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Removal Movie Review

Above Pic: Removal Poster from IMDB

Psychological, dark comedy-horror from Lionsgate just in time for the holiday season! Removal tells the twisted tale of a cleaning service employee and a dirty, deranged job in a mansion.

The film opens with Eric Kershe (Billy Burke) losing his job and calling his buddy Cole Hindin (Mark Kelly) over to his house, then delves into the area of madness and insanity, with hallucinations and fragmented reality. Cole witnesses the murder suicide. Cole goes through rehab, then is out again working as a professional floor house cleaner

Nothing is what it seems in Removal, after a double shift, Cole is called to do a cleaning job in a mansion. He hears the shattered fragments of discussions from the owner Henry Sharpe (Oz Perkins) whom he thinks is a deranged man, as all the signs point to it.

I will not delve into the story any further, but I can say that this one has a solid payoff at the end, even if it drags in the middle. This film actually would have benefited from a 10 minute trimming, even though the tension is building, there are times when, it just needs to pick up the pace. The other problem I had with the film is that we never saw the periphery characters enough to care about them, in actions and dialogue.

The acting in Removal is excellent. All three of the male leads are careful in their portrayal of their characters, and deal with the difficult dialogue and emotions with ease. Even the two ladies in the film have minor roles, do a solid job, but unfortunately the script does not allow their characters much development. Elliott Gould has a very minor role as the lead character's Doctor.

The settings, background music, and camerawork in Removal appropriate, but nothing stands out creating a mood like the twists and turns of the plot. The mansion, where the majority of the film takes place is huge, and sparse as it is being packed up for a move, so the setting is eerie, but nothing special. The camera moves slowly throughout the film, the hallucinations show in a fuzzy, sideways way.

Overall, I give Removal a 6 out of 10, a definite watch, however, I believe once you see this tale, the 91 minute film does not have the repeat watch-ability factor. Removal is available from Amazon, shipping 1-3-12.

Official Aurelia Scheppers News Blog

Update 8-9-2014: Aurelia unleashes a hysterical video on the Funny Or Die Website Called Model Behavior @

Above Pic: Behind the scenes from "Champion" video from The Chevin

Update 11-18-13 Snow Queen is Released in Germany and available on AMAZON!  Click link for ordering: Check out below photos!

Update 8-15-13 Aurelia in new film called 'The Snow Queen"

Update 3-25-13 Aurelia in New TV Pilot: "So excited to be a part of a TV Pilot called The Start Up! Currently filming. It's a 1/2 hour comedy. ;)"

Update 2-21-13 Aurelia in new Music Video: "So happy to be a part of this Steve Aoki music video for his song "Come With Me: feat. Polina directed by Thomas Trail, it was such a cool shoot!! :-)"

Here is the YouTube Link for the new Steve Aoki video:!

Update 11-25-12  Nov. 27th, the movie "40 Days and Nights" comes out! I am in the opening scene of the movie. :) It is an action/disaster film. You can rent in on Netflix or Redbox or buy it/pre order it on, etc. :) Here is the trailer:

Update 11-11-12 Aurelia in winter clothes catalog for Roar Clothes (Photo Below) 

Aurelia in I (heart) Vampires
Now available from Disney on DVD.

Update 9-19-12: Aurelia is the lead girl in the new music video for the band "the Chevin" for their new hit single "Champion". Check out the video on  you tube @    (pic below is a wallpaper sized screen cap from the video, click on pic for desktop wallpaper size.)

Aurelia is being featured in the September 20th 2012 issue of Backstage West
Magazine under "Actor Spotlight"!

Aurelia has a part in a movie titled 40 Days and Nights produced by The Asylum that will be going straight to DVD, Redbox, Netflix, etc. on November
27th 2012. Go to for more information on the film.

Above Pic: Aurelia in new Roar Campaign.

Aurelia shot another Roar Campaign for the rest of Fall 2012 and Spring 2013.

Aurelia shot a campaign for Trunkettes Swimwear shot by the great Kymberly
Marciano. Go to Below is a photo of Aurelia in one of the swim outfits:

Aurelia has a few exciting projects in the works that can't be released yet...
but keep reading this news and the information will be released very, very soon.

Update 6-29-12: New Acting Reel

Update 6-12-12: Roar Clothing Summer Campaign: Check out these two behind the scenes links:

Above are Screen Caps from the Ad (C) 2012 Roar Clothing

Update 5-27-12:
New head shot and Screen Cap from The Young and the Restless:

 Above Pic: Sexy new pic from her Aurelia's Official Page

Above Pic: Aurelia in The Young and the Restless May 11th 2012 (C) CBS 2012
               Screen Cap: Danny Shamon

Update 5-11-12: News directly from Aurelia!

Greetings to all my fans, I am in three scenes of this episode of The Young and the Restless. Episode #9904 Aired May 11 2012

I recently Played Tyson Ritter's high school girlfriend in The Kids in the Street music video directed by Jon Danovic

Look for me as a girl facing the struggles of teen pregnancy, who turns to God for help and finds strength in church and the Lord to raise the baby on her own, Jessica Reedy's Something Out of Nothing Video directed by Paul Coy Allen premiered on BET's 106 and Park tv show. Not online yet, COMING SOON.

Just finished a summer campaign for ROAR clothing.

I have a different ROAR ad in Country Weekly magazine every week. :)

12-31-11 News

Actress Aurelia Scheppers caught my eye this year as being someone to watch in 2012. She did a solid job on 11/11/11 as the nanny from hell bumping up what would have been a very average film to a very enjoyable one. Aurelia can also be seen in the short film Red Princess Blues. Check her IMDB page @

In addition to live acting, she recently performed voice work on the Digimon Fusion Battles TV series. Aurelia also does modeling for several companies, check this short, rather grainy clip on youtube modeling Diva: . She worked on this hysterical clip of CBS Sports Stay at home Dad Series: . Her intellect and professionalism are refreshing in Hollywood, she will make an excellent addition to any production, be it commercial, print, film or TV.

Watch for further information and interview with Aurelia in 2012 and beyond on Dan's Movie Report, in the meantime check out her official twitter @!/aureliasaid

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Amityville Haunting

The Amityville Haunting opens with other people who have died over the years in the Amityville House. The new family movies in because they were having money trouble and the father forced the family against their will to move in.

The entire film was about the child of the family making a documentary of the whole ordeal. The Amityville Haunting falls flat on it's face, as the plot was boring. The rehashing of the older films in a paranormal activity style production just was uninspired. There are other victims outside of the family, but we don't care as they are never introduced as true characters.

The Amityville Haunting moves at a snail's pace jamming nearly all of the actual plot developments in the end, this might have worked in a short film like 20 minutes, but to stretch this to 90 minutes is quite agonizing. The repetitive telling the boy to shut the camera off 20,000 times, was very annoying.

Overall, I have to give The Amityville Haunting film a 2 out of 10, a pass.

Actress Krystal Vee upcoming on Dan's Movie Report

Win Win! Brand new Autographed Krystal Vee Photo contest December 2012!

BRAND NEW PHOTOS 11-13-12! From Krystal's new film "The Cop"! Click Link Below!

KRYSTAL VEE INTERVIEW ONLINE 1-8-12! With Brand new Pics!!!!!!!!

Brand new Hot pics on Dan's Movie Report 1-31-12 @

Follow her on Twitter:!/VeeKrystal

Photo Credit: Manny Librodo Location: KUALA LUMPUR

Krystal Vee as Silda, she has sharp pointy objects at her disposal to injure, and smooth skin to tantalize. Hahaha! Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

After contacting Selina Lo to do an interview, I decided to get actress Krystal Vee's perspective on The Scorpion King 3. Yeah they do have a glorious fight in the film, not a spoiler as everyone knows it already. This puts Dan's Movie Report smack in the middle of the four sword madness, and me without protection hahahah. Seriously though Krystal and Selina are smokin' hot, good actresses and fight very viciously, all the characteristics you want in a lady!

Above Pic: Screen Cap from Universal Studio's Scorpion King! Click on it, check the bigger image, right click again select view image and you have a wallpaper!

Check out the Scorpion King 3's Selina lo interview posted 1-5-12!

Watch for the interview in early 2012 in the meantime check out her official site @

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50,000 Hits on Dan's Movie Report! Selina Lo Upcoming!

Mess with the best die like the rest haha! Selina Lo, chats Scorpion King 3, and action in 2012! That is two more blades than I have! Run cowards! (Photo Credit: Universal Pictures)

Interview posted 1-5-12 Blast over to this post here now!

Thank you all for helping me reach my goal in 2011, as the site passes the 50,000 page view plateau before the end of the Year. I have changed my site counter to reflect that! In addition to the 50,000 hits, Dan's Movie Report has jumped to 20,000 page views in December!

To Cecily, I sincerely thank you for all you have done to support the site, 2012 will be the Year of The Warrioress! Watch for the review, new interview with Cecily and interview with Warrioress director Ross Boyask!

Look for interviews with dangerous and sexy stunt women Monique Ganderton, Mam Smith, and Ming Qiu. Actress Lisa-Marie Long, and Horror actress/musician Eileen Daly chat about their projects. Look for several massive surprises, contests, and general mayhem in 2012! I am also preparing for a detailed interview with movie maverick Kantz in 2012!

Upcoming on Dan's Movie Report...

Be prepared, death is immanent! Selina Lo Chats about The Scorpion King 3, Check her official site out! Are my minions battle tested!?

Anna Movie Review (Short Film 2011)

Anna is a short and clever blast of terror that tells the story of David and Laura Cole, a London couple relocating to L.A., and is filmed in a Skype real time video chat style. David is in L.A. a week early getting the new place ready while Laura remains in the U.K. cleaning up loose ends.

The style of Anna is like a Paranormal Activity realism, but the twist of the live video chat is different. I am not sure this video chat idea would translate to feature film, but as a short film it is very entertaining.

Lisa-Marie Long from The Hike plays Laura, with a bit of a subdued playful tone at first, but it works for this film as she does not know about the haunting that is happening in L.A. in their new place. Lisa is an attractive girl next door type who comes across as a regular person, not trying to over act or over react to the situation. Repeat viewings bring out the nuances she brings to the character.

(Above Pic: Lisa-Marie Long as Laura, is a long way from The Hike in Anna, and even further away from her hubby to protect him! Haha!)

We see the couple chat over the course of the week, but things become increasingly strange. I am not going to spoil it, but this film has a solid ending payoff.

The direction from Matthew Solomon, who also plays the lead David, is natural. His character is just a guy in a new place, unfamiliar with his surroundings. He has short conversation with a Realtor named Annette about the place, but video chats with his wife are the main focus.

I watched Anna four times before reviewing it and each time I slightly changed my rating. I can say this is worth checking out for it's singular focus. I do wish that the video would have shown more of them just calmly working around each house separately before the big conclusion. All of that said, I rate this flick a 6.5 out of 10. I rate Lisa-Marie Long as adorable and intelligent. I rate Matthew Solomon as a gentleman with much potential and full of ideas. I now rate this review as over!

For more info on this great film stalk your browsers over to:

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Suing The Devil Movie Review

Above Pic: Suing The Devil Poster from IMDB

So I watched this film without finding anything about it. Suing The Devil is an odd story about a young gentleman who decides to sue the devil for 8 trillion dollars. The film was peppered with sarcastic undertones as veteran actor Malcolm McDowell played Satan with vim and panache. Suing the devil poked fun at all aspects of the devil including looking for him at used car lots and strip clubs.

Although most of the film takes place inside the courtroom, outside drama was played like a Court TV battle with host and very quirky, and down right nutty Tom Sizemore as Tony 'The Hip' Anzaldo. In addition to him was the levelheaded and damn cute Rebecca St. James as the tame and demure Jasmine Williams

Not sure what to make of the whole thing, it is definitely open to interpretation, thoughtful, well acted, and very well directed. I thought it was a rip on the ridiculousness of the whole God Satan argument, until the final stage of the film, Suing the Devil develops a more somber tone.

There were many movie references including the "You can't handle the truth" line from A few Good Men. I enjoyed it the script, it was smart and if you have a low vocabulary, you will admonish this as trifle drivel. You do not have to be religious to enjoy this film. Just enjoy the silliness of looking for Satan and the devil leaving a flaming business card.

I loved it, Come to find out, Suing the Devil was apparently a religious film! So what, I rate it a solid 7 out of 10 as Motley Crue would say: I give a "SHOUT AT THE DEVIL!!!!! hahahahah.

I have to support this! Check the site @

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Dracula 3D Trailer leaked without effects and post production Merry Christmas!

Above Pic: Dracula 3d still from IMDB

As a huge Dario and Asia Argento fan I cannot wait to see the horror master's latest salacious blast of celluloid . Check this not safe for work trailer out on youtube @

Put your fangs on the official site @