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Web Series Continuum Wins Two Awards @ IAWTV Awards Ceremony

On the heels of the academy award nominee announcement, the International Academy of Web Television recently held held their own awards at CES in Las Vegas. The show featured awards in all the top entertainment categories of web series ranging from Best Animated Series, Best Director, amongst several others. Continuum was nominated for several awards, winning two in the categories of Best editing for Blake Calhoun and Best Design (Art Direction/Production), for Eric Whitney.

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Lead Continuum actress Melanie Merkosky conducted a short interview with Mingle Media TV Network.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Actress Mercedes Brito Interview (Exclusive!)

With her diverse background, superior intellect, and stunning beauty; actress Mercedes Brito has been heating up the screen in recent years. Fresh from her role of Catalina in Cartel War, Mercedes chats at length about a variety of subjects, and filming experiences. Enough of my blabbing, time to delve into the mind of the talented Mercedes.
Please Chat about your background, upbringing, how did you decide to become an actress?
I was born in Venezuela but raised in the United States, English is my first language. I always had the arts in my veins since  can remember. My mother does arts and crafts, and my father, even though he was a lawyer 
and business man, he studied acting in the University of Oxford.

What project do you consider your first acting break?

Hmm.....I had done a few before, but I believe True Love was when I understood what incarnating a character meant. We had extensive rehearsals had to live like my character for a few months. Once we shot the film, she pretty much took over and that was like the millionth time I fell in love with acting again!
What are some of the differences for you working on a project like El Ultimo Cuerpo as compared to an American production like Cartel War and the diversity of characters?
The characters are night and day.....Ultimo Cuerpo's character "Ana Gabriela Lopez", is a naive in experienced reporter. Has never really lived in the "real world" has not been in touch with evil or selfish interests but gets devoured in a man's world. She experiences that hit that will get her in touch with her instincts and has her grow up prematurely but in a necessary way if she expects to be an active reporter.

Catalina Vega in Cartel War is the personification of evil. No mercy no regard fro others. It was scary to play, I cried at the end of every day because she took over and I witnessed all these horrible feelings and thoughts creeping in my body's instrument. 

In terms of the people's dispositions and professionalism on set was outstanding in both places. An True Artist is the same anywhere...

I appreciate your honesty. Back to Cartel War, I really loved your maniacal character, was it enjoyable to portray a bad girl? How about preparation, for a bad girl role compared to a good girl, different mindset, maybe chat about getting ready to play Catalina.
Catalina was one of the most difficult experiences until now. Had absolutely NO similarity to her what-so-ever. I was afraid to fall into a cliche. I had no idea how to access her. Until I finally opted for doing externals of feline animals since their  energy is silent yet deadly.Also playing an accent when I speak American English was a throw off at times. I worked on her for about 2 months before shooting until she just came alive one day and it was very overwhelming but I let go of the controls and let her just come into life. I felt like I was in the back seat observing this horrible person take over. Loved it! Acting is just so sublime and never ceases to wonder me with its magic when it happens...

Cartel War has strong female characters, what are your favorite characters to portray?
I love to play any character, but I especially enjoy the challenges. Anything that makes me uncomfortable and scares me that's what I love to do the most.

How long did your portion of the shoot for Cartel War take?

About 2 months.
Do you have a funny or unusual story from the production of Cartel War that you have not talked about?
Yes. On the first day of filming I was invaded by a horrible skin rash from a fish I ate. Was a red mean, mad rash from head to about a turn off!.... Ironically, that triggered something that pushed me even further to compensate the pounds of makeup. (Make up artist was a genius.).
Shifting the chat on to new projects for Mercedes, I noticed you you have a new film in the pipeline called Left Turn, maybe shed some light on it.
Left Turn is an amazing script written by Cliff Graham, with an original idea by Mauricio Marin. I play an ex-prostitute that has been trafficked. The movie was advancing very well until one of the financiers suffered a loss so we must wait until that passes. But the story has a bunch of yummy twists and turns I cannot wait until we shoot. I'm also preparing to work very soon on a film called Jake Stevens The Last Protector with Booboo Stewart. Its officially in pre-production, the first part of a 3D trilogy, the lead character is a new super hero. Cant wait for 2013!!

How about your production company Split Vision entertainment? I noticed they have several projects in the works, chat about them, and how did you become involved with the company?

This was a lovely surprise. I auditioned for Jake Stevens. Split Vision is one of the co-production companies involved in the big production. Once I got the part I was chatting with the CEO Carlucci Weyant, and the opportunity to produce just came out of no where. Since its something I also wished to do I just jumped on board to contribute. Its a 3 year old company they have shot four films and 2013 it getting nice and busy.
Do you like working behind the scenes in the production company as much as acting?
Nope, acting is my One true Love.
How about in your free time, what are some of your hobbies?
Anything outdoors. Nature is a drug to me and exercise. Family I'M addicted to and my Baby Dog Luna a close second, with her is a window to unconditional love and sweetness. Of course my boyfriend, I'm very very lucky. I read and work on myself, as my true goal is to become the best version of me. Shopping is not deep at all, but can sure make a day better lol.

Mercedes, you are so active on the social networking sites facebook and twitter, these really allow you to interact directly with your fans, do you at times feel a bit pressured to post, or is it something you enjoy?
Yes, it is a double edge sword sometimes. Funny how people make an entire judgment of character by just one picture, but its also refreshing when you see intelligent and well intended comments. It's never a dull moment, but nowadays, it seems to be pretty effective in joining people together. So its been one hell of an invention. 
Chat about some of the charities you are active in.

I am part of the Advisory Board of the Artists and Athletes Foundation We pretty much have the liberty to come up with great ways and ideas that will contribute to a much needed cause as well as being able to interact with these amazing people. I have worked anonymously for many causes. I am VERY big on animal and all the ones that are defenseless rights. I am disgusted by animal testing especially in this era when there are plenty of cruelty free products cannot believe its not banned and illegal!
I noticed you have had several hosting assignments, discuss about your work about hosting TV shows.

Hosting was a surprise. I went to an audition just for the fun of it, and I unexpectedly got the job. It helped pay my acting classes and I acquired some very useful tools.

Do you have a favorite hosting job? Talk show you worked on?

Loved doing the live shows with live interviews and the audiences gave me a wonderful high.

Chat about show preparation rituals you go through, prior to a talk show or hosting gig.

I make sure I research whoever I am interviewing, as well as the subject. 

Wrapping the interview up, in ten years, Mercedes, are you still focusing on acting or more involved in production, behind the scenes?

Acting my fist and only True Love, anything else is secondary, and done out of the love for acting ;). 

Thanks again, Mercedes for taking time out of your busy schedule to conduct the interview.


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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Death Race 3: Inferno Movie Review

Above Pic: DVD cover of Death Race: Inferno

Death Race 3: Inferno opens with billionaire playboy Niles York (Dougray Scott) taking over Weyland Enterprises, from Ving Rhames (Mr. Weyland). After a short montage, Carl Lucas is flown to the Kalahari Desert, to compete in the first desert Death Race.

As a twist the 16 ladies have to fight to the death to vie for  10 navigator spots in the death race. Now, in life there is noting sexier than scantily clad babes fighting, with axes, spears, and flame throwers. The fighting in this scene is average, too many quick cuts, but some good stunts. Tanit Phoenix is a hottie, and her fighting skills, well, she looks good so who cares, and that is all that matters.

Above Pic: Tanit Phoenix as Katrina Banks, heating up the screen, with her flame thrower. (C) 2012 Universal Pictures, Dan's Movie Report Screen Cap.

The desert race has a Mad Max sort of feel. The racers have tracking devices implanted, leaving the cars, or not following the rules, gets a heat seaking missile launch directed at you. Clocking in at 105 minutes, the races are extended, sand flies while the carnage commences. The race travels through towns, and rural areas.

Yrsa Daley-Ward plays Salinas, she is the woman in Africa in charge of putting on the games. Salinas orchestrates the race and killing for the millions to watch. The race is run in stages, same as with the other Death Race films. There are weapons markers, that allow the racers car weapons to be activated.

Racing madness, mayhem, and smoldering hot ladies, what is not to like?  The racers have to contend with unfriendly natives, the Warlords of Kalahari, and of course each other, through a winding course all through the desert.

Death Race 3: Inferno seems to lose some of the humor from Death Race 2. I won' t spoil the plot twist about and hour and ten minutes in, but it fuels, the story. Most of the actual story develops on the fly, so don't expect much in the beginning. The final few minutes actually completely extrapolates the story, and ties up any loose ends.

Overall, I liked the film, not as good as Death Race 2, but worthy a sequel, Death Race 3: Inferno rates a 6 out of 10.

Amazon has the film for pre-order, it will ship January 22nd.