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Wolf Warrior 2 (2017) Movie Review, A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Above photo: Poster from Well Go USA Facebook Page

Wolf Warrior 2- Movie Review A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Fresh on the heals of the American film Atomic Blonde, Wolf Warrior unleashes hell on screens in the U.S. Although different kinds of films Wolf Warrior 2 develops a story and the audience cared about the characters. Celina Jade plays a doctor who is in the middle of a quarantine zone and her world is turned upside down when rebels (Isis style fighters without the black) come to over throw the government and create chaos.

The film was partly shot in Africa, and the location added the heart and soul of human suffering and poverty. Wu Jing befriends a young African child and vows later in the film to rescue his mom from a factory cut off from civilization by the rebels. Again, the development of secondary characters is really important for the enjoyment of the film and unfolding of the story. 

Above: My actual ticket for 'Wolf Warrior 2', was well worth the 80 mile round trip, as was showing only one county over!

The villains although not developed like out heroes were really relentless, my hot take was Heidi Moneymaker! Oh My god Heidi, usually relegated to stunts or one minor hit here or there has several kick ass action sequences including a fight with Wu Jing! Guilty pleasure, haha, Heidi is amazing her skill level is like 23 on a scale of 10 (Watch for our 3rd yes I have done two interviews already, but with the release of her book The Balanced Warrior, John Wick 2 and Wolf Warrior 2 holy hell it is time for a new chat! Two Interviews from Heidi one in 2016 and 2015.

Celina Jade breathes life into her character, yeah it kills me she does not have any fight scenes but as Wu Jing says when Celina picks up a weapon “You are here to save lives not take them.” Celina is given a meaty role chalk full of heartfelt lines and emotions. After being first on earth to review 'April Flowers'. I can hope that more movie screens are graced with her lovely presence. She is so kind in person and I really enjoyed our lengthy first interview. Please check out the first interview:
Promo fpr Dan's Movie Report:

The action was so over the top, I looked at the eyes of others in the theater and the were open like saucers when Wu Jing stopped a RPG with a freaking web of barbwire and no not Pamela Anderson!
Deft fights, clever stunts with tanks Wolf Warrior 2 had some supercharged action. Action Actress Sarah Chang did a couple of scenes of doubling for Celina Jade in a helicopter crash sequence it was really cool. I feel that Sam Hargrave really worked hard on the action and as good as some of the sequences that Atomic Blonde had, this was yep I will say it really better, way better. Now the two long fight scenes in Atomic Blonde were amazing but the rest of the film tepid. Wolf Warrior 2 was bonkers, just imagine more bullets than Rambo, and almost as many fights as kill bill, with a cool story. Watch for the amazing and talented Aaron Toney, as a villain and crafting the fights!

Yeah it was a tad long, at 2 hours with that much action it was like the audience as they were leaving looked drained. There was decided Chinese nationalism, but that goes with the political landscape. As usual when watching theatrical films I stay for the credit,s and must commend all involved and kudos go to Well Go USA for releasing this in the theater in the US! Hell the action was just too much for small screen. At the AMC the volume was turned up to probably turned up to 11 out of 10 like Spinal Tap minus the mini Stone Henge!

Wolf Warrior 2 is damn amazing, 30 lashes and a real ass kicking from Heidi if you do not see this in the theater. The film rates an 8 out of 10! Tanks, Tanks for the memory! Wolf Warrior 2 has perhaps the most epic tank sequence ever as they are shot up, blown up, blown sideways, and tipped over!

Finally, I Implore all action film fans to support theatrical and home video releases of Well Go USA!
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The company is putting in major work to bring strong action and great storytelling from all over the earth to the USA!

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The Chase (2016) Movie Review & Director Ivy Liao Spotlight, A Dan's Movie Report Exclusive!

Above poster: The Chase from IMDB

Greetings valued readers of Dan's Movie Report. Ever since the screening of Ivy Liao's award nominated short 'The Chase' I have been put on high alert to this incredibly gifted young film maker. A UCLA student, Ivy has propelled herself to the forefront of art and grace with her astute eye for story telling through proper technical and physical ideas. 'The Chase' is a mind bending trip in which a young woman is basically tormented throughout a huge house and we find out poof she is nothing more than a doll! Unflinching, unrelenting and bold. The use of tense music coupled with shadowy lighting and lensing techniques allow'The Chase' to boldly tell a tale of terror, with undulating verisimilitude and serious pain.

Ivy's selection of the very sweet and innocent looking actress Beijo Lee to play 'girl' allows the audience a look inside her mind, the fear and pain is real! Ivy here really directs the young Beijo to show not only fear, but pensive emotion, not knowing what is coming next.

The Chase played at many festivals in 2016 and will propel Ivy's career forward. Overall 'The Chase' rates a 8.5 out of 10 it is damn amazing. Ivy has skills and an eye for flare at a young age. Finally the entire film is online for your viewing pleasure @

Her latest effort is a cool little film with the up and coming contortionist Gana
she has several really cool videos dedicated to her flexibility and talent.

Going from the newest video an amazing bow act using feet to shoot the arrow

Ivy filmed the talented lady in a full performance video showcasing her talent and skill with the lighting and mood. Her performance video is on Vimeo @

The nearly 3 minute video showcases the talents of all involved with majestic lines of body art testing the limits of human performance. Ivy nails the mood and Gana displays raw power throughout the performance, both are ones to watch in the future!

Credits for The Art of Contortion:

Starring: Ganchimeg Oyunchimeg
Director: Ivy Liao
Director of Photography: Hudson "Bubba" Southey-Gordon
Assistant Director: Brian Sharp
Assistant Camera: Janae Marable
Gaffer: Madison Vail
Production Designer: Kaylee Huffman
Dolly: Benjamin Lee
Composer: Andy Tan
Special Thanks: David Maquiling, Adriana Rotaru, and Paul Luigi 

Above: Ivy from IMDB attending film festival red carpet for screening of 'The Chase'

Keep reading Dan's Movie Report for more exclusives on the amazing Ivy Liao, as she continues on her journey of self discovery and human awareness.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Boyka: Undisputed 4 (2016) A Netflix Review! Dan's Movie Report

Screen Cap of Netflix! Boyka!

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, today Boyka 4 is unleashed on many platforms! I have been very supportive of Mr. Adkins since the early days of my site back in 2009, and his latest effort does not disappoint.

Mr. Adkins has long been an advocate for the action genre, and implores his fans to obviously buy his films. I actually bought his "Most Complete Fighter Shirt" as some money was for charity. I think Mr Adkins is a very powerful force in the action world and Boyka: Undisputed adds a humanistic element to his amazing prowess.

Waxing long, wasting copious words, and more importantly spoiling the plot of films is just not my style. Let the movies do the talking! Adkins last released film 'Savage Dog' represented a huge step in the right direction adding more human story to the bloodbath of carnage.

Boyka: Undisputed opens with Boyka killing a man in the ring after he told him to stay down. What follows is a story of redemption, and personal journey. He seeks out the wife of the man he killed to pay off her debt to the mob. The film did not waste time on sappy love stories yet still manages to allow the viewers to be engaged in the characters. You feel for the wife who owns a center for  underprivileged kids, the human interest story does not need to force a love story to have real impact

I had the fortune of interviewing two prominent people in Boyka: Undisputed long before they were in this film. Nice to see them in action on screen. Please check out my interviews with Tim Man and Brahim

Tim Man:

He is forced to fight three fights to pay off the debt but then more is added on, that is kind of the reveal. So I will not spoil the story. What can be said of Boyka: Undisputed is how damn good the action and clear the filming is! We see and feel each hit.The fights are long and well thought out. The execution of the action is a real standout. At times cameras can be too close or too shaky to show the fighting and movements properly, not the case at all in Boyka: Undisputed.

Overall this movie is worthy of a purchase even if you are not into the fight and action films. I wanted to watch on Netflix, as 4k upstream resolution is rather amazing and so clear, anyway you watch it, make sure you do so and continue to support Mr. Adkins and his quest to keep underground action alive.

Overall Boyka: Undisputed rates a solid 8.5 out of 10 it is just that damn good!

Buy now on Amazon!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Death Fighter (2017) Movie Review

Above photo: Poster from IMDB

Death Fighter (AKA-White Tiger) Review --Reviewed By Danny Templegod

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers. This film was originally called White Tiger and has been in what I shall call release limbo for such a long time, I actually never thought it would see the light of day. Being this is the last film Joe Lewis ever did along with Kill 'Em All with Tim Man and Zom Ammara, I was quite interested in seeing it. My friends Cynthia Rothrock and Don 'The Dragon' Wilson have been telling me how cool the experience it was to shoot this film and seeing Rothrock as a villain is a cool site! A far departure from her sweet innocent, yet tough as nails loyal good guy roles.

The film opens with a kick ass foot chase sequence in a tropical forest in Thailand, then whisks away to the city where we then see Joe Lewis and his partner sneak up on a illegal transaction and the real action begins. I must admit, Cynthia Rothrock is one of my all time favs in action and she is back kicking some real ass in this film!

The acting overall is a bit uneven with some of the minor characters. Don Wilson's character is really brutal and kick ass to watch. I do not want to spoil the plot but let us just say Joe, art imitates life.

Death Fighter rolls on with the search for the illegal gold mining operation, through lush and very hot forests deep in the jungles of Thailand. Matt Mullins as Michael Turner, is cool level headed, and entertaining to watch.

Actually having no clue what to expect from this film, it has a heartfelt story when in the quest for the illegal gold mining operation the team comes across a refugee camp. Trying to add a air of humanity to a straight story of revenge instantly makes the audience actually care about the characters.

Thai newcomer Chiranan Manochaem really kicks some ass in acting and in fighting as Yui. She gets in on the action. Her intense facial expressions, and underlying power bring the film to a higher emotional plane then most action flix of late. Another thing, 'Death Fighter' takes time on the slower parts to develop characters even on the fly.

“Sometimes it takes a stubbern tiger like you to get a reluctant lion like me to fight, and you're white” basically sums up the movie and probably why it was called 'White Tiger' Initially. Don Wilson makes the statement and the final third of the film is an all out assault on Draco's (Gigi Velicitat ) encampment

This is balls up, out and sideways action! Not only do bullets fly, many don't miss! Whoa! I thought the action and tense mood was built up by the action and suspenseful music, yet not over the top.

Overall 'Death Fighter' is pretty damn fun, has repeat watchablity a must own and 7.5 out of 10. We get some really cool action with interesting characters. Actually the film is available now on Amazon!

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tapado: Fight For Justice! Filming underway! (Exclusive)

Teaser poster of film--Above

Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report readers, Sarah Chang, Leigh Guda, and Jeff Centuari report that production has commenced on 'Tapado: Fight For Justice' ~ Watch this space for more details!

Above Cast and Leigh Guda training for her first role! Get action in!

The Vincent Soberano film promises full force action! Speaking of Leigh Guda, she is a personal trailer and owner with her husband of Maximus Den Gym, I had the pleasure of chatting with her a few years back on this exclusive interview!

Leigh did this kick ass promo EXCLUSIVELY for Dan's Movie Report filmed by the amazing Jeff Centauri!

The film recently had a live announcing press conference and has also set up an official Facebook Page:

Watch for more exclusively on Dan's Movie Report! Including interviews with Leigh, Sarah Chang and more!