combating the evil androids are Gohan (Anton Bex) and Trunks (Jack Wald) two youngsters, still on the rise and developing their powers. The pair has a difficult battle on their hands, and appear not quite ready. The young characters have time to grow into their true selves and by the end of the episode are practicing harnessing their vast power.

Above photo: (C) 2014 Robot Underdog, screen cap of Amy Johnston as Android 18.

Episode one opens with the two androids terrorizing the population, and a call rings out for Gohan and Trunks. The two respond and of course an epic battle, or battles, ensue. Full of rage and aggression the four combatants battle all over and even float into the air. The fights are long, and full of the cartoon violence that Dragonball Z is known for, focused energy beams included!

Although 'Light of Hope' took a long while to complete the first episode, the cast and crew are in place for subsequent episodes and already a funding effort is underway to assist the team.

Overall this is an excellent start to the series and even works well as a stand alone short film. 'Light Of Hope' is full of action, and has a definite repeat watch factor, and rates a 9 out of 10!

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