Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Teaser for The Hike.... Movie drops Monday October 24th...

With only two days to go until The Hike comes to home video in the UK, MPH films have posted a new trailer on youtube.

Slice your browsers over to @ Still 4.99 pounds sterling for a very limited time.

Lead actress Zara reports that the London premiere was a smashing success and everyone had a great time and loved the film.

Support this underground horror project! Look for a full future review on Dan's Movie Report and check out Zara's Interview on Dan's Movie report! Be prepared to take a Hike for Halloween!

Snowhite and the Huntsman news...

Actress and stunt double Cecily Fay has informed me that Kristen Stewart is ok, that her injuries were very minor and filming has resumed on Snow White and the Huntsman. She said she was actually with her at the time of the injury. Snow White hits theaters June 1st 2011! Chris Hemsworth from Thor plays the huntsman and Charlize Theron plays the Evil Queen!

An official website has been set up and you can see the three main characters in their costumes!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wasteland Movie Review

Set in a post apocalyptic Mad Max style landscape, Wasteland starts out very slowly. Literally a turtle walks by in the opening credits! The camera angles are tight on said turtle, and obviously well directed by Kantz, our turtle carefully saunters off screen, this reptile knows his cue, and even has an encore appearance later in the film. This is an obvious metaphor for the journey which is in front of Keo Tanaka (Garret T. Sato). Keo witnessed his family murdered and sets out on an quest to find the man responsible.

A wayward turtle sets the pace and landscape for Wasteland!

This Wasteland is full of an amalgamation of crazy things. There are mutants who burrow underground and leave a trail like not unlike the sandworms in Dune. In addition to these mutants are The Lee Sisters who are a much cuter and softer form of danger! They like to wisecrack, shoot guns, and sneer. Actress Sherry Shaoling stands out in the group with her commanding voice. One of Lee Sisters grabs a guy's ballsack and says "you don't have the equipment I am looking for.". My question, where does one obtain this equipment, Amazon? There is a maniacal priestess played with feral energy by Heidi Marie, her character should have been given more screen time, she had some intensity to her, she brought some passion. With this kind of madness standing in his way, Keo's journey is full of peril.

This is one nice vision in the desert! or is it? The Lee Sisters contemplate strategy.

Mutant Priestess, in her church it is her way or off with your heart!

The story progresses with a mish-mash of martial arts style fight scenes, interspersed with gunfire as Mr Sato dispatches the bad characters. The final twenty minutes gets a bit more serious and there is a nice twist at the end.

Wasteland is well shot and edited. The sets, camera angles and lighting obviously were well planned and professional for an ultra-low budget film with a very short shooting schedule. I cannot say the same for the consistency of the acting, I hoped for a bit more natural behavior from some of them, loosen up, let the character flow, don't just read the lines. Lead actor Garret T. Sato seems kind of mellow and understated for a guy surviving 17 years in the desert.

Despite some uninspired acting I rate Wasteland a 6 out of 10 a definite rent, and possible purchase if you like low budget action. I am looking forward to see what is coming out of twisted the mind of writer/producer/Kantz!

Wasteland is currently available for purchase nationwide. Purchase direct @ Amazon

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Site News and Snowhite and the Huntsman news...

On the right hand portion of the page I added a new feature, a weekly top five. The top five is from the week prior to the day the site is visited. Because of this dynamic fact, the list will possibly change daily! Keep clicking to put your favorite up there!

Many online sites have reported that filming had to be halted on Snow White and The Huntsman (affectionately known as SWATH) due to an injury suffered on the set by lead actress Kristen Stewart. No official word has been given with regards to her health or when the production will resume. Actress Cecily Fay from Dragon Crusaders is working on the secretive production doing stunts, She did comment on her twitter that on October 9th they were filming in the rain on a mountain and she was enjoying it. When Cecily is allowed to speak about it, I will ask her about the production.

My thoughts are with Kristen and the entire team of SWATH!

Above pic is from Simon Hammond Splash News

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween theme movie news, be prepared to be scared!

Greetings to fans of horror films worldwide. This Halloween it is time to take a trip around the world to visit my recommendations for your Halloween viewing pleasure.

First up comes New Zealand nightmare called Wound. I actually reviewed the film two months ago, finally now someone actually had the balls to put out one of my hot indie pics of the year as of 10-20-11! This is a Cine Du Monde release! They are a new company with a propensity for intensity with regards to films. Left of center is right up my ally. Check their official site @

Sever your browsers over to

Pre-order it now, and that is an order! Rip your browsers to Amazon UK @

From the UK and the fine folks @ MPH Films comes The Hike, a nightmare of a camping trip! Fresh off the world premiere in London, lead actress Zara Phythian states "Finally home, was really delighted with the audience response to the hike, and they kind words from the films fans." She had to cut the after-party short due to illness, best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Hack your browsers over to Amazon UK The Hike is still only Five Pounds Sterling $7.50 US! If you don't buy it at this price I think deserve to be pounded!

Straight from Hollyweird and Cinema Epoch in the USA comes Kantz's post apocalyptic madness called Wasteland! My copy is on the way, look for detailed review soon! Wal-mart still has it for $13.00!

Finally, from Massachusetts, in the USA comes a psychotic masterpiece in the woods called The Woman. This is a disturbing look at the last of a species of feral humans captured by a human family. She is mistreated, but has an ferocious way of survival. This is not a werewolf pic, but an excellent tale of violence,sadness and pain. The highlight of the film is the savagery that actress Pollyanna McIntosh plays "the woman" She is a commanding presence onscreen with virtually no dialogue. Check out her official website @

capture your browsers to film's official site @

Above Screen capture from The Woman!

Happy Halloween Muuhahahahahaha! from Dan's Movie Report!

New Jovelyn Maria Minoza video posted--

Above Pic: Jovelyn Maria Minoza

About two years ago I interviewed Jovelyn on Dan's Movie Report! Jovelyn has recently posted a new training video where she instructs two young students for a first time fight.!

Jovelyn has a 30 year martial arts background, speaks English, German, French, Taglog, and Cebuano! I think her time has come to work as a martial arts trainer on a film! With her compassion, understanding, professionalism and patience I feel she deserves a shot at training film actors for fighting and possibly some fight co-ordination in the future! She resides in Germany, her Facebook friends' list is currently full at 5,000, but send her a message.

stick your browsers to:!/NoONEOne

Also follow her on Youtube @

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Proposed Film Sim Card will kick you in the damn face!

Fans of the Jason Bourne series can stand up an cheer, a new action heroine is Bourne! Check out these hot shots and link to the Youtube video. Actress Zara Phythian has a chip in her brain with secret information. In addition to the chip she has a propensity for kicking ass and has 20 years of martial arts experience to prove it! This is a proposed project looking for financing and feature distribution, and director Matt Routledge has produced an ultra high quality five minute sample clip. A shout out to my LA peeps, you better bring it because these folks in the UK sure the hell are!

Watch this video or have you body beaten! @

All Images below are click-able for higher resolution!

All Images are the property of Matt Routledge, and captured by Danny Shamon from the proposed film Sim Card

Resident Evil-Retribution!!!!!

Ok I know this is an indie site, but much props go to Milla and Paul W.S. Anderson who have been hard at work and have posted so many updates to the filming process. I consider The Resident Evil series as a big budget with a low budget mentality! Also look for the return of actress Michelle Rodriguez! I am a huge fan of the series, even though surprise surprise I never played the games!

Milla has also posted pics and videos of all of the three lead actresses including her, Michelle, and Sienna training in automatic weapons in Germany! This film will be balls out! Girls kick some zombie a//!

Zombie fans slice you browsers to her on twitter on!/MillaJovovich, and look for future articles on Dan's Movie Report on this exciting project which will be released
Sept- 14 -2012

Monday, October 17, 2011

More October News...

Kantz at Wasteland autograph signing Photo credit: (Kantz Facebook page)

Look for an exclusive interview with Director/Writer/Producer Kantz in November! He will chat about his new film Wasteland which was released on October 11th and up coming projects Such as Project Purgatory-Beijing! It is time to bring the pain!

To Purchase Wasteland slice your browsers over to Wal-mart for $13!

I dub Kantz "The Triple threat of the Apocalypse"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

October Movie News...

UK: Congrats are in order for Actress Zara Phythian for being nominated at the British Horror Film Awards in her first lead role in "The Hike"! Although Zara did not win, this is only her first lead film role, I am confident more will follow. In fact the twisted, controversial, and disturbing film was nominated for four awards! The Hike will be released in two versions including an unrated cut which promises to creep audiences out even more! Ahhhh...... good times for Halloween!

The Hike will have it's official UK premiere this Wednesday 10-19-11 at The Prince Charles Cinema. It will be available to purchase in the UK only but it will come stateside, as it is a Lion's Gate Release! Amazon-UK has it currently for pre-order at the unbelievably low price of 4.99, pounds that is! Slash and dismember your browsers to