Friday, November 10, 2017

Black Lightning: Tobias's Revenge Part 2 Movie Review

Above Photo: New Poster for Black Lightning: Tobias's Revenge Part 2

Thanks to producer Choice Skinner and his group for an early look at the new short film Black Lightning Tobias's Revenge Part 2 ahead of it's debut screening at Urban Action Showcase and the online release November 14th. Existing in the shadows of the DC universe, Black Lightning is a spirited fan film, that follows the adventures of the title character, and also introduces a few new characters.

The 19 minute short film has some really cool action sequences, coupled with amazing costuming and weaponry. Time was taken to get the dialogue to be forceful and entertaining. This is part two and expounds on the set up taken in part one. Watch out for the introduction of Lady Shiva. Sexy siren Sachiko Ishida adds an air of sultry bad assery to the production. The film has it's premiere at the Urban Action Showcase and then will be unleashed online November 14th. Very good fan film effort and hope to see some original material from the team soon, Black Lightning: Tobias's Revenge PT 2 rates a 7 out of 10.

For more information please go to the official Facebook Page:

Friday, November 3, 2017

Art Camacho: A Filmmaker's Journey Book Review

Director and action coordinator Art Camacho has been a mainstay in the marital arts world for several decades, recently however, with the release of The Chemist (Assassin X) Art's name has been mentioned more as a talented filmmaker. Art has had his share of set backs in his career path, but manages to stay above the fray and keep positive. His first book, 'A Filmmaker's Journey is an honest, and realistic account of the trials and tribulations of working on independent films, and detailed stories from his humble background.

A Filmmaker's Journey is divided into 18 chapters and at 160 pages is a smooth afternoon read, yet I found myself going back and revisiting several chapters, as Art is keen on realistic advice without being preachy. Art is not afraid to pull the curtain back on his own failures and perhaps allow his own journey help others be better at theirs. Art is brutally honest, yet his refreshing take on making films and learning along the way. Chapter 6 - Confronting My Failures, is Art's revelation of the various difficulties he had in school and including the actress on his film not being able to memorize her lines, nor read her cue cards. What is nice is the fact that Art never dwells on the subject of negativity nor the people involved, he chalks it up to a learning experience. Listen and Learn and Rising Above the Negativity, are two chapters that really hit home for me and also I am sure will resonate loudly to those who have had to deal with the obligatory yet ever present haters in the business. Again, Art keeps it respectful, and rather than being mired in the sadness of things out of his control he offers hope and solutions to things he can change.

The end of the book offers advice to those who wish to be filmmakers. Art Is encouraging, yet unapologetic to those not willing to take the time, to learn and hone their craft. Art is quick with examples and provides some cool photos as well from his various films.

Overall, A Filmmaker's Journey is a great read, a must for action fans and is currently going into the second printing, visit for more information as The Martial Arts History Museum and Michael Matsuda are the publishers. For more information on Art, check out his IMDB page:

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Actress Nardia Noon Spotlight – Thailand! A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Greetings and thank you to all for the past 8 yrs of support of my personal Dan's Movie Report journey in films. My site is not a collaboration but a amalgamation of my own endeavors, and is of course open to all styles of film and TV shows, even music! One of the biggest thrills I have is when a new person comes in and says hey, I like what you are doing and want to be a part of it, wanting in on the action!

Nardia is ready for the action! Thailand based, she was in the film Beyond Return starring Ron Smoorenburg and Tanja Keller.

Nardia has been modeling since 2011. She is contracted by a private agencie for work in Malaysia, yet in 2014 she was asked about action. Influenced by the Shu Qi film So Close, she aims to make action beautiful. With style and grace soon the World will know about Narida and her dreams. Recently the talented Nardia was contacted by the Jaika Stunts team and has been training for a couple of years, worked on an Indian films Kama Sutra 3d and Savitee Warrior, and now aims higher with more work in film and TV in 2018. My thoughts, she will break the walls between action and acting proving that action can look as good as it hurts!

Nardia is a great lady, ready to work hard on new projects! Get ready, in 2018, it is time for Narida!

Check out the exclusive photos and video from Drew Strobridge at Astrobridge Photography!

 Make sure to connect with Nardia on Instagram:

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Jackson Bolt Scores Best Action Feature @ Wind International Film Festival! EXCLUSIVE!

 Above Photo: Robert Parham and 'The Hammer' at the Wind International Film Festival.

Jackson Bolt Scores Best Action Feature @ Wind International Film Festival. (A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive)

Above Photo: Poster with Award Laurel From Wind International Film Fest!

Having the opportunity to be the first reviewer on Earth to screen Jackson Bolt, and giving it a glowing positive review, seeing now obviously the feelings across the board are mutual as the film has been cleaning up on the festival circuit. The latest haul is best action feature at the Wind International festival in SoCal as they say. Check out these killer photo and of course Fred (The Hammer) Williamson was in the house, he knows what is up and where it is at with an exclusive live shout out with star Robert Parham on the red carpet!

Check out this cool promo! 

The next big showing is live in the big apple at The Urban Action Showcase! The screening details are as follows:

Above:  AMC theater where Urban Action Showcase will be held.

Friday November 11th (11:39am) at the AMC Empire theater 234 42nd st, NY, NY 10036

Having the opportunity to be the first reviewer on Earth to screen Jackson Bolt, and giving it a glowing positive review, seeing now obviously the feelings across the board are mutual as the film has been cleaning up on the festival circuit. The latest haul is best action feature at the Wind International festival in SoCal as they say. Check out these killer photo and of course Fred (The Hammer) Williamson was in the house, he knows what is up and where it is at with an exclusive live shout out with star Robert Parham on the red carpet!

The next big showing is live in the big apple at The Urban Action Showcase! The screening details are as follows:

Friday November 11th (11:39am) at the AMC Empire theater 234 42nd st, NY, NY 10036

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Janice Hung & Jason David Frank in Underdogs Rising!

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report, Action Actress Janice Hung has recently worked with the original Green Ranger Jason David Frank on a cool new project, called Underdogs Rising. Watch for more on this cool new film.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Leaving Eden, Day 4, Auditory Armory @ Pipers Bar and Grille Live Concert review...

Dan's Movie Report, takes a musical turn to the party in Green Acres Florida on Saturday October 14th, as Leaving Eden from Boston headlined a magical night of female fronted music at Pipers Bar and Grille. Pipers is a great live local venue that is super artist friendly and run, owned, and managed by bassist Greg Watts.

Having a soft spot in my metal heart for Auditory Armory, I was thrilled that they made the trek down from the Orlando area. Starting a bit after 9pm the show was kicked off in grand fashion, with their unique sound and blistering rhythm section. 

Above Photo Copyright 2017 Danny Templegod, Exclusive for Dan's Movie Report

A bit of old and new permeated their set which includes a Type O Negative cover. Great set and April's between song banter, will um, make some fn noise get the crowd riled up. Total pro's Auditory Armory has a wealth of live experience, and is ready to rock the moment they arrive.

The second band Day 4, I knew very little about, played some cover tunes, and were pretty fun, perhaps the highlights were a Stevie Nicks cover. The crowd liked them, as the music they played was familiar.

Leaving Eden took the stage around Midnight and let us say, Eve was ready to rock. The three piece band had a bass backing track for a full sound, but damn it, the stage presence was off the charts. Eve was bouncing around the place taking hats off of the patrons, she must like hats. The cool thing, everyone was really into it. She was off stage a bunch and involving everyone in the music. Piercing guitars and crunchy drums made rock seem like back in the cool 80s stadium days, yet a personal sound. Eve's voice is heavy, yet subtle at the same time, she could peal paint off of a wall, yet, repaint the same wall a few seconds later. 

April and Eve Onstage Copyright 2017 Danny Templegod, exclusive for Dan's Movie Report

The highlight of the night was something I thought not possible, when April, the usually immovable object in slam dancing not being able to be knocked over, and or moved, and I were singing and enjoying Leaving Eden by the stage Eve came up to her and said come on stage first with a gentle tug then a full tug of war pull with both hands. I am assuming if April says no, Eve would probably put her over shoulder and make sure she has fun. HA. Once that happened the flood gates opened during the Alice In Chains number and everyone in the audience was singing and bobbing their head. War Pigs was also played, and again, the crowd was involved. Leaving Eden's original music is really good, as they played stuff from their new CD. 


All three bands were super friendly and had a great vibe going on, Leaving Eden should break out, and deserve to be playing huge places. Ended up picking up some new Auditory Armory merch along with a couple of CDs from Leaving Eden and a poster.

For further information on Leaving Eden, like their Facebook Page @
For further information on Auditory Armory like their Facebook Page @
For all the happenings @ Pipers like their Facebook Page @

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Forlorned (2017) Movie Review

Above Poster on IMDB from Midnight Releasing

Of course it is nearing Halloween so what better way than to celebrate it with some horror. The Forlorned rather uninteresting yarn about a legend. The novel was written by Angela Townsend and I could not help thinking watching this, that some stories are better left to the reader imagination. The plot is good yet, at barely an hour and 20 minutes, the lower budget film seemed not to not have the presence nor the energy to warrant a recommendation. Even near the end a character is essentially explaining what is happening.

All is not lost, as there is some really cool make-up and some artistry shown in the film, sadly a story of this scope and magnitude just needed more of a budget. I respect the effort as with the locations and special effects taking up probably much of the cash, it probably was hard to get the full story across.

The Forlorned is probably a rent for horror fans only, others probably wait for Netflix or TV, and rates a 5 out of 10.

'Q' (2014) Movie Review

Above: Q Poster IMDB credit

Q Movie Review (2014)

Brash and unforgiving 'Q' blasts your senses like a hammer, yet the air in the film is light. A ravished slum in India is home to a particularly seedy family, with the mother, actress Heeba Shah, in crises, with a small boy and a baby, when a new girl is introduced to her house she is tasked with taking care of her, until such time that she is taken or used.

I do not want to spoil this Netflix film, (India) it is called, yet, 'Q' is so horrible, yet enlightening at the same time, as it leaves more questions than it answers. What is the motivation, is it strictly money? Why even bother to dress up, and play the charade if the outcome is the same?

The boy is told not to friend the girl, and eventually they are left alone and do interact. The acting between the young leads is superb, natural, not like acting, more like a spy camera in the room. This is an Indian film and there is no dancing, no spectacle, just raw emotion, and a seething sadness permeating throughout, mixed in with occasional joy, such as the boy's birthday. Because of this, the audience is forced to listen intently to the dialogue, and even in silence facial expressions and body language speak volumes.

The further the movie progresses, one minute you want to just cry with Heeba Shah and her softness and caring for her own children, then the cold anger, and black heart rears it's ugly head in the later third. Is she a monster, or a victim of her own poverty. 'Q' asks the questions and leaves the viewers to decide. Kudos to Netflix for picking up this important film, and exposing a topic rarely talked about, in this manner.

Creator Sanjeev Gupta really made me think, get angry and want to do something, that said, what can we do, except talk about it, money motivates, and desperate people, at times will want to do anything for it.

I spoke at length with Casting Director and star Ashwin Shukla and he says that the shooting time was about one and a half months, and five different babies were used during production. He cast the two kids and at the time they were around 8 to 9 yrs old. I have never seen kids act like this before, again not coached but just being themselves, not like they were acting, just being.

The movie is really incredible, and rates an 8.5 out of 10, difficult subject matter, yet important for the world to see what horrors some children have to endure.

Subscribe to Netflix today @ or if you are a subscriber, watch the film, and form your own opinions.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Harvey Weinstien Ousted, My Thoughts About Repairing the Company Image

Producer Harvey Weinstein's ousting after the New York Times expose exposes the dark underbelly of Hollywood that is rarely discussed, and when it is often times it is made light of. With today's news coming that TWC or The Weinstein Company itself will be re-branded, and the name itself dissolved. I am hoping that more people who have had dealings with Harvey will come forward, and be honest. Today it was announced that more names like Angelina Jolie, have come forward.

It is all over the news about his payments to several women throughout the years, but the big thing is, his high powered name is entrenched in Academy Awards and his films have made a mark on the landscape of movie making. A tough road for sure but, one possible way to begin to make things right, is by releasing his films, and having ALL, yes I say every damn cent going to domestic abuse, sex slave, and rape survivors. Wait what, lose money you say, yes! The thing is TWC, or whatever it will be called is in full damage repair mode, by doing this, it may be able to start fresh.

A good place to start, is the recent Netflix/TWC co-release, Crouching Tiger 2: Sword Of Destiny. The 20-25 Million Dollar film, was a Harvey Production and Netflix exclusive property. As of this writing, there are no US DVD or Blu-Ray planned releases. Wait, why release a film that is supposed be exclusively a property of the service? If you look at the shelves, the Netflix Marvel properties are very slowly making their way to store shelves. Actually Netflix themselves, an amazing company, is probably losing money, not releasing special editions of their films with additional footage, say  8 to 12 months after release.

As I trip off my soapbox, being someone who goes out of their way to support women in action, it appalls me to see this, women have it extra hard in the business, as there is already a stigma against them. The stunt ladies, have to do hard fights and falls in slinky clothing, female directors and director of photography are often slighted and not thought of as equal to men, and actresses themselves are easily pushed aside for the next person, who is younger and willing to play the game. I am hoping that more ladies will speak up as soon as this happens and not push it under the rug. My message to the ladies: Do not laugh it off, say something, and do it right away.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

"Princess Chronicles: Beauty vs Red" Movie Review and Unleashes Indiegogo Campaign!

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report, again normally I despise people begging for cash, but Vlad Rimburg and his team really have created something amazing. The 5 minute short, shot on the 4k Red Epic Dragon is a prelude to a larger conceptual piece that will champion women in action. Starring the amazing Amy Johnston and Mickey Facchinello "Beauty Vs Red' blurs the lines between fantasy and action.

Vlad Rimburg is a staunch supporter of women in action, and he has many ideas with regards to portraying action. The first 5 minute concept features an axe wielding, crazy red riding hood type girl portrayed by Mickey. She snarls, and gets really aggressive in the forest. Not to be out done, the beauty portrayed with vim and wispy aggression by Amy Johnston, complete with a dual set of blue brass knuckles, uses a bow and arrow to get her point across!

Having close to a million views on Facebook, the Woods Entertainment Production, hopes to become part of a whole series, and is seeking a massive 300,000 dollars to create the episode, and has several perks including Red's Axe, and a one minute fight scene choreographed by Vlad.

From Lauren Mary Kim: " I'm always a big supporter of ppl creating their own projects. Have an idea and just do it! Have nothing stand in your way and see all the doors open up. It's very inspiring to see Vladislav Rimburg doing his thing and using the best like Amy Johnston and Mickey Facchinello. Great job to everyone who worked on this because everyone plays a vital role. Lets, as a community, fund this project to elevate all of us; for all you aspiring film makers, stunt performers, actors , 2nd unit directors, etc etc. Help pave the way for productions to see that we can make epic content."

Definitely worth a watch 'Beauty Vs Red' rates a strong 7 out of 10! I want to see more. For further information on the project go to:
Vlad Rimburg:

Blast your browsers to the campaign @

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Palace Of The Damned (2013) Movie Review - A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive

Above: New Chinese Theatrical Release Poster of Palace Of The Damned

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report. Recently, the news broke in regards to the Chinese Horror film Palace of the Damned being released in China on November 17nd. The film is a Co-Production with Ace Studios and Roger Corman with Antony Szeto directing. Antony informed me that the film is being re-edited for the Chinese market, this review is for the original cut of the film which has yet to air in the U.S., hopefully that will change in 2018. Being that this is an initial review of the film, no spoilers will be given.

Reviewing Palace of the Damned is a bit like picking out a style of music that you like. I mean I love heavy metal, the louder the better ha. The film is an odd mixture of a variety of styles, ranging from ethereal Chinese Ghost Story, to action thanks to a sultry JuJu Chan.

The film has just about every element of horror, demonic possession, and tense moments, a bit disjointed, yet it does work in an odd way.The original edit is bloody and visceral, and should play decently at horror fests.

The performances in Palace Of The Damned are decent, with JuJu standing out as her character is devious and subversive. Again, even though there are some bloody scenes, compared to U.S. horror films, Palace of the Damned is a trifle tame. My favorite scene is when Peng Wei (JuJu Chan) finds out that Chan Ju Chi () is betraying her in writing, um shall we say not a good idea to do this ha! Very brutal! Lessons learned, I am assuming this will never happen in real life to me, or will it hahaha! Check the photo below. Used for promotional purposes only.

Direction From Antony Szeto is good, as is the look of the film, the main issue here is budgetary constraints. On the action film Fist Of The Dragon, even with the smaller budget, the action and tighter story covered up much of the limitations of the minuscule budget. Essentially Palace Of The Damned needed more detailed effects sequences, to make the story 'pop' and stand out.

Katie Savoy leads the U.S. cast in Palace of the Damned, thus the film has English dialogue as well as Chinese. Normally, this can be a bit of a distraction, but this is far better than horrible dubbing. Katie is a wispy good actress, pragmatic in her portrayal of Rebecca, and fits the inquisitive part well.

Overall, Palace Of The Damned is a decent horror film, and should play out to audiences who are tuned into the genre. It will be interesting to see how the theatrical run in China in November pushes the film into the worldwide stage. As for a rating, a 6.5 out of 10. I would say worthy of a definite rent and purchase if you like indie horror. Be prepared for something a bit different.

Palace Of The Damned Official Facebook Page:

Watch for more film festival screenings in 2018, and more information and contests on your home for film exclusives, Dan's Movie Report!

China Article #

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Woods Entertainment and Vlad Rimburg to Drop Hot new action film! Beauty Vs Red! With Amy Johnston!

Video (C) 2017 Woods Entertainment

Greetings valued Readers of Dan's Movie Report Vlad Drops hard a brand new video Red Riding hood style with violence! Boom! Amy Johnston has been on this site many times and has Vlad! Keep on Reading for more exclusives! On Your home for action Dan's Movie Report! BOOM!

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Cannibals And Carpet Fitters (2017) A Dan's Movie Report Worldwide Exclusive!

Above: IMDB poster Official!

Cannibals and Carpet Fitters (2017) A Dan's Movie Report Worldwide Exclusive!

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report, 'Cannibals And Carpet Fitters' recently had its Worldwide cast and crew screening and of course, Dan's Movie Report was on hand to witness this special occasion.

Being that this is a very preliminary review, there will be no spoilers, AT ALL, given. Just a general synopsis and my overall thoughts. Special thanks to producer James Bushe for this inside look at his masterpiece in pieces of flesh, and of course there is no peace for the victims!

Basically, the title describes the movie perfectly. An independent business of Carpet Fitters (Installers in the USA) are sent to a particular house to do a huge job. In that house resides a family of shall we say unique and unsavory characters, which have appetites for particularly delicate food.

Being a genre mix of comedy, horror, and action, CaCF which I shall call the film presents a monumental achievement in merging the genres. There are horrible scenes, exciting scenes, action scenes, and some really hysterical comedy. Director James Bushe really made a spectacular film. I laughed out loud, in some scenes and in other scenes I was on the edge of my seat with fear. There is of course copious blood and gore, and definitely not suitable for children under 17, that said those adults with the mentality of kids ha, like me ,enjoy the hell out of it!

How is this possible you ask? James and his talented DP, were able to correctly light all the scenes and film with proper angles to show the action, when action was needed, the horror, when horror was needed, and up close and clear dialogue when comedy is needed. That is the problem with many films trying to merge the genres, some areas shine and others are tinged so dark the audience has no idea what the hell is going on.

The entire cast is amazing, special kudos go to the incredible Zara Phythian, for enduring a destroyed knee, showing up on crutches, courtesy of a previous production, but in true film fashion it is incorporated into the film with spectacular and piercing results! Lee Charles provides some real muscle and craziness as well. Big scary man doing big scary things hah! I mean I can go down the list as the cast was well rehearsed in action, comedy, and horror, obviously passionate about all three willing to go that extra mile for the perfect indie film.

Special kudos go to sound design team for knocking it out of the park with tense music when needed complete silence and clear dialogue when needed.. Again a pet peeve of mine, if you cannot hear the actors speak, boom how the hell do you know what is going on!

The film will be making its festival run this Halloween season and in my opinion: Fly, walk, drive, or crawl over broken glass to see it! 'Cannibals and Carpet Fitters' rates a damn near perfect 9 out of 10, a must own and see! If you disagree with my review, great we all have opinions, just remember, where you read the first review! This is my top pick indie film for 2017! Boom, I am getting hungry!

Keep reading Dan's Movie Report for more exclusives and contests throughout 2017 and 2018!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ghost House (2017) Movie Review Dan's Movie Report

Above Pic: IMDB poster of Ghost House (2017)

Special thanks to actress Katrina Grey for turning me on to Ghost House. Actually, the film had a blink and you miss it one week run theatrically in the U.S., yet very limited. This review is from the home video release.

Ghost House opens very promisingly, as we see Katrina running and a sense of ominous urgency. The tight camera work, and excellent  lighting, really setting the mood. I kind of hoped the entire film would follow this pace, sadly it does not. Katrina has two decent scenes in Ghost House and she made the most of them especially in the beginning, where she showed some real fear. One of those grab you in moments, yet alas no other ones really occur.

The film plays out more like a Chinese style ethereal ghost horror story, and in the case of the Ghost House, the story is just not full of enough plot points, jump scares, or and excitement. It is not a bad looking film, has the elements of setting, creepy houses, creepy people, just not enough intertwined situations to keep a viewer interested.

I really wanted to like the film more, I think the director and crew will be better on the next project, as the talent level and look of the film are fine, just the story and plot were tepid, not allowing for the viewer to be fully engaged. Ghost House is a bit below average, perhaps a Netflix or Amazon Prime affair only and 5 out of 10. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Axeman 2: Overkill Movie Review Exclusive Photos! Dan's Movie Report

Above: Axeman 2: Overkill Poster (IMDB)

After really enjoying Axeman the movie I was waiting with excitement for Axeman 2. Fast forward nearly four and a half years part two, entitled Axeman 2: Overkill has arrived. I really liked Scott Pollard as The Axeman in the first film, sadly he is replaced, as is much of the cast. 

Above Photo: Exclusive Screen From Sinning Works: Dan's Movie Report

The film feels a bit lower quality than the first, but still campy fun. This time around we get a bevy of beauties including the legendary scream queen and indie queen Monique Parent. Actually by using a largely female cast, the film feels a bit more fun, and light hearted, campy, sexy, yet cool.

The forest and isolated surroundings are in play as is the cabin in the woods. Yes it is a trite plot formula, but kind of is needed for this. The plot has some tinges of a treasure hunt thingy yet not really developed enough. I mean evangelical Christians and murderous bank robbers are a great mix when an ax crazed murder is on the loose, yet I wish the film played out more serious and less campy. Perhaps a bit of a darker tone in the second half of the movie.

Above Photo: Exclusive to Dan's Movie Report Copyright 2017 Sinning Works

There are a few good kills and surprises along the way, two of them are actresses Linda Wong as Shank, and actress Ariel Brachfeld as Deputy Whitfeld. I thought they were more emotionally invested in the story. Linda Wong, played up her tough girl person, she pretty much kicks ass and takes little shit! Want her on my team of mercenaries for hire!

Unlike most horror films, Axeman 2: Overkill for the most part is a daytime affair, and the kills are clear and easy to see, which for the most part is great, but the minor drawback is the film is not really scary or tense. Yes the Axeman himself is huge and dangerous, but since the audience sees all of what is going on, it takes away from the scares. The upside and it far outweighs this is, you CAN actually see everything! Nothing happens in dim light, off camera, or out of focus. Kudos to the film making crew and DP for framing a great movie. Director
got the most out of his cast given budgetary confines. I do hope his next film is given  bigger budget with more established actors in the cast. Not putting this cast down, it is just time for Joston to step up!

Minor drawbacks aside, Axeman 2: Overkill is a pretty cool film, watch it not for horror, but for campy, and bloody fun. Enjoy sexy ladies, getting killed and doing the killing haha! Hard to put my finger on a rating, perhaps, 6.5 out of 10, a solid rent, a purchase if you are into horror. 

Watch for a poster giveaway to coincide with Halloween! Keep Reading Dan's Movie Report for more exclusives on this film and others!

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Assassin's Apprentice Exclusive Updates and Photos!

Above Photo: Credit The Assassin's Apprentice Facebook Page @

Greetings fans of worldwide action, special thanks to the good folks at The Assassins Apprentice for allowing me the opportunity to have a look inside of the film and a few exclusive screens! The 15 minute short film should be complete and ready to view by the end of 2017, with a festival run following in 2018. Having spoken to several members of the crew they all seem pleased with the progress of the The Assassin's Apprentice, and are preparing for an all out film fest and Comicon blitz.

Keep Reading Dan's Movie Report for More exclusives on this exciting action film. Please check out the IMDB page of TAA @

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Mandrill (2009) Movie Review A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive Flashback!

Above photo: Mandrill IMDB photo

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report, as always, it is great to scan the globe for worldwide movies and DTV projects to bring to light. Special thanks go to the amazingly talented Marko Zaror for literally pointing out that Mandrill was his favorite of all his films. He asked me to check it out and was curious of my thoughts.

I must say the film is rather impressive, not just with the copious and inventive action sequences, but the really well developed characters and great camera work. Stating with the characters, Marko Zaror play kind of a dual role here as a Hitman Mandrill, and Antonio Espinoza his 'normal' life role character. A bit like a typical story of pain bad guys kill his parents when he waa young so he feels the need to sort out their killer or killers. The best thing about this Marko has to get kind of close to the daughter of a guy he wants to kill and I must say when sparks fly they do! The actress does a wonderful job of selling her salaciousness and it is palpable. Marko gets into character as well and even does a little pre-romance dance haha!

This brings me to my HUGE pet peeve in action films. Do not, even bother with romance in an action film unless three major areas are covered:

1) Have a back story about the lady, or guy being romanced on, I cannot stand when a character is just tossed into a love scene and all of the sudden they are a couple. Tell me about the character prior. Give me 2-5 minutes of pre meet up life!
2) Pretend like romance is real, move around, squirm, squeal, again if one person is a dead fish let the one who is better be on top or focused, let us not turn this into Lady Gagas' 'Bad Romance'!
3) After the so called liason, do not just cut away and forget about it, let me see what happens, not in the bedroom, but perhaps a bit of chat right before the next adventure.

On to the action, the best thing about the action in Mandrill aside from Marko's adept and clever moves are the way the director of photography captured the moment of the fights and the lighting and angles used. We see the action and, even feel the impact when a thug hits the ground. Actually seems the Netflix Marvel shows are filmed somewhat in that way, specifically the Daredevil Season 2 prison sequence with The Punisher! Boom!

There is action, romance, a side drama, all adding up to what feels like a film that plays longer than its 88 minute run time, yet never feels boring. Overall Mandrill is a must watch,  I give the film a strong 8 out of 10, it is a great action film and Marko proves he can handle the ladies as well as his fists!

You can of course purchase the film on Amazon @

Follow Marko Zaror on his official Social Media Sites:


Please check out all three of my recent interviews with Marko Zaror on the Action Elite! Search Dan Templegod on

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Break the Walls Movie Review (short film) Indiewise Screening! Dan's Movie Report Exclusive

Above Exclusive Video from Indiewise (C) 2017 Danny Templegod for Dan's Movie Report

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report, today begins a coverage of the amazing Indiewise Festival which took place in August at the Aventura AMC 24 Theaters in Miami, Florida! One of the highlights of the show is a short film by the fantastic Hiroyuki Oda's class of gifted highschool producers called 'Schoolgirl'. The team toiled for months perfecting a high quality short film, with according to Mr Oda, very little assistance or guidance. This proves, how for would you travel for film. Across the world the young film makers went to screen at the Indiewise Festival! Meeting the young stars was tremendous! The ladies all have verve and reverance for the talented film makers who have worked in the fest. They had a quiet respect for everyone there, an innocense yet confident standing, I took a short video of there talk at the fest and it is posted on Youtube @

The film is a character study on how Brazilian culture and Japanese culture mix and shows through dance how the two peoples can interact and share common dreams and goals. Schoolgirl is a strong and powerful message of hope and as told by young people a beacon of light for the future! 

I think Mr Oda has caught on to the inspiration to teach the youth of tomorrow, and it is exciting!

Hiro Oda

Monday, September 18, 2017

Clinton Road Update! A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Above: Pre-production promotional photo from IMDB of Clinton Road.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, many sites have posted about the hot new film about to ramp up production called 'Clinton Road' Special thanks to the amazing actress Erin O' Brien who supplied me with the news and also the fact that Ice-T has joined the cast.

Synopsis-  A widowed firefighter seeks closure after his wife goes missing on an actual haunted road in rural New Jersey but must unlock the roads secret if he wants to get out alive.



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Above pic- From Dan's Movie Report interview, EXLCUSIVE!

Erin has been featured on my site many times, including our in-depth interview last July!

Keep reading Dan's Movie Report for updated exclusives from the film and an On Set Report, in the mean time please check out the Clinton Road IMDB @

Sunday, September 17, 2017

James Lew Wins An Emmy For Luke Cage, Shards From The Glass Ceiling Rain Down!

Watching award shows for the past several decades, I have witnessed many changes, Halle Berry Academy award, moving speeches by many actors etc.. Mark the date down, September 17, 2017. Finally the glass ceiling for Asian Actors has been shattered. Grand Master James Lew has been toiling at his craft under the radar for those out of the action realm for 5 decades. Unassuming, humble and always willing to lend a hand or an ear to those less fortunate or those just starting out in the business. I had the opportunity to meet master Lew several times at 2 Dragonfests and an Eric Lee Roast. Hard working and unrelenting are two qualities that Master Lew has demonstrated his entire career. It was amazing to cover him in Vengenace Magazine back in the day, see photo, and to watch as time after time more work piled his way. It took the unique visionaries at Netflix, and Marvel to trust Master Lew with the daunting task of Stunt Coordinating the Luke Cage series. Who knew that luke Cage would stand out with perhaps some of the best written series ever created on any platform. The fighting and action were not beautiful, but raw and angry. Bodies littered the streets, bullets flew yet Luke Cage emerged the anti- hero for a new generation.

Stand Up Master Lew, take a bow, let the nearly 3 billion people of Asian Heritage realize they to can shatter the glass ceiling and win awards! Take that Emmy, show it to the young film makers, show it to the old Grandmasters and say, your work will always matter--

 Master Lew at the 2004 Dragonfest Danny Templegod photo for Vengeance Magazine!

A power reborn in the indie masterpiece Black Salt, James Lew will go down as a master of action, and a master of connecting a variety of people worldwide in action.

Yes sir I do have my very own James Lew and full Black Salt Autographed DVD! BOOM! Now Emmy winner!

As a indie writer, I cannot wait for 2018 and season 2 of Luke Cage and haha more of Master Lew's unique flair for the dramatic action, reach for the stars keep your heart and feet planted firmly on terra firma! Boom Say it with me again EMMY WINNER James Lew!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Savage Dog Blu-Ray Details - Region 1 Blu-Ray Available! Exclusive!

Official Combo pack from Amazon! VVS films!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, for those wishing to purchase a Savage Dog DVD and Blu-Ray combo pack please point your browsers to

They have the film available for about 14USD and will ship to the United States the Blu-Ray/DVD as it is Region One!

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JuJu Chan Exclusive Photo: Ben Burton

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Watch for more exclusives on Dan's Movie Report! 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Brahim Achabbakhe Interview!! Boyka: Undisputed 4 Chat! A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive

A few years back I had the opportunity to discuss at length with Brahim his filming projects, dreams, and goals. Fast forward to 2017, Brahim is constantly working, striving to better himself, and chats briefly about his work on the hot new Scott Adkins film, 'Boyka: Undisputed'. Take a verbal roundhouse kick to the back of the head with Brahim--- 3-2-1-Go!!!

Boyka Review!

DMR: Really enjoyed Boyka, how did you get the Role of Igor, what was the casting process like, how long before you started filming after you were cast?

BA: There was no casting process really. Isaac, Tim and Scott knew me from 'Ninja: Shadow of a Tear'. I got cast 2 weeks before flying to Bulgaria to shoot the film. 

DMR: Chat about your character Igor, what motivates him?

BA: I think what motivates Igor is to stay undefeated. When Boyka shows up, it's the ultimate test for him to prove he is the undisputed champion.

DMR: How long did you train with Scott prior to the start of principle photography, did you work out some new moves?

BA: I trained 2 times with Scott prior to shooting our fight scene. I honestly did not need to think about any moves or trying to change anything because Tim Man the choreographer is amazing at his job, so I followed whatever ideas he came up with.

DMR: How many days were you on set, and what did you do in Bulgaria on your downtime?

BA: I was on set for an entire month. I had 15 shooting days and the rest was downtime, which I used to visit a bit Sofia (Bulgaria) and also hit the gym to stay in shape as much as possible.
Boyka: Undisputed 4

DMR: Have you heard talk of another Boyka or is that it?

BA: Not that I hear of. For now, it's more about supporting this one, and making sure it's making a profit.

DMR: I know you worked on several Jackie Chan projects. Chat a bit about your involvement in Bleeding Steel.

BA: I worked for Jackie Chan stunt team for 7 months on that project. It was shot between Australia, Taiwan and China. 

DMR: How do you keep your action training fresh, describe some of your techniques to keep your workout from being boring?

BA: What I do is I train 6 months in a gym doing weights and 6 months outside just doing body weight. It's a good way to shock your body by doing something different. Also when it comes to martial arts, I like to study different styles so I always try to find something new to learn.

DMR: Wrapping up, what are some of the new projects you have working for 2018?

BA: I just completed working in New Zealand on a project called 'The Legend of Monkey'. It's a Netflix TV show, that I choreographed all the fight scenes. I have a Few other projects I can't talk about yet, but you will see in a near future. Thank you Danny. for the interview

DMR: Thanks Brahim, for taking time out of your busy schedule.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Beyond Return (2017) Movie Review: A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!!!

Above Photo: Montage shot from Official Facebook Page of Beyond Return

From the creative mind of Tanja Keller comes this 6 minute blast of insanity. Tanja is a top flight stunt woman, and worked with Ann Truong on Hard Target 2! Tanja has a sultry look, skills and the cool, Imma gonna kick your ass look on her face. Unlike some other ladies, who have the facial scowl she can def back it up with kicks and fists!

Basically things get out of hand in a bar, and Tanja made sure she used her hands and other implements to crush the bad guys!. It is nice to see a stunt person blast out not only with her face out in front of the camera, but her skill behind it. She tells me this is her first foray into film making and I must say, what a hard ride it is. Her character Ann, is trying to get out of the gang that her boyfriend Dave (Ron Smoorenburg) is in. Many thugs and many fists fly. Ron lends is expertise in action and acting and pushes this film up a notch in intensity.

Tanja basically did most all herself directing, editing producing etc... She has excellent action knowledge, and her ideas with camera and lighting are pretty cool. Sound is not quite as crisp, but works decently for what she was trying to accomplish, and will get better with practice on next project. The camera and lighting was done by Andrew Strobridge.

Overall this film is a solid 7.5 out of 10, an excellent first effort. I can say this, Tanja, no longer in the shadows! Step out in the limelight!

Watch the entire film in 4k! Boom! Tanja will kick your ass in Hi Def!

Check out the official Facebook Page @
Tanja IMDB:

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Director Roel Reiné Exclusive Interview! Marvel's Inhumans Chat! IMAX!

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report, Executive Producer and Inhuman's IMAX director Roel Reiné chats exclusively about the series! ABC Television will release the series beginning September 29th . The eight episode series will include all of the characters in the Inhuman's Universe. Roel directed the first two episodes, shot in Hawaii, exclusively on the new Alexa 65MM 4k IMAX cameras. As usual, my interviews and film reviews contain no plot spoilers, so feel free to enjoy at your leisure.

DMR: I saw you were one of the Executive Producers and directed the first two IMAX episodes, how involved were you with the casting of the series including the selection of Black Bolt?

RR; What happens is you throw some names on a piece of paper as a director, and then you present them to Marvel and to ABC. Then Marvel and ABC does the same thing. They pick out names. We bring the two lists together, and start seeing if they are available, if they desire to do the project. It is a collaboration, but in the end it is actually Marvel and ABC that makes the decision about the lead actors. I was really happy with that. I think the guys we got, all of them are fantastic actors. I was really happy with all the choices. With some castings I am in the room, some castings are just done with Marvel and ABC.

Above: IMDB poster for Inhumans!

DMR: Chat about the series, premiere date and number of episodes.

RR: Yes the premiere is Friday September 1st in IMAX, but only the two episodes a two week window. (Ed Note- the first two episodes air in the IMAX like a movie) The Inhumans premieres on ABC Friday September 29th and the first season is eight episodes.

DMR: Chat about Serinda Swan and her casting, what was the process of selecting her for the killer role of Medusa?

RR: No we really liked her, we all (ABC & Marvel) really wanted her. We had to figure out her schedule because she is very busy. Once we worked out the schedule we had her on board, it was a smooth process.

DMR: Not wanting to spoil the plot but want your view on Serinda's character Medusa, do you see her as a crazy character or seething underneath character?

RR: Both actually, I think all characters in Inhumans are powerful, intriguing, and they all have to discover who they really are themselves and what their place is in the Inhuman's World. They all have to figure out the problems they have with Maximus. All the characters are strong in discovering themselves during their journey.

DMR: hat about the story is it one of those series that if you miss an episode then watch the next one, does it matter?

RR: Well the story in Inhumans is a progression, it plays out like one big story, so it is best to view all the episodes in order to completely follow the story. The Inhumans is a really intense emotional drama, for the whole eight episodes. (Ed Note-yes the first two on IMAX have much dialogue to set up the characterizations.) In my view it is different from a regular super hero show where there is like a problem, they try to find a solution, then they kick some ass. Inhumans is different, the series has more structure, more art and emotion, then any other comic book to TV series I have seen.

DMR: I am glad you said that, if the audience knows going in they know what to look for. Chat about if you like and or watch any other Marvel show in Netflix or in the cinemas.

I am really looking forward to The Defenders (Ed Note, I held the interview, in order to wait for the IMAX premiere of Inhumans.) The trailer looks really amazing, and all those characters together. In the cinemas I am a big fan of Iron Man. Especially the way he was portrayed by Robert Downey JR. I am a big fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, really fun film. For this year I really enjoyed Logan. The reason for that is it was very emotional. Really good characters, good story, and went full on. I also liked the fact that the CG was not that heavy. This allowed me to just enjoy the characters.

DMR: Chat about what advice you would have given your younger self when starting out in the business, and your learning process.

RR: I took a path I am really proud of, sometimes it has hurt my career. I made this really cool movie from Holland where I am from, and it won me a lot of awards, and Lionsgate picked it up. Then I went to America. I asked my agents to push, Because I believe in the 10,000 hour rule, if you want to become proficient at something you must work at it for 10,000 hours. A lot of European directors fall into that trap to wait for this one movie, that will make their career, that will be big and important. I did not want to do that, I have seen colleagues of mine wait 6 yrs, make that one movie and if it is not a commercial success be in what I term as director's jail, cannot make another film. I told my agents I want to work, to do anything that comes in front of me. I want to do pre-quels sequels, straight to video, I just want to shoot and learn think that made me, at least what I think a good director, because I did 18 American films. Shooting those 18 American films, that made me good enough to do this movie in Holland called Admiral. That movie turned it all around, because I took everything I learned and put it all in practice. That film, eventually got me into Black Sails and eventually now into Inhumans.

DMR: Wrapping up the interview please give advice for young directors.

RR: My advice for young directors now is they need to be directing. When I was young there were no Iphones, or small inexpensive devices to shoot movies, now it is easy. I had to shoot on film, I did not have the ease and technique to do what younger people can do now. You can get a very cheap camera, have nice editing software on your laptop, then you can make movies, nobody is stopping you from making them. I see a lot of young directors trying to raise money for a fucking feature and they are doing it for years. Other people are just getting out of their home and just start filming, and they are the ones who are now doing Star Wars (Ed Note, yes look at director credits on new Star Wars film). I think young directors should get off their ass and start making films, with no budget, cool concept, cool script, start shooting for the 10,000 hours so they can become good.

Thanks Roel, for another incredible interview. Very informative and offering your unique perspective on directing. Watch for Inhumans on ABC Friday, September 29th! As always, do not share news from other sites, make your own! Go hard and exclusive with Dan's Movie Report! 

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