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Action Actress Michelle Lee On Fire! Exclusive New Photos! (C) 2014 Michelle Lee For Dan's Movie Report!

(C) 2014 Michelle lee, click photo to enlarge!

Here at Dan's Movie Report, your home for all things film related, you can expect the most explosive, earth shattering, mind numbing action on planet earth! Straight from the upcoming action star herself, Michelle Lee, comes two hot new exclusive photos with her on fire and of course firing her AR-15 rifle!  Get Ready to get your ass kicked and with the ultra hot Michelle Lee and for more exclusives from her in 2014 and beyond! Get it, got it GO! 3-2-1, BANG! 

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Fist Of The Dragon! Director Antony Szeto And Actress JuJu Chan Bring The Action! Trailer And Info!

New Official Poster for Hong Kong Release.
Coming out in 2014!


The year of action on Dan's Movie Report rolls on with Fist Of The Dragon! Antony wrapped up directing Fist of The Dragon with JuJu Chan at the end of 2013. Watch for more exclusively on Dan's Movie Report! JuJu and Antony are the definition of new action and will set the martial arts community on it's head in 2014 and 2015! Mark it down! Watch for exclusives in the coming months on your home for action and all things kicking butt! Dan's Movie Report! 

Currently the film is making the festival rounds so watch out! Do not get kicked from behind and see RED, make sure to check it out! 

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Muay Thai Live- The Legend Lives! Live Martial Arts Show in Bangkok ,Thailand!

Bangkok Thailand Live Martial Arts Show! 

The new trailer of the stage show @Muay Thai Live - The Legend Lives, currently playing in Bangkok at a new theater called The Stage @ Asiatique The Riverfront. 

Featuring a talented cast comprising real-life kickboxers, prize-winning sword fighters, top stuntmen and extreme sports champs, the live performance tells the history of Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing) through the stories of Muay Thai heroes from 300 years ago till the present.


Hit Girls Movie Review (Short Film)

The year of action on Dan's Movie Report rolls on with another fantastic action short. Hit Girls is a bad ass action short from the delightfully creative, yet slightly twisted mind of Maria Tran comes a 17 minute blast of insanity where the ladies take center stage in the action

JuJu Chan and Maria Tran are bad ass hired guns. Maria is a cigarette smoking hard ass, and JuJu Chan is a hard talking, straight shooting assassin with a devious side, sultry smile, and really red lipstick. The film opens with a crazy fight sequence where Maria is fighting a few guys and woosh JuJu Chan rolls in in the tightest outfit possible, guns blazing, to take out the guys. While this is going on Maria sites on the sidelines and calmly smokes a cigarette.

Their next assignment takes the intrepid ladies to a seedy club. Dressing up as school girls, JuJu being the more sexy one and Maria being the conservative one. While the deadly beauties seek out their target the cops roll in, watch and find out what happens!

Copious amounts of action coupled with a bit of humor thrown in makes Hit Girls a guilty pleasure watch. JuJu Chan is a real rising action star and Maria Tran is an up and coming film maker. The two work well together and I am looking forward to checking out more of their work in the near future.

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Actor Silvio Simac Interview (C) 2014 Danny Shamon (Exclusive)

The year of action continues on Dan's Movie Report, as promised here is an exclusive interview with Silvio Simac. Silvio had a wealth of experience in front of the camera and as a teacher of all aspects fitness and martial arts. On the heels of the start of production on the new film Transit 17, Silvio shares a few stories of several past projects and his goals for the future. Time to get inside the mind, of SIMAC!

Discuss your martial arts training, as a youngster, and how it has adjusted until now. 

My formal interests and fascination for martial arts sparked in the 70's as a child growing up inspired by the late Bruce Lee. Once i took up martial arts my passion and desire ignited with ever increasing intensity, belts changed colour, i started competing and soon winning accolades in the dojo. 28 Years later I hold black belts in 5 disciplines. I write regular features for sports publications and have published books, DVD'S and E learning materials. I continue to learn, expand, and grow with continuing excitement.  

I noticed recently you went through a full physical change to more lean muscle, what prompted the change-over?

I am a natural born competitor with winning desire and streak. I am not confirmative thus was adamant to dis spell a myth that life after 40 is downhill. therefore I insured I was in the best shape of my life at the age of 40. 

Has your work out routine and diet altered as well? 

I am continuisly looking for alternative and most effective methods of training. I attend regular courses, work shops and read publications in order to update and upgrade my pool of knowledge in the fields of sports science, kinesology, biomechanics, neurology and business kills in order to be on top of my game. 

Chatting about your GYM/DOJO give me your perspective on Starting S.I.M.A.C. How did the idea of SIMAC Mixed Martial Arts come about? 

The idea of SIMAC MMA has been in the pipe line for the last 10 years. I started teaching 22 years ago but when my career took off in the entertainment industry, ALL of my attention and focus diverted away from teaching. The entertainment industry has given me opportunity to make many valuable contacts and build a strong solid and reliable team to work with. 

I noticed your facility is more of an overall training, not just MMA, but workout, and additional classes, perhaps discuss some of the classes?

We run classes for 3 different age groups Super Simacs : 3-6 yrs Juniors: 7-12 yrs Adults : 12+ For more info please visit 
Please note I call my system S.I.M.A.C. Mixed martial art because it is a combination of some of the most effective, practical and health benefiting aspects of the martial arts systems I have practiced. There are a lot of traditional values and the system is in no way associated to cage fighting.  

Shifting to acting, I just watched your amazing episode of Metal Hurlant Chronicles, Endomorphe, Chat about your experience on set.

As with each experience, is different, uplifting, empowering, challenging and fulfilling learning experience. I had worked with Michael J white on 2 other projects. it was semi familiar ground all in all great fun. 

Chat about working closely with Michael Jai White and Michelle Lee, both action vets, must have been fun to feed off their energy.

As said above I have had the privilege of working with Michael J white on 2 occasions. Each person i work with has bought a new prospective to the way I walk, talk, act and do my action. 

Can you share an unusual or interesting story from the filming of Man of Tai Chi that no one knows about, a bit of behind the scenes stuff?

When I was working with keanu reeves on movie Man of Tai Chi, I arrived on set a week before my shoot to acclimates to time difference and within that week I struggled severely to sleep and was extremely jet lagged, so on the last day of the shoot I fell asleep in between takes. 

Shifting gears, I watched Dean's short action film Razed, chat about working with him, he is an amazing talent, you guys work very well together.

Dean is one of the nicest guys on and off screen. highly professional, talented and a perfectionist when comes to attention to detail. 

For the future I saw you are involved in Killing The Seeds, any light you can shed on that film as of yet?

It is developing rapidly as we speak and likely to start shooting in Thailand early 2015 but unfortunately cannot disclose any further information. 

Travelling to your film past, Chat about Transporter 3, what amazing work for you on that film, how did you get the role, and chat about working with Jason.

Funny enough i never auditioned for that movie, i had worked with Luc Besson production company Europa Coorporation in Paris several years earlier on unleashed with Jet li. Over 800 people had auditioned for my part in Unleashed. Production company had contacted me directly and offered me a role based on our past collaboration. Working with Jason Stathem was fun, he is an easy going guy. 

For the final film question, Undisputed 2 fight with Scott Adkins, describe the set-up for the fight, how long did it take, please if you can remember, share a story from that filming, I know it was a while back but it was an amazing fight. 

I had fun and the privilege of working with Scott Adkins on 5 productions ever since we became friends during our 3 month shoot of black mask 2 in Thailand 13 years ago. Undisputed 2 was shot in Bulgeria in the midst of winter.We were working in a studio with temperatures of minus 20 degrees celcius. We was consistently sprayed with water to make it look like sweat. In order to warm myself up I was doing press ups so I got challenged to see how many fully executed push ups I could do in 60 seconds and I did 105 and that is from my chin touching the wrists and my arms fully locked

Wrapping up, what are some of your future goals with your SIMAC MMA DOJO and acting, would you ever like to come to the states to be the big action actor, or do you like the balance of operating a facility mixed with acting?

I shall continue to pursue both of my life long dreams in martial arts and entertainment and to continue to grow and make more noise. 

Thank you for the time, Silvio. Watch for more noise making from Silvio later in 2014 on Dan's Movie Report! 

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Working with Master Silvio is his partner Nikki T! So as an added bonus here is a short interview with Nikki!

Chat about your work at the SIMAC Facility, you teach a children's class is that correct? 

I teach Mixed martial arts of all ages starting from as young as 3 years old all the way up to 71 in the UK and looking to expand classes and schools world wide in the future. I have been doing mixed martial arts martial arts for many many years and i love it. 

I am sure you have other duties at the facility, what else are you responsible for? 

 Apart from being one of the instructors at SIMAC mixed martial arts school, i also do a lot of day to day promotions, advertising always finding new ways to reach out to the public and generate new leads. I am also the coordinator for SIMAC. My duties vary but i love it! 

What is an average workout day consist of for Nikki T? Diet as well. 

I do not really have an actual diet plan but i do like to be healthy by eating a lot of fruits rather then chocolates and junk. i do not drink or smoke so i guess i just live a normal day to day healthy living way my way. Martial arts and dance is my work out, i used to use the gym but i now do a lot of Pilates, dance and keeping firm through martial arts and kick boxing. 

How about acting, stunt work, ever interested in that aspect? 

I have never had any thoughts about becoming a stunt woman no. i used to do acting at two of the most famous UK performing arts schools, Sylvia young and Pineapple dance studios. I did enjoy acting although never pursued in it as Dance was always my passion so we will see.... who knows what the future will bring. 

Would like to get your perspective on women in action films as a general question. should there be more female driven major roles etc..

Good question....Um well i think the action heroes aren more known to be males so its expected but yes i think more action woman on the screen would bring a whole new light on the action stars because there are only very few so yes i think there should be more female driven major roles.. i know a lot would agree with me. 

Do you feel there is a competition among MMA schools for students in your area of U.K., or can they co-exist as they each provide something a bit different? 

As we all know martial arts is a huge organization and a huge market but not all martial arts are being taught the same way so there is always room for multiple schools in the same area although with saying that it IS competitive. At SIMAC we teach a curriculum based on our own knowledge that what we teach WILL work out there on the streets and we teach a much simpler way of self defence but we also work closely with local communities, MP'S and children's education board where our students gain better school grades through there martial arts etc. It is proven to work, and will continue. 

Wrapping up: What are some of your ideas and dreams for SIMAC MMA, Expansions etc.and other future personal goals? 

We would like to have at least another 10 schools by next year and our aim is to constantly expand and continue to grow as a team and a name and to help children learn about respect, discipline and self control (which we are currently doing now) It is not just all about Martial arts and self defense, but also about safety, health, a better living and a respectful attitude. 

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Watch for more! Later in 2014 from Silvio and Nikki! Keep Reading Dan's Movie Report! 

Celina Jade as Shado!! New Arrow Wallpaper Images!!! Dan's Movie Report

Greetings my fine readers, as requested, hot new wallpaper images of the Shado! Celina Jade breathes life into the fiery character. Keep reading Dan's Movie Report for more exclusives later in 2014! To enlarge the photos, left click on the image in firefox, Right click on increased size image, then left click again, and boom wallpaper size! All images (C) 2013 CW Network, and used for promotional use only.

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Appleseed Alpha Movie Review

Hard to believe it has been over 20 yrs since the amazing Ghost In The Shell was created, The ground breaking animation coupled with the amazing story forever changed the face of Japanese animated features.

Appleseed Alpha is a ground breaking step in computer graphics, actually feeling like high quality video game, with the viewer right in the middle of the action. From the talented team of  Director:  and Writers: (screenplay), (original story)  comes the latest blast in the Appleseed story, 2014 style!

The CGI is impressive in the way it is seemlessly melded into the background setting. Actually from the look of it, hard to tell, a photo of a background might have been used, and then the characters added in as an extra layer. Obviously this is not a 300 million dollar Avatar, but what they animators came up with adds to the impact of the story.

Appleseed Alpha is a continuing saga style story, of a young female soldier Deunan Knute and her android partner Briareos Hecatonchires. They are surviving in a post World War 3 N.Y.C. The film opens with a bang literally, as the two of them our on a runaway subway train sabotaged, apparently by a third party that does not want them to complete there mission to deliver an antidote to their boss Two Horns.

Two Horns is a two ton cyborg, he is tough as nails and turns up like a bad penny even after you think he is a goner. Ha, To add to the complications a third faction, which I will not spoil to much involves the pair finding a surviving driod and a young girl later in the film. The four have to team up and find out the truth, and learn the way to take out a superweapon.

Overall I liked the film, thought that the plot was pretty solid for an 83 minute film, Not as complex as Ghost In The Shell, but geared perhaps for a younger, and this broader audience. Appleseed Alpha, moves along at a good pace, never straying from the plot. The idea that there are three distinct groups, the four of them, Two Horn's group and another darker sinister group after both of them, gives the film depth, not a simple black or white issue.

Minor quips are slight variation in the detail as the animated scenes shift to the night, the rendering seemed a bit to lack the depth and detail of day time, but not distracting. Example is the subway scene in the beginning. So much effort was spent rendering the characters that the ancillary background at times in the subway car and outside becomes an afterthought and a bit washed out. Secondly, perhaps a bit of a longer back story on the young girl rather than a flashback sequence, would make her character stand out more, especially as she is featured prominently at the end of the film. Those issues aside, plus other even more minor ones, are the only real problems with Appleseed Alpha

Ratings wise, Appleseed Alpha is very good, a must own for anime fans, even if the plot is not your cup of tea, the animation is so amazing for the most part, that it is a piece to be treasured. The action, artwork, voice acting, especially Two Horns, are very solid, and convincing. Yes it is English, but no matter, the film rocked and it has been awhile since this reviewer has viewed this quality of material. I rate Appleseed Alpha an 8 out of 10.

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