Saturday, June 2, 2012

Continuum TV Series Review (A Stitch in Time (#1.1)

Above Pic: Cast Photo on Continuum from Facebook Page.

Continuum tells the story of detective Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) who is transported in the past to 2012 chasing a ruthless gang of criminals who will eventually form a terror organization in her own time of 2077. Continuum is an amalgamation of parts of Judge Dredd, Timecop, and a bit of the look of Blade Runner. In fact elements are thrown in from several other movies and TV shows, but there is so much originality and action in continuum, the ideas bleed out fresh and smooth. Also since the technology is only one way, Kiera is also looking for a way back to her own time to be with her loving child and successful husband.

Sexy, talented, and upbeat, Rachel Nichols is the star and she has a commanding screen presence in continuum, not afraid to show her vulnerable side, yet when need to mix it up she can pulse blast a felon or inject him. Kiera encounters a thug on a subway train and makes the arrest, but rather than taking him to jail, he is injected with a poison that forces him to turn himself into the pokey!

Interestingly enough, the technology Kiera is using: clothes that can change form, even becoming fashionably forward and bullet resistant, in brain cortex display and advance auto-location facial recognition equipment, will probably be available in the next 50-60 years. The series creators try their best to keep the hi-tech stuff futuristic yet having elements of today's technological development.

There are copious amounts of tense action in Continuum. Some of it is green screened, but the series has a highly polished, professional feel, slick and polished. There are explosions, chases, some fighting, a lot is thrown into the first episode. Rachel can handle the action, and has glorious fun doing it.

Once in 2012 Kiera calls for help on her future transceiver, and finds a young teen in a barn working on an experimental frequency, is the only one actually able to hear her. It turns out he is in the early stages of developing the technology. Keira also finds a sympathetic 2012 police officer played by Victor Webster, so she does at least have a bit of help tracking the gang down.

Ok No more info, no more spoilers, check out this sci-fi blast of coolness! I really like opening episode "A Stitch in Time" and rate Continuum an 8 out of 10. Creator Simon Barry gives the audience solid opening episode and sets the premise for the new series. Currently it is only available on Canadian TV on Showcase, but blast your Browsers over to the official site and maybe check out a few clips @

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adam Shankman Interview (New Rock of Ages Set Photos!)

Above Pic Credit: – ©

Adam Shankman, Director of Rock of Ages, has taken time out of his busy schedule this past week to do a series of once, sometimes twice a day twitter interviews. No, these interviews are not with the big media, on private message, they are with the fans, and also independent bloggers who might have one or two questions to ask regarding the production of Rock of Ages. Interestingly enough, they seem to be more perspicacious and intuitive than the mainstream media asks. Because Adam, and most of the cast have a keen understanding of social media, Rock of Ages is truly a movie for the fans.

There is a premiere of the film upcoming on the Warner Studio Lot in LA on Saturday June 2nd. The screening is open to the public for a charitable donation to The Trevor Foundation. Rock your browsers to this link for more info:

Adam has confirmed that the movie was trimmed down and edited for the theatrical release and that there will be a director's cut. All of the questions and answers are available on his twitter account.

A couple of the more insightful questions are:

": @adammshankman If you could pick a female and male actor you wld love to work with who would it be?" Clooney, Winslet

 : how did you get into directing? Was it a long term plan?" NO. IT HONESTLY WAS AN ACCIDENT. JUST HAPPENED.

I asked two questions, one of them has vanished into the Twitter Ether! Haha, but I remember it.

 : How did you like filming on Hollywood Beach? Hollywood, FL!?" That was first day! Most amazing ever!

Was the Hard Rock live set the most fun you have ever had on a set?

Yes! That and I liked the main set on Hairspray.

Twitter seams to be the wave of the future, the comments are limited in size, but many of the stars and directors tweet quite regularly.

All of the main cast in Rock of Ages are extremely active in the Twitterverse! Find out more about the film and their inner thoughts, desires and insights to their activities.
Adam Shankman:!/adammshankman
Julianne Hough:!/juliannehough
Diego Boneta:!/DiegoBoneta
Tom Cruise:!/TomCruise
Malin Akerman:!/MalinAkerman

Incidentally Malin Akerman will be playing Deborah Harry in the upcoming Bio-op film! She kicks ass, honest, often acerbic, yet never boring, the perfect choice!

 For those dumb asses who think Tom Cruise cannot rock, check out this brand new promo pic of Cruise directly from the Warner Bros studio! This was live at the Hard Rock Live concert set in Hollywood, FL!

Watch the young guns Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta Rock! Check out this pic from Warner Bros Studio:

A bit of inside information: The above shot was from filmed at Club Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale, the production rented the two story club for one month in mid 2011!. Exteriors will filmed in Overtown, (an area near downtown Miami), as they turned a five block area into 1985 Hollywood Strip! Clomplete with tower records, and the Burbon Room. Many interiors were used in Overtown as well.Yeah Hollywood, comes to FLA! Also a full sized one to one ratio model of the Hollywood sign was built on a place affectionately known as MT. Trashmore, yeah our trash is growing. This is an area Appx. 15 miles north of the city of Ft. Lauderdale. Actually, this is, all be it artificially, the highest point in South Florida! Quite simply, the greatest location scouting ever!

 Get Ready to Rock! 6-15-12!

For more info Blast, pound, and shred your browsers over to the official site @

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Apache Sniper will be unleashed!

Update 2014: This project is officially cancelled, I leave the post up only for reference only, as a stark reality of the fact not all concepts make it to reality,

As a writer and supporter of underground films, I find it fascinating the creative ways people come up to push their new project.
Above Pic: From Official Facebook Page of Apache Sniper

S.A.G. Actress Karuna Sun, who happens to be Florida based, is working on a concept of violence, mayhem and pain. Needless to say I am all in! She will play the title character, and promises to bring the fight home! If there is any hand to hand fighting and stunt doubles are used, I hope Ming Qiu can be called in for the action!

The premise is:  "Apache Sniper, a movie about Kim Dong, a female sniper who interrogated and tortured U.S. soldiers to death in the Vietnam War."

I like the fact that she is looking to do this S.A.G. for leads, and want experienced people to handle the more difficult underwater sequences. Of course a local cast will be used for background. Quite an ambitious project. Check this Out!

 ****CASTING ...... CALL ****

Ok people listen up, need 4 Actors to play Seal team members. yes, you have to be dive qualified. we will be in the Open Ocean when we film the scene and have two boats pull up. I need qualified divers ONLY, I will check your credentials before casting you. Again, we will be in the open ocean and there is no room for mistakes. I don't need dead people, wannabe's or people who want to bob up and down for the camera. I'm Dead serious on This ....Please email me at for consideration... and in case anyone is wondering, Scott Rutherford will be driving his own boat in Sorry, his boat his rules....

The Official Facebook page is already set up @

Some very cool ideas, should prove an interesting project to bring the action, and violence on film that is, haha to the South Florida area, as it is a natural with the copious amounts of water we have and extreme heat. 

Below is a professional pic of Karuna with a nice black dress on from her Official Facebook Page

Rev Bob Levy Interview (Exclusive) (C) 2012 Dan's Movie Report

Above image, Rev Bob Levy at The Funky Buddah, in Boca Raton, Florida

Sardonic and acerbic are two excellent words to describe Rev Bob Levy, mainly because I am sure he will have no idea what they are! His comedy is irreverent, yet timely, spur of the moment, feeding off the audience in a clever, often biting way. When one attends a Levy live performance, it will be different every time.

As a man outside of the stage of the comedy realm Levy always looks for ways to build-up rather than tear down his fellow comedians. He has assisted young comics on the now famous Killers of Comedy tour. The man is way different offstage than on.

Recently Bob took the big plunge and moved from N.J. to South Carolina to be a part of the Skip Church Radio show 9AM to 1PM  M-F. Blast your comedy browsers to the link for more info how to listen:

With out further ado I present the, the one, the only, the intellectual giant, cunning linguist, man who hates Lebron, yet has a dog named Lebron, Rev Bob Levy.

Just a bit of background, What made you get into comedy and not become a shoe salesman or elementary school janitor?

It was a way for me not to go to Jail! No Asshole, I did not want to become a shoe salesman

Name a few of your favorite influences, comedy wise, acting wise, and just plain wise guys. Mine is Al Capone! HAHa

I respect Robert Deniro, because he is a trailblazer. Bob proceeded to tell me that this question is my failed attempt at humor.

On to the meat of the matter, We all know what happened with your departure from Sirius Radio, was there one event that you think lead to it? if so what was it?

I threatened someone in the building, it was taken seriously. (As a funny side comment, the inter view was done live on Levy's internet show, someone asked what other building have you been banned from. I had to mention library! )

Upstate New York, do you regret making the attempt to move there or was it a learning experience? (Bob moved there for a job, which did not work out long term)

Every place I go is a learning experience. You cannot know unless you go to the new location.

I love internet streaming radio shows, What made you decide to do your own show through Stickum?

It, allows me to have full creativity, and work out live material as my shows can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. I plan to keep the internet show going on Sundays and a few other times even though I have the full time gig with Skip Church Radio

How is the comedy pilot writing coming along, any takers for scripts you have written?

My writing is going good, the networks only want the reality shows now. I have plans to put all of my comedy buddies like Artie, Nick, and Colin in the show when the time comes.

Now that you have been on the air a week in South Carolina, how do you like of the new surroundings, how does Chrissy like it, how about Lebron and Chloe?( His Dogs) Would you stay even if the radio show was cancelled?

Chrissy loves it, we have more space, people are not living on top of one another, Lebron and Chloe have room to explore. Yes we really like the area. (Someone in the chat room room mentioned that it was his favorite place to live for two months until he is fired or moves on. HA, actually this time I believe BOB, his new area is really nice.)

What pisses you off about the comedy business?

Absolutely nothing.

What are your favorite aspects of the Comedy Business?

Allows for creativity, freedom to work when I want to, keeps me out of jail.

Is this interview taking to long?

Yes Asshole lose my freakin number, i never want to do another one of your moronic  stupid interviews again, you are wasting my damn time!

What are your comedy goals for the rest of 2012 and beyond?

To continue being creative, settling into my new surroundings, and to avoid doing any more dumb interviews with you!

Follow Bob on twitter @!/TheRevBobLevy
Main Home Page is

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ghost Recon: Alpha Movie Review

Above Pic: Truck driver begs for his life. Don't be a WUSS, get this film!

Before starting this review, just want to throw out there that I do not play any of the video games. In some ways, I think this fact make me really enjoy this short 25 minute blast of military insanity even more. This film is a perfect watch this Memorial Day!

Like a Poe story the viewer is thrust straight into the undulating action. Ghost Recon: Alpha opens with a small group of covert soldiers following a military truck to an abandoned Russian Military Base. One soldier is perched up high, a few on the ground. The soldier's Jeep pulls out in front of the larger truck and the action just flails out from there. Bullets fly fast and furious, watch for a couple of cool Terminator style toys near the end! I do not want to spoil any more plot points as this is such a short film, thus the short review.

Above Pic: Sometimes you have to just blow Sh*t up!

Everything about this short film is top notch. The background environment conveys a stark sense of impending ominous reality. The stark ambient scene lighting sets the mood in the same way a real battle would take place, like a slight haze over the area. There is not much dialogue, but when it happens, listen closely, not only for the military speak, but for plot points, as the movie leads to the new Game.

Above Pic: This is definitively not WWI battle gear, aim for the head, after facial recognition!

Overall I give Ghost Recon: Alpha a 7.5 out of 10, very well done a must watch. I kind of wish it were about 5 minutes longer to show a bit more set-up, but this film is setting up the new Clancy action game: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.