Saturday, November 2, 2013

Chastain: Surrender To No One CD Review! Out November 19th 2013!

Greetings kind Dan's Movie Report readers, coming in 2014 will be more diversification on the site including select CD and MP3 reviews and exclusive photo shoots! 

First up on the hot list of music is the November 19th release of the first Chastain release in 22 years to feature Leather Leone on vocals! The hard hitting, old school blast of melody and crunch represents a return to the days of music, before heavy effect laden vocals and 10,000 over dubs. You will not find, bass dropouts, high pitched crooning, nor anything remotely labelled as wimpy on Surrender To No One! Dan's Movie Report is proud to be the FIRST to review this great release!

The eleven track release represents a personal venture back into music for Leather, heralded back by her undying love and respect for the Master of the Moon, and Man on the Silver Mountain, Ronnie James Dio. Chastain as well, seems to reach back, instead of the guitar virtuoso, more of a power riffing groove. 

The entire CD is full of diversity and intensity. Blistering tracks such as "Rise Up" with double bass drum beats and locomotive crunch are not the only style on Surrender To No One. The final track "Bleed Through Me" is an epic ballad, a far reaching introspective journey in my opinion for soul searching, and reaching deep inside yourself for strength and passion.

The recording is not slick like the releases of today, it harkens back to the raw undulating power deflecting tonality of the 80s, as if this CD was actually released in the 80s, an obvious and earth shattering achievement. Returning to their roots Chastain has built Surrender To No One as a masterpiece a defining 80s rock anthem for 2013! 

This CD is a recommended double purchase.  Buy and Buy a second one to give as a gift to the uninitiated 80s metal fan. I rate Surrender To No One my first PERFECT score on Dan's Movie Report of 2013 also, I added an extra point for the dedication, determination, and communication of David Chastain and Leather for making this happen. Surrender To No One Rates and impossible 11 out of 10, Like an extra credit on a test! Do the math, bang your head, and buy it! Surrender To No One! HAHA!! For additional info go to:  

Here is My 2011 Interview with Leather! Exclusive!

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jeff Moldovan Memorial Fund "Urgent!" Please Share. Bring His Remains Home!

R.I.P. August 23rd 2013 Jeff Moldovan, please help to bring him home.  All funding will be used to bring his remains home. Thank you! Dan's Movie Report supports this cause, Cynthia Rothrock, Rob Ray, Mandy James Morgan and many others.

On August 22, 2013 Our beloved friend Jeff Moldovan passed away.  he was in Venezuela on a week long journey teaching TLM's Fighting Chance Defensive Tactics.  One morning before the day's training had even started, he suffered a fatal heart-attack.  For many frustrating reasons and mis-communications, to this day Jeff's remains are still in a mortuary in South America.  Delays, cremation costs and fees have risen above and beyond expectations.  We are now scrambling to raise the money to bring him home  where he belongs.  Jeff gave so much to all of us.  He touched many lives by selflessly teaching the gift of survival.  He often taught his techniques out of the goodness of his heart, without monetary gain.  If Jeff touched you, like he had so many others, then please help me bring him home.  Donate to the Jeff Moldovan Memorial Fund.  Even the smallest amount can make a big difference.  It is a travesty that he still sits in an Urn in a strange place, unclaimed.  His memory deserves to be honored.  Thank you for your donation.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Wallpaper! Actress BingBing Fan Brings BLINK To Life!

Finally after years of waiting, Days Of Future Past has released the first trailer! CGI is not done, but we do get a cool glimpse of things to come, as a huge fan of the comics and diversity in film, I am so ready for Blink to appear! So here is some new wallpaper, from the trailer, for promo purposes only (C) 2013 20th Century Fox of sexy Bing Bing Fan as Blink!

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New Film "Hunted" In Production in Romania! Starring Natassia Malthe and Dominique Swain!

Above Pic: IMDB poster for Hunted

Get ready for Action! Get ready for fun! Get ready for Natassia Malthe and Dominique Swain in the same film! In addition watch for actor  (Predators)

As a lover of full force action films I love the concept! : "Expendables" meets the "A-Team" in this full throttle action film, where a group of skilled mercenaries find themselves betrayed by the US government and are forced to fight their way out of an ambush by a new, and lethal team of human droids.

Droids, skilled mercenaries, and ambush from director  (Hellbinders) Hunted! For now only the IMDB page is up, more to follow

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Lizzie Borden's Revenge Movie Review

Above Pic: Poster for Lizzie Borden's Revenge (C) 2013 Tomcat Films LLC.

Greetings fans of Dan's Movie Report. Before I start this review, I will state that Lizzie Borden's Revenge is an ultra low budget film. I rate ultra low budget films based entirely on a scale relative to other films in the category. Although my scale ranges from 1 to 10, I try to assign a viewing factor, as in must buy, must rent, or pass, or cautionary on rent or buy. Lizzie Borden's Revenge will realistically only appeal to individuals who watch lower budget films on a regular basis. So if you want to watch,  a theatrical budget horror slasher film, do that, and enjoy, for my indie fans read on!

From Tomcat Films comes Lizzie Borden's Revenge. The film opens up in 1892, showing the axing of Lizzy's parents, blood is splattered everywhere. Jenny Allford portrays Lizzy, and is seen right before the opening credits gazing into the mirror. Fast forward to 2013, there is a sorority party, a bunch of girls, in a house with Leslie Borden, a direct descendant of Lizzy, well wouldn't you know it the girls decide to try to call to the spirit of Lizzy. The girls also play truth or dare in slinky clothing, as they slowly get wasted on alcohol. Apparently Lizzy Borden's ghost needs a body, and decides to take over Leslie Borden's body.

I really wanted to like Lizzie Borden's Revenge, but as a single location thriller it falls flat, as a ghost story it also is lukewarm at best. The actresses try their best to work meandering through the limiting source material, but ultimately it is the uninspired story-line that slows the film's impact to a crawl. None of the dialogue is particularly meaningful to the plot in Lizzy Borden's Revenge.

Jenny Allford does a decent job as Lizzie, and the movie opening is pretty cool, and includes a nice Brinke Stevens cameo as Lizzy Borden's mother, but the fact that the modern house is so well lit throughout Lizzy Borden's Revenge, there is just no jump factor, no stalking, nor an impact build-up to the film's climax.  Most of the time the girls hardly appear concerned, hell even I would be running  away if an ax murdering ghost in a host body is on the loose, even if said ghost is cute, adorable, and in the clothing off position.

Finally there is full frontal nudity in the film, this is a family blog, but I will mention there is no sexual contact, just one of the characters is walking around naked, as she is supposed to be Lizzie Borden in the host of Lesilie. Disjoint, and very tame for the subject matter, Lizzie Borden's Revenge rates as tepid 4 out of 10, a possible cable watch only.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fitness Expert Leigh Guda "Exclusive" Interview and Photos!

Above Pic: Leigh Guda working out at Maximus Den. All below Photos, except the cosplay one are exclusive and (C) 2013 Dee Jocson Photography. Visit his fantastic site @ All photos are desktop wallpaper sized, click to increase. To learn more about Maximus Den, work your browsers to:

Also check out this exclusive Dan's Movie Report Promo, filmed in 2012 by Jeff Centauri:

Way back in 2009, my first interview on Dan's Movie Report was martial artist Jovelyn Maria Minoza. Because I am writer and lover of action films, I feel that people outside film in the fitness and martial arts world also deserve credit, as these people often are the trainers of the actors, and strive for excellence. Thanks to Jeff Centauri, Leigh Guda came to my attention last year, her unique and action oriented approach to fitness, is inspirational and motivational, and needs worldwide exposure. Direct from the Philippines, inside her Maximus Den Fitness Center, comes Leigh Guda, read on as she chats in depth about her fitness, and personal dreams.

How did you get started with fitness? 

I started out as a dancer.. going to the gym was just a way for me to supplement my dancing and was a means for me to release stress from work as I was working as a dancer/choreographer for TV shows.

Did you always desire to be fit or was it a body transformation?

As a kid I was already fit.. I tried to imitate what my dad does to get fit.. he jogs, I jog.. he does pull ups, I do pull ups etc.. I want to keep my body always active.. that’s what makes me fit..

Describe a typical Leigh Guda work out.

Typical Leigh Guda workout would be a 4 days a week routine with muscle parts spread throughout the 4 days.. like I do legs in one days, chest and triceps on the second day, back and biceps on the third and shoulders on the 4th day.. then cardio on a Saturday as I teach dance aerobics at Maximus den during this day.. I do my abdominal workouts either Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays.. depending on my mood.

How did your fitness center Maximus Den materialize, was it a concept, collaboration with your husband?

When I was still working, I always thought of myself owning my own studio,  then I met my husband who is bodybuilder, when we got together, we shared our plans so I told him mine. He also had plans of putting up a gym, so there we put up MAXIMUS DEN which has the gym for weight training and a studio for dancing...

Interesting regarding the origins of Maximus Den. Having your own gym is exciting, what are some of the long term goals of Maximus Den?

Long term for MAXIMUS DEN hmmmmmm aside from continuing to help others to attain the body they want and be healthy and fit, we would want and wish and pray that MAXIMUS DEN would have branches spread throughout the country.. a long shot but we hope it comes true… aside from that maybe do like a MAXIMUS DEN apparel.. (shirts, shorts, jogging pants and other workout gears)

Back to workouts; Chat about the importance of changing up workout routines. How do you keep routines fresh.

Changing your workout makes the muscles wonder what you are going to do next.. by changing your routine, you confuse your muscles to grow, because when you do the same workout every time, your muscles get used to it thus no improvement will be seen. When you change routine, your muscle tends to get thicker, and tougher in order to compensate and adapt to the changes you are doing.. I usually change my routine by (1) varying weights like doing heavy or light with less rest in between (2) changing up the sequence of the exercises (3)changing up the intensity of workout (4) changing exercises for a body part (5) mixing up the sequence for days of exercises (6) doing super sets or giant sets.

Your level of fitness is quite impressive, do you have a favorite body part you like to work on?

I love doing legs, many others would try to skip leg day, but for me it’s the best day as it helps me burn a lot of calories and for me it’s the hardest body part to train (they say the hardest would give you the best benefits)  ;)

 Shifting focus to your thoughts on a bodybuilding question, females with huge muscles like body builders, what is your opinion on that?

I have nothing against females with huge muscles, actually I have female friends who are bodybuilders..i admire the effort and sacrifice they put in their daily routine in order to achieve that kind of body.. I love watching them, I admire them but I don’t think I want to get big like them...

How about diet, what are some of your Favorite foods, how about on cheat days sweet stuff?

With diet I try to stay away from fatty food, too salty and too sweet foods,  when I am preparing for a contest I go for a high protein, low carb diet, my carbs would come from high fiber foods like sweet potatoes  oatmeal and fruits.. cheat days hmmmm yeah… chocolates…. I love chocolates...

Pretty cool to see you have competed in a few fitness competitions, what made you want to compete in them?

Well at first, it was just for experience, an instructor from a gym where I used to train before asked me if I would want to join a bodybuilding competition.. I didn’t know anything about a bodybuilding competition but I said yes, that is when I got involved and got hooked in joining bodybuilding competitions with fitness category.

I have heard sometimes there is fighting or disagreements among competitors, have you witnesses in your experience?

Sometimes, but I don’t mind them, I found them funny.

Do you feel it is harder for a woman to be respected in fitness?

Respect, no… In my experience, I was accepted right away in the fitness world as one of the best as I always give a good show every time I step on stage, during my last competition I was the champion in BIKINI and FITNESS categories.

That is pretty cool, you are super fit, seem natural as a fitness competitor, shifting gears again, we chatted about cosplay in our past conversations.  How did you get interested in that realm?

I always wanted to play dress up, one of the members in our gym asked me why I don’t join cosplays, I told him I was interested so he introduced me to a group then there I became POWER GIRL and sometimes CHUN-LI in cosplays.

Who are some of your favorite characters, and future ones you want to do?

Catwoman, and Mystique.

I would love to see you as Mystique, that would display your power, let us wrap up the interview, as I know it is time for another intense and innovative Leigh Guda workout. What are some of your long term fitness goals, ever want to come to compete in US competitions?

I would enjoy competing in other countries in the future, would love to compete someday in international competitions like the Arnold’s Classic...

I hope to see you on an international stage soon, as you certainly deserve it. Anything else you want to add?

Just enjoy life while you have it, never regret the pain, that will make you stronger ;)

Thank you so Much Leigh, wonderful chatting with someone so full of life.

Thank you sir Danny.