Saturday, December 7, 2013

Army Of The Damned Movie Review

More indie madness on Dan's Movie Report.Army Of The Damned follows the cops of Salem County. A reality show about cops in the county is filmed, in a town where normally nothing happens. Sure enough, this time it does, two of the cops take a call about what they think is a domestic disturbance, and it turns out to be a gruesome murder scene.

The two cops first on the scene, Lawson () and Carpoza () come across the horrible scene and find an innocent, or at least she looks innocent girl at the scene. The other cops on the scene get there and soon it is discovered the girl has NO pulse.

Above Pic: Wrestler Tommy Dreamer and sweet Thea Trinidad go into the house of unspeakable horror in Army of the Damned!

Apparently the murdered victims do not stay dead but walk among the living with seaming normality until their eyes turn black. Army Of The Damned does a fairly decent job of building suspense, especially by not showing who is doing the killings, making the movie more entertaining to watch. Army Of The Damned is actually more of a slasher film than a zombie type film.

Surprising the acting is pretty good for a lower budget film with some inexperienced actors. David Chokachi Joey Fatone, and Tony Todd bring their knowledge to the production. The rest of the cast does a good job of adding interest in the film, which has some decent suspenseful parts.

Above Pic: Tony Todd is on the case!

Most of Army Of The Damned is filmed inside a house under renovation, keeping the scenery simple. The chairs and furniture are covered, save for some of the gruesome blood spatter peppered throughout the film. Violent and outlandish Army Of The Damned is a cool way to spend an hour and a half. Writer/Director  does a solid job, of keeping the film flowing, eliminating the normal boring spots that tend to appear in movies of the same genre. 

Overall liked Army Of The Damned and rate it a 7 out of 10, the Screen Media Production is available and recommend it as a buy or rent on Amazon, who has the film available now! Click Link:  

Point your browsers to: for more info on the film

Monday, December 2, 2013

Uwe Boll Launches "Restaurants Around The World With Uwe Boll" TV Show!

Restaurants Around The World With Uwe Boll, presents Uwe's favorite fine eateries. The show features behind the scenes information on the chef, cooking processes the establishment uses, and more. Very cool idea, from the prolific filmmaker.

Check out the Youtube videos @

On the official channel so far 14 separate videos of a wide variety of restaurants are featured.

Check out the Official Facebook Page for the show @

Follow on Twitter @

The Expedition Premieres New Footage At MCM Comic Con!

Check this out! New coverage of The Expedition on Dan's Movie Report!

We're very excited! So excited in fact that... well... we might burst! We premiered our first footage at this years MCM Comic Con event in BIRMINGHAM UK! The response to the footage was overwhelming! 

The film is now very close to completion, with the focus right now being on completing our Colour Grade, Visual FX elements and some final tweaks to the Sound Design! We expect to release a trailer for the movie very soon and we have some very exciting news on possible release dates, plans and our next appearance on the expo circuit in the pipeline, so as soon as those details are confirmed, we'll announce them to you!

We had a great day at MCM Comic Con, where over 3000 people visited our stand alone and over 500 people took part in our CREATURE EXPERIENCE, where they could have their photograph with one of the critters (courtesy of the awesome DAVE and his team of animal friends) super-imposed onto our rain forest background!

For more info on The Expedition, follow on Facebook @

Watch for further updates and exclusives from Dan's Movie Report in 2014!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

REFLEX Exclusive News and Photos! Brand New Stunt photos June 2014!

Update July 24th 2014! Exclusive Interviews with Ron Smoorenburg and Dean Alexandrou! 3-2-1-Go! 

Update 6-27-14: Brand New Reflex poster form Archstone Distribution!

Above Photos: (C) 2014 Jaika Stunts! 4 story fall! Bang!

Update June 14th 2014:

Still steeped in action production Reflex has the huge fight sequence with Ron and Dean currently underway, check out these amazing photos of Reflex (C) 2014 Jaika Stunts!

Update June 2014! Daniel Zirilli!  Daniel Zirilli is currently producing two feature documentaries, one is based on the Grapes Of Wrath by John Steinbeck featuring James Franco, and the other is based on the book "It's So Easy & Others Lies" by Guns N Roses founding member Duff McKagan
while rapping up the Reflex film he is directing in Thailand... Watch for more exclusives, interviews, pictures and videos from Reflex! 

Update May 2014!
Above photo: Brand New Poster for Reflex (C) 2014 Daniel Zirilli/Stunt Power/ Archstone Distribution!

Selina Lo!

Update May 2014: Film available for worldwide sale at Archstone Distrubution, in final stages of production!

New Trailer! 

New Exclusive photos!

REFLEX: The Movie - TRAILER, directed by Daniel Zirilli, starring Dean Alexandrou, Ron Smoorenburg, Selina Lo, Byron Gibson, DP Ross Clarkson, and Thanks to the rest of the Cast and Crew we will tag. PLEASE REPOST this one (instead of the old Temp one out previously... wires now removed, and color corrected by my man Jod Soraci!) Archstone Distribution is heading to CANNES to pre-sell while we head back to THAILAND to wrap it up and begin Post..... thanks to the Stunt Community in general, Jaika Stunts and Stunt Power Films and everyone pushing this tiny experimental Action film.

Get Ready for Action! Above Photo: Reflex Stunt! Ron Smoorenberg and Dean Alexandrou do a four story wire stunt! (C) 2013 Daniel Zirilli

New Exclusive Photo of Selina Lo on the set of Reflex! Click Below! 

Selina did a special exclusive Dan's Movie Report promo from Thailand on the set of Reflex @

Thai actress Zom Ammara (Ammara Siripong)(Chocolate, Kill 'Em All) has joined the cast of Director Daniel Zirilli's new action film REFLEX, starring Dean AlexandrouSelina Lo , and Ron Smoorenburg ...

Here is Zom Ammara with the one of the men from Jaika Stunt team!

REFLEX (written by Alexandrou) is about a man who is stuck in a repeating loop of time, and must explore and navigate his way through an Asian metropolis with chase scenes, fights, and falls, all ending in his death, until the last loop.. maybe... 

Daniel Zirilli most recently directed the action film Roadrun which is in post and previously directed Locked Down, Fast Girl and over 250 music videos. 

In addition the fantastic JaiKa Stunt team is also involved in the action on Reflex, follow them on Facebook @

The Action Elite has posted an exclusive video from the first day of production: 

Check out Dan's Movie Report exclusive interviews with Selina Lo and Zom Ammara 

Keep up to date with Zom and Selina on Facebook @ 


For Dean Alexandrou blast your browsers to:

Ron Smoorenberg Watch for way  more on him check out his blog @

Watch for the action of Charlie Ruedpokanon! He is a fantastic stuntman/action actor, check out his YouTube Channel!  He is also featured in Reflex! Crazy reel on 12-12-12!

Keep reading Dan's Movie Report for more exclusive news and photos from this exciting new project:

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Enemies Closer Movie Review

Honestly  I had no information about about Enemies Closer prior to watching the film. I usually enjoy watching films I know nothing about. This movie involves drugs and a ruthless, yet nature loving bad guy named Xander played by Van Damme. The movie opens up with border patrol agents searching for a plane that went down near an island, and drugs are suspected. Van Damme and his group pose as Royal Mounties and offer assistance, but in reality, they just wanted  the location that the plane went down. A huge fight breaks out and let me just state that Van Damme is the villian and the good guys are dispatched.

The movie progresses at a rapid pace, even though the audience is never clued in on the origins of the drugs or any other set up. The two other main characters are Henry park ranger with military experience portrayed by  and Clay () a man hell-bent on revenge because Henry got his younger brother killed.

Most of the action in Enemies Closer involves outside foot chase scenes and gun standoffs. There is some fighting, Van Damme engages in, but it is not the focus of the film. There is gun violence throughout, so be prepared as martial arts are definitely on the back burner in Enemies Closer

Sadly the dialogue in Enemies Closer is not good, and at times rather silly. Van Damme should have been given better lines, rather than spouting off about being a vegan before killing guys in cold blood. Running at barely 80 minutes until closing credits, the film wastes no time getting into the action, but because little is known about the characters, there is no impact or importance when one dies or a major event takes place.

A secondary role is filled by actress  who portrays Kayla. Her character is actually given depth even though she has limited screen time. Additionally  plays Sanderson, a colorful old man who lives in the forest, and just wants to be left alone.

Overall Enemies Closer was decent, but lacked depth and is one of those watch it and forget it films. I rate the film a 5 out of 10. I know how amazing Van Damme is, and Enemies Closer is not a great film for him to display them.

For more info on Enemies Closer go to the official Facebook page @

The film is available on Amazon @ 

Dateless Series Begins Production and Kickstarter Campaign!

As a writer on an independent site I get so many notices of Kickstarter Campaigns. Mostly I ignore them because I either don't know the main person involved, or I just don't believe in the project. A couple of weeks back I was informed by  about a project called DATELESS  

The series is a comedy in the vein of The Office meets The Dating Game.

Dateless is created by matchmaker Laura Bendixson who is also the executive producer (Facebook Link) Dateless is directed by Josh Hodgins 

The team has some cool ideas and set a small and reasonable opening budget at 9,200 dollars for 4 initial episodes.  The creative team is in place with full support and TV time will be available upon completion. Dan's Movie Report supports this project, and I look forward to seeing the first episode.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hellion and Ann Boleyn Prepare For Double CD Release! New Photos!

All the way back in the 80s, way, way back when I was a radio DJ and wrote for Zazz Magazine, I interviewed Ann Boleyn, and played Hellion all of the time.  

Click on above image for huge wallpaper sized photo! Exclusive limited edition 7 inch Screams In The Night! The single has never been played!

In fact, I am thanked on the "Screams in the Night" LP and was lucky enough to score several Hellion exclusives. The "Postcards From The Asylum" EP test pressing and Limited edition Screams in the night 7 inch have survived hurricane Andrew, and have come Up From The Depths! 

Above Pic: Postcards From The Asylum Test Pressing! Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Here is the exclusive clear Vinyl Screams In The Night LP! 

Keep reading Dan's Movie Report for future interview and CD review of the new Hellion in 2014! Ann  Boleyn and Hellion are back and ready to unleash more rage and energy to the masses, it is time for Screams in the Night once more!

Like the band on Facebook for more info:

Friday, November 22, 2013

Producer/Actress Kristanna Loken's New Film 'Fighting For Freedom', New Trailer, Website, And Photos!

As an independent writer and supporter of thought provoking films, I am quite impressed with the trailer of the Kristanna Loken's latest effort Fighting For Freedom. See Below for link:

The powerful film delves into the complicated situation of a three year old daughter of one of the Mexican workers nabbed I.C.E. officials because she is an illegal immigrant on a family fruit farm. 

Bruce Dern (Mr. Dobbs) and his estranged Daughter  Kristanna Loken (Karen) are forced to work together despite being on opposite ends of the political spectrum.

The film is a personal journey for Kristanna, as her father Chris Loken wrote the screenplay and helped produce the film. Fighting For Freedom is based on an actual story. 




For further information browse the following official sites:  Twitter

Official Websites for Kristanna:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bai Ling To Star In Provocative New Film! Plus Several Other New Projects!! New Photos!!

Above Pic: David Arquette and Bai Ling on  the set of "The Key"

Actress Bai Ling has been super busy filming the past several months working on a wide variety of films. Recently she completed principle photography on a sexy new film in the style of 50 Shades of Grey. A couple of her other films 'Yellow Hill', and 'The Gauntlet', are currently making the festival rounds, watch for them on DVD soon! For info on those films like their official FB pages @

Bai Ling has portrayed virtually every character imaginable, including Charlie Chaplin, Check out this wild picture below from her Facebook page! 
For the latest info, follow Bai Ling on all of her official websites, she is very active, and posts about all of her activities. Keep reading Dan's Movie Report, and watch for another exclusive interview with Bai in the coming months!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Safiya Releases "My Revelation" Enhanced CD Special Edition: News and Updates!

Above photo: CD cover for My Revelation, click image for wallpaper size.

Update: 6-7-14 Safiya has found touring musicians for her Summer tour! Dates and venue follow shortly! Also check out this catchy new Dance tune! 

Plasdance - Heartbeat (Hands Up Edit)

Update 5-21-14 Safiya looking for Keyboard player Germany!

An alle Keyboarder aus dem Rhein Main Gebiet, Frankfurt / Bad Homburg & Co !!!!!
On all keyboardist from Rhein Main, Frankfurt / Bad Homburg & co! :-) :-) :-) (Translated by Bing)
Like · ·

Update 5-14-14 Brand new tune from Safiya!  Obsession!

Update: 11-21-13:

SAFIYA is committed to the action "preventing violence - promote integration" and occurs with their songs at the event on November 22 in Recklinghausen.

Gewalt verhindern - Integration fördern:

Above photo: (C) 2013

Beautiful and talented Safiya has already released a couple of tracks off of her new CD and finally her My Revelation enhanced CD is ready to be released and can currently be ordered on Amazon in Germany @

The Enhanced CD contains 10 total tracks, various versions of the three new tunes. including the video for One Blood! The video for "One Blood" can be found in HD on YouTube @ Click video Link Above!

The Orient meets the Occident!
ONE BLOOD; a hit that flows through your veins! Mysterious, mystical, energetic & emotional in one breath. Safiya...A unique artist, with a charismatic aura. She'll not only fill up the dance floor with her self-penned song but touch your hearts with her velvety yet powerful vocals.
ONE BLOOD was produced by no one less than the international top producer Manuel Reuter (Cascada, R.I.O., Spencer & Hill ). The gigantic dance mix is the work of the hands up king DJ Gollum!
Whatever you do, don't miss it!

For More information on Safiya like on Facebook @
Full Website is:

Get it NOW ON: iTunes:
Buy the CD "Safiya - My Revelation" (Special Editon) on AMAZON:


Also Safiya has been in a a couple of wild indie films including Bloodrayne: The Third Reich with Natassia Malthe!

Her IMDB page is:

Watch for more amazing, and sexy cool stuff from her including a full interview for Dan's Movie Report in

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Daniel Zirilli Has 2 New Films in Production! "Reflex" and "Amontillado"! A 3rd film "Blunt Force" releases In Spring 2014

First up in the news: Daniel Zirilli has a few cool projects working: Currently shooting in New Orleans is his latest Poe film "Amontillado" starring Alex Lombard and Tom Sizemore.

 In addition Zirilli has teamed up with Dean Alexandrou and sultry Selina Lo for a film shooting in Thailand called Reflex. The film begins production in Thailand November  20th!

For More info on Dean go to his official website @

For more information on Selina kick your browsers over to her official FB page @

Speaking of Selina Lo, and Daniel Zirilli their latest film is "Blunt Force" The new film weaves tale about a downward spiral taken by a war hero, wrongfully committed to a mental institution. "Blunt Force" also stars Dan Henderson. Dean Alexandrou, James Lew and several others. Kick your browsers over to the official FB page @  Watch for "Blunt Force" to drop kick out in the spring of 2014!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Get Ready for "Streets Of Myth" To Go Live! Tonight! Exclusive! Zara Phythian! Photos!

Above Pic: Zara Phythian in Streets Of Myth! Click for wallpaper size! Go get it! You want a piece of her, well hell stand in line behind me! HAHA!

Greetings Fellow Dan's Movie Report Supporters! Get ready to have your ass kicked by the Z Factory! Zara Phythian! The U.K. Lady Dragon! I proudly support ass-kickery on screen world-wide!

In case you are unaware of Zara in action refer to this 2012 picture from Zaggora Fitness! A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive edit! Below! Click for Kicking wallpaper!


Birmingham, UK ­ 15 November 2013 ­ Zara Phythian and Beau Fowler go toe to toe in Enter
the Streets of Myth, an intense proof­of­concept short for Streets of Myth.
Streets of Myth is an ambitious web series set in an alternate­universe, contemporary
Birmingham, UK, where every neighbourhood is a fiefdom and every wrong look can end in

And everyone knows kung­fu.

Enter the Streets of Myth aims to give viewers a taste of what’s to come in the dramatic,
action­packed first season, coming in 2014.

The film is a portrait of two characters, each sent as champions from their respective districts,
each determined to win the day. Rather than let their simmering, long­standing feud explode onto
the streets, Aston and the Jewellery Quarter send fighters to battle it out in annual grudge
matches, each accompanied by no more than three other representatives of their
neighbourhood. While the two rivals can’t send any more people, these matches have, over the
years, become almost like county fairs for other districts, bringing people together to watch the

The Jewellry Quarter has walked away with bragging rights for the last few years thanks to their
champion, a young man as cynical and jaded as he is unbeatable. This year, Aston have tried
sending an unknown and untested new fighter to stand for them...

With contributions from some of Birmingham’s and the UK’s finest, including fight choreography
by Rx3 Fight Crew and appearances from rapper Mad Flow, breakdancer Colosseus, DJ
Silence, stunt crew SG Action and more, Enter the Streets of Myth is a vibrant, unique fight film
that packs more than your average six minute short!

Enter the Streets of Myth will be available at 9pm, Friday November 15th on our website at:
Keep up to date on all things Mythic, like when we launch a crowd­funding campaign to produce
our pilot episode, online at:


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hunger Games: Catching Fire Contest! Open to US Residents! November 13- 22nd 2013! Dan's Movie Report!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers! The biggest film of the year opens November 22nd! You guessed it! Hunger Games: Catching Fire! Well then it is time for a swag giveaway, for all things Hunger Games Related!

The contest is opening to U.S. Residents 18 years old or older, and the one (1)winner will receive the following:



movie poster

iPhone cleaner

iPhone dot and wristbands.

Making this really easy, nothing too complicated, tell me why you need these items! This contest runs for a very limited time, only until November 22nd! Post your reason below, with email address, "will remain private", be a fan, and be creative! 

ALL POSTS WILL BE PRIVATE! AS I Judge the entries, I will not post your email or info or entry! SO far I have 5 people wanting it! as of 11-15-13! 

Catching Fire Movie Trailer:

Disclaimer: These prizes are being provided, by the studio, and in exchange for this post, I am receiving a prize pack. The opinions on this post are my own.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dragon Lady, Starring Jade Xu! Photos and Info!

Brand new film starring Wushu Champion Jade Xu!  The martial arts film entitled  Dragon Lady will be produced next year.

Plot: Ancient forces clash in the present when a Chinatown prostitute must go on the run from a Shaolin monk on a mission to kill her because she's the reincarnation of the Dragon who killed his ancestors.

Jade Xu will take on dual roles in the film written by  and directed by . Dragon Lady will be produced by:   with New Palace Films
Also starring in the film is Bai Ling, who will play the Shaolin Monk named Li.
Director of Action will be David Torok.  Check out the 2011 Interview on Dan's Movie Report with Bai @

Jade Xu also starred in Thai Chi Zero, watch for more of her!

Like the film on Facebook @

Follow the film on Twitter @

Follow Dragon Lady on  Twitter @

Like Jade on her official Facebook Page

Dragon Lady promises full force martial arts action, watch for more exclusives in 2014 on Dan's Move Report!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dracano Movie Review

Once again valued Dan's Movie Report readers, a trip to low budget theater. Popcorn, check, comfy chair, check, and time for liftoff! On the heels of perhaps one of the more wild titles and indie films of all time, Sharknado, in which a tornado full of sharks is unleashed, comes Dracano! What is Dracano? Read the description!

Professor Simon Lowell () developed the technology known as K.R.O.N.O.S.  is a project developed to harness the energy of a volcano, by capturing the magma chamber, and dispersing the energy. Lowell is in the middle of giving a lecture at the university he works for when a volcano erupts, he puts his plan into action.

This Dragon has a taste for hot blonde girls! HAHA! Petra is on the menu!

One of his grad students Petra () is working on the sequencing near Mt. Baker to deploy the instruments and as the volcano erupts, she is close to the blast zone. Bang, not magma spews out , but um, wait for it, DRAGONS! Yes I said DRAGONS, dammit, I said DRAGONS!. Poor Petra is um, "dragonized", and fade to title! 

Along for the ride for this masterpiece of twisted scientific wonder, is Lowell's Daughter, Heather, played by () and fellow professor Carla Simms () The three flee into the desert, to escape threats, after his program was shut down following the mishap. Lowell, is desperate to search for answers. Professor Simms is at his side helping him. Pratt, Faith, and Nemec do a solid job here, as the three are the main focus for the majority of the film.

Carla shares a nice smile! As Victoria Pratt says on her twitter: "Fluffy, Blonde Land Mammal" is her description, I agree, very fluffy, and a blonde. 

The rest of the film is spent trying to figure out how to contain the dragon apocalypse. Expect humor, even more bizarre science, and more DRAGONS! How to save the world? How many dragons? Where do these dragons hang out, say on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Finally, what is the story of the volcano system? Watch Dracano, and trust me, you will learn everything possible about the intricacies of dragons and the magma chambers!

Wild science, dragons, gruff military personnel, probing news media, not a bad way to spend 90 minutes. The action in Dracano moves along at a decent clip, and the acting is decent. I  recommend Dracano, a 7 out of 10. 

For some fun, follow Victoria Pratt on Twitter, she is not only active, but has a great sense of humor! @

Currently the film is available on Amazon as a region 3 DVD.

Order Below: