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Texas Zombie Wars: Titan Base (2019) Movie Review © 2020 Dan's Movie Report Danny Templegod


Above: Poster of Texas Zombie Wars - Titan Base from the Official Facebook Page.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and readers. In advance of our upcoming interview I have decided to review a film Melissa Mars stars in called Texas Zombie Wars: Titan Base. The movie is part of a series of films in the Texas Zombie Wars series, which follows a group of soldiers tasked to clear the infected from a barren land. Actually Titan Base is currently streaming free for Amazon Prime members.

The first movie in the series Texas Zombie Wars:  El Paso Outpost is very slow moving, in fact most of the movie is recapped in the second film 'Titan Wars'. The second film has a better dialogue and interesting twist at the end involving Melissa Mars character Dr. Corsini. Much of the entire second film is a debrief of sorts from the first film, yet wraps up the initial story line.

Once again the pace is rather relaxed for a Zombie infected film, almost like they feel protected in their location. Actor Mikal Vega has more than two decades in the military, and his experience shows with his portrayal of Hooch, a hardened veteran of Zombie Combat. Director A.K. Waters seems to have his characters move through the film with a relaxed pace, I am not entirely sure why. Of course in the first Texas Zombie Wars there is copious zombie killing, but once they are on base, it seems like their guard is down, not as concerned as they should be about dangers lurking outside the encampment.


Above Photo: Is there a doctor in the house? Actress Melissa Mars as Dr. Corsini in Texas Zombie Wars - Titan Base (C) 2020  Blue Wolf Productions. Used for promotional purposes only.

Actress Melissa Mars character Dr. Corsini is even allowed to go for a jog unaccompanied in the early morning hours. Realistically in any other zombie film or war film, the doctor would never be allowed to travel alone, but Melissa Mars is a tough no nonsense doctor right? Later in the film we find out how tough she really is!

With much of Titan Base occurring in an small room with real life Navy Vet and Private investigator Jennifer Marshall looking menacing with her icy stares and condescending tone. She is a pretty good sinister type lady named Lane.

In Texas Zombie Wars: Titan Base, even though the cast has much military experience, it seems like they are hampered a bit by the direction. Zombies are scary, or are supposed to be scary, especially when the audience, nor the characters in a film do not know their true power. I liken the the film playing a video game advancing foot by foot instead of running in after the enemy or running away. Yeah zombies move slow, all the more reason to be fast about it.

The final twenty minutes in Texas Zombie Wars – Titan Base are really good and make up for perhaps about 75 percent of the trivial beginning and slow moving interview sequence. Melissa Mars is a true shining star here and elevates the film to a respectable grade, worthy of a watch, especially if you have Amazon Prime. Her character changes and adapts to her surroundings, no more spoilers, but watch it, as adorable as Dr. Corsini is, she can be deceiving. 

Texas Zombie Wars: Titan Base is a rather average film with an above average ending. Hard to put a rating on the film, my best guess is about 5.5 out of 10. If the entire film was shot at the pace of the final act, the rating would be elevated to a 7 out of 10. For a free Halloween watch, not a bad effort on the limited budget.

Amazon Link:,instant-video,128&sr=1-1&fbclid=IwAR3kXeRi3RBvnGsiAboMHpPPTlmQZJITjt4B6n8Je7e_jq1nPKsXOjNv1wk

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The Last Touch (2020) – Movie Review © 2020 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod (Exclusive!)


Above Photo: Poster for 'The Last Touch' (C) 2020 Made in Mars

Update: 11-8-2020: Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, across my desk today comes a brand new film from the creative mind of Melissa Mars. The Last Touch is a four and a half minute slice into the realm of futuristic social media. This world there is no physical touching only a variety of interfaces on cell phones. Melissa Mars serves as the film's director, writer, and star. Her character Clea is conflicted as intimacy in this timeline has all been eliminated, replaced by a phone or a computer screen. Actor James Kacey plays Clea's husband Cain. Hardly an ideal life, especially during the current pandemic, the pair are next to each other in bed, but of course even the slightest touch could seriously injure or kill them.


The Last Touch is dripping with allegorical ideas. Melissa is conveying the frustrations of many today as the lock down has forced people not only to stay at home, but to refrain from human contact. Even when you go out shopping the experience is turned to a robotic avoidance, pick up your groceries, hardware, gas and go. Mars forces the audience to think what would a lock down of touch be like. Mars conveys a sadness, melancholy, yet a small glimmer of hope occurs toward the end of 'The Last Touch', or does it?

Sweet Cherry Corporation apparently controls procreation and in order to have a healthy baby the couple must bond with the baby, but only virtually, on a tablet.. Mars creates a world here that she would obviously like to explore further. Actress Monica Blaze Leavitt voices Sweet Cherry, a subtle yet haunting auditory reminder of who is in control. Leavitt reminds me a bit of the computer voice on Star Trek, except more comforting, yet the underlying tones suggest she is only nice when obeyed.

The Last Touch truly is a great example of how to start a concept. As a viewer, the more I times watched the film, the more my mind wanders into what was in the past, what will happen to the couple in the future, and the world around them.

All of the behind the scenes elements of 'The Last Touch' are very professional, clear audio from the actors, a hauntingly beautiful sound track by Steve Sholtes and Oliver Schultheis. Cinematography from Yaniv Glaser is tight and conveys the confine space of the film.

Overall, this is a fantastic example of exactly how to do a short film, give the audience what they want to see, and keep them watching by setting up a possible next step. Melissa Mars is quite a creative person, later in 2020, an interview between us will happen, keep it locked on your home for independent exclusives on the web, Dan's Movie Report!

THE LAST TOUCH will world premiere at
Nov 11-22

Watch THE LAST TOUCH in the Block Thrills & Chills 2 - tickets here:


'The Last Touch' will begin a festival run soon. Melissa shares information about the festivals on her official Facebook Page @

For further information on Melissa, please visit her official page @

A young couple struggles to keep their love alive in a world where technology has replaced intimacy, and human touch is deadly. 

Watch for more exclusives including an interview with Melissa later in 2020, on your home for independent cinema, Dan's Movie Report!


Above Photo: Clea and Cain look to the future in 'The Last Touch' (C) 2020 Made in Mars 

'S.O.S. Survive Or Scarifice' Unleashes Floating Terror On A Balloon! © 2020 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod


Above Photo: Poster image for the film (C) 2020 Vision Films

 Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, from the good folks over at Vision films comes an action concept that I have to admit is novel. A hot air balloon is not normally something that is scary as it is supposed to be controlled and relaxed! I had to share this entire press release, so film fans can get a feel for the detail the creative team used to recreate the balloon sequence.

Vision Films is proud to present “S.O.S Survive or Sacrifice,” a thrilling new film that takes action to terrifying new heights. Starring William Baldwin (Backdraft, Fair Game), Roman Doronin’s new film is a spectacular, action-packed survival story that takes place on a hot air balloon ride that turns horrific, yet shines a light on the strength and resilience of the women who find themselves in a seemingly impossible situation. Filmed on the stunning island of Cyprus, ‘S.O.S Survive or Sacrifice’ releases across all major VOD services in North America on October 27, 2020, including iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox, Amazon, and FandangoNow, as well as cable affiliates everywhere. DVD will be available online through all major retailers on November 17th, 2020.

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, from the good folks over at vision films comes an action concept that I have to admit is novel. A hot air balloon is not normally something that is scary as it is supposed to be controlled and relaxed! I had to share this entire release, so film fans can get a feel for the detail the creative team used to recreate the balloon sequence.

Watch the trailer: S.O.S. Survive or Sacrifice Trailer


A truly international team of actors and filmmakers joined the production from multiple European nations, the UK, Russia, and the USA, bringing unparalleled expertise to director Roman Doronin’s vision. 


Above Photo: The balloon takes flight in S.O.S Survive or Sacrifice (C) 2020 Vision Films

Doronin shares, “Audiences are used to seeing special effects, and they’re not easy to surprise or impress. That’s why we decided to shoot our movie with the maximum amount of real conditions: no studios and using a real hot air balloon. We set up an open-air stage as we wanted the balloon to be seen actually flying above both land and sea. The basket was full-size with real burners that produced real flames, which blasted several meters high. From the very outset, we aimed to be as realistic as possible.”

William Baldwin stars with Jeannine Kaspar (Iron Man, Freeheld), Marianna Rosset (Portrait of God), Zach Rose (Better Call Saul, Longmire), Diljohn Singh (Gold, London Confidential), Crystal Web (Ghosthunters, Strangulation) and introduces Kseniya Pinch. 

When Kate (Jeannine Kaspar) and her 13-year old little sister Liz (Kseniya Pinch) are reunited on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Kate meets Myrianthy (Marianna Rosset) and a group of locals whom she agrees to an exciting ride in a hot air balloon with. The joyride takes a dangerous turn when it becomes untethered, and the passengers ascend without a pilot. Their cell phones out of range, and the balloon running out of gas, Kate and Myrianthy begin a desperate fight for their lives as the balloon is pushed out over the open ocean. Back on land, Liz has become an unwanted "material witness" to a robbery committed by Jack (William Baldwin), who happens to be Myrianthy’s boyfriend. Matters take a dramatic twist, one that will mark their lives forever. While Liz may be their only hope of rescue, can she get to them in time?

I am excited and proud to present our movie to film lovers all around the world,” writer and director Roman Doronin continues, “our multinational cast and crew have created an exciting new adventure movie which will whisk you off on a thrilling journey to the far reaches of fear.”

IMDB page for full cast and crew listing:


Pre-prder the DVD on Amazon:

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Jiu Jitsu Unleashes The Action Complete With Aliens on November 20th! New Trailer! © 2020 Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod


Above: Jiu Jitsu official poster (C) 2020 The Avenue (Used for promotional purposes only, not monetized.)

Greetings valuable Dan's Movie Report readers. Across my desk today came the hot new trailer from Jiu Jitsu. The Movie is directed by Dimitri Logothetis and a screenplay written by Dimitri Logothetis

and James McGrath.

The trailer looks interesting, like a mixture of Predator and District 9 with a martial arts, The good folks at The Avenue are releasing the R rated 102 minute film in theaters and on demand, and digital on November 20th,


Above: Nocolas Cage with a sword! (c) 2020 The Avenue  (Used for promotional purposes only not monetized.)

As far as plot, a short description: An ancient order of Jiu Jitsu fighters faces a vicious race of alien invaders in an epic battle for the survival of Earth.

I found a longer description: An ancient order of expert jiujitsu fighters faces a vicious race of alien invaders in a battle for Earth every six years, but when Earth's hero is defeated by the leader of the invaders, the future of humanity hangs in the balance. The trailer describes a comet opening a portal!

The cast is quite diverse as well: Jiu Jitsu stars: Alain Moussi, Frank Grillo, Rick Yune, Marie Avgeropoulos, JuJu Chan with Tony Jaa and Nicolas Cage! 

The movie was shot in Greece, should be interesting how the landscape was used as well!

I am curious to see if some of the characters and twists and turns! Should be loads of fun and action!

Check out the trailer on YouTube @


Watch for film review in November along with other surprises, and a new interview from actress JuJu Chan about her character and the working with Tony Jaa and Nicolas Cage! JuJu mentioned that she had just wrapped production on the film in our last interview!

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Get The Iron Dragon TV App!!! 2020 IDTV Action Fest Films For A Limited Time, Only In The App! - (C) 2020 Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod

Above: New Films on the Iron Dragon TV App! A sample screen!


Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and Action-Flix readers, I spoke with the head of the IDTV Action Fest Janelle and she informed me that the films from the 2020 IDTV Action Festival and other newer films will be screened for a very limited time via the Iron Dragon TV App! The title list varies, so download the app today!



The links to all four app stores, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Roku can be found on the official Iron Dragon TV page @

The films need the app to play, make sure to download it today!

For more information about Iron Dragon TV go to the official Facebook Page:

For further information on The IDTV Action Fest please connect through the official page:

Currently the films streaming for the 2020 Festival are:

'Betrayed', 'Cleaning House'-(Starring Marissa Labog), 'Damned',  'First Born', 'Happy Birthdead,' 'The Immortal', 'King of Hearts', and 'Rewind'.

I was asked to be a judge on this year's IDTV Action Fest, and can say that the films listed above are excellent. All of the movies are under 15 minutes, thus represent the short film selections for the 2020 festival.

Check out the App, as various movies are added and removed making the list fresh. A constant supply of action at the ready!

Dan's Movie Report is proud to be first in review for two of the amazing films at this year's festival, check out the links below:


An exclusive review for 'Happy Birthdead':


Above Photo:Banner photo for 'Cleaning House' (C)2019 Up Productionz

An exclusive review for 'Cleaning House':

A detailed informational list of the film and the 2020 festival can be found over on

Watch for more information on film changes, and new information about the app on Dan's Movie Report and Keep it locked in, as soon as information becomes available for the 2021 IDTV Action Fest you will reed it here FIRST!

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Mezmerized – Electrolyze (2020) Music CD Review © 2020 Dan's Movie Report – Danny Templegod


Above: CD cover for Electrolyze (C) 2020 used for promotional purposes only

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, today we take a musical diversion away from film! The pandemic has horrble adverse effect on independent bands. Not only are their tour plans cancelled, the at show merchandise sales are virtually down to zero. Because people are home more, we are seeing a wealth of bands creating new music, yet competition for fans money remains tight. Although it has been around for awhile, direct sales from consumer to the musical acts have become very valuable to the bands and incredible for fans of newer bands to get in on the ground floor as direct supporters. Incidentally, I was not provided a pre-release of this music, I bought it. All views in this review are my own.

Mezmerized really caught my attention with their video for 'Shutdown' which occurred PRIOR to the actual shut down due to the pandemic. The band has an interesting mix of styles, ranging from rock, to industrial, and tinges of metal.

Above: The amazing video for 'Shutdown'  (C) 2020 Mezmerized used for promotional purposes only

They released a very limited EP and I attempted to get it, but it was sold out prior. Fast forward to the Summer of 2020, an amazing thing happened, the band was signed by Blood Blast a division of Nuclear Blast, the largest and most prestigious indie label for heavy music! The quality is evident from the outset, the band produced pro quality music and videos prior to getting signed and have a unique sound and music that is catchy and accessible, yet not mainstream, just enough to have fans in many genres.


Band Photography credit Ws Photos:

Rather than going song by song on Electrolyze, the best thing is to listen to the entire CD and decide for yourself what the best tracks are. I like the ethereal quality of 'Electrolyze', and the power and aggression of Shutdown. Notes of the band Amaranthe come to mind, but Amaranthe is multiple vocals, so I find this a bit different, yet I can so the two bands touring together. The Italian band Volturian, with Federica has a somewhat similar level of heaviness, but the musical style is different.

Musically the band is solid, complete with driving pronounced melody lines and feel. Vocalist Anna has a rather unique delivery, smooth, yet with a background tinge of aggression. Not as harsh as Doro or Battle Beast, but a audible range in between them and Amaranthe 'seering highs/ All great bands, but Mezmerized is blazing their own trail!

Due to the pandemic Mezmerized has yet to have a tour, however I can imagine an energetic and entertaining live show. Actually I hope the band does a live video, so the fans can see what a live performance would look like.

Overall Mezmerized's Debut release is a real winner, a must own! The band is excellent and rates a very strong 9 out of 10. ! hope to see them tour in 2021!

Order Mezmerized CDs and shirts Direct:

Nuclear Blast:

Mezmerized Band Official Pages: