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Routine (2020) Movie Review © 2021 Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod


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Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report and Action-Flix readers, across my desk today comes the newest short film from Russ Emanuel called 'Routine'. The short is meant as a prequel to a feature length film. Russ is a world builder and a visionary in independent film making. 'Routine' has the makings of perhaps something more than a stand alone movie, maybe even a Netflix series.

As far as the synopsis: During a mysterious pandemic, Cassie's quarantine life has turned into a routine, day in and day out. Nothing new seems to happen, until she realizes she's out of coffee. And she's determined to get her cup of joe, even if she must face the horrors of the outside world. Because "she'd kill for a cup of coffee."

The film follows a young lady named Cassie and her life during the pandemic. I must say actress Paige Laree Poucel embodies confidence and she gets ready to face the day, gun in hand. The 4 and a half minute short, is merely a set up of things. She has a cool personality and seemingly is prepared to take on any challenges. I think that Paige is ready to breakout and establish herself.

The movie is well staged from a behind the scenes standpoint. The lighting, sound, music and camera work allow for the viewer to be placed in the moment. A very cool comic book style closing sequence shows an eye to detail, and allows viewers to imagine what is to come. Russ Emanuel and his Russem Productions are producing and Russ is directing. Writer Emile Haris has an slow burn feel, allowing the viewers to watch events unfold rather than throw them in our faces.

The cleverness and world of possibilities make for an intriguing blast of action to come. Watch for a feature length film from Russ coming in 2022 called 'Staycation' Overall, I enjoyed this short, and await the feature and beyond, 'Routine' rates a strong 7.5 out of 10.

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Friday, April 16, 2021

Vixen (2018) Movie Review © 2021 Dan's Movie Report - Danny Templegod (Rest in Peace Max Repossi)


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Greetings valued Dan's Movie Report, Action-Flix, and The Action Elite readers. It is with a heavy heart I mention the passing of Max Repossi. To honor his short but memorable 33 years on Earth, I purchased his 2018 film called 'Vixen'. Producer Bey Logan told me what an amazing man he was, full of life and energy, he said “I still am processing what is happening”. 'Vixen' is an take on the Die Hard series of films with one single person, in this case a single female Chinese police woman. Actress Lie-ri Chen plays Lee, her small slight frame is a dichotomy to the guile and power she possess. Like S.S. on 'Under Siege', or John McClane in 'Die Hard', she has to navigate the halls of a huge structure in search of the terrorists that kidnap leaders!

The formula still works, now with many films choosing to go the car chase and such, the entire movie stays in the building thus adding to the tension. The action is really well planned, some parts are pensive some full on crazy. There is a mixture of guns and fights so the flow is smooth.

Above Max Repossi in a cool stance! All rights reserved to photographer image for promotional use only.

Director Ross W. Clarkson and writer Bey Logan craft an entertaining 88 minute film devoid of filler, rising above the more typical girls with guns standard. Max Repossi plays a dual character which you have to see, no spoilers. Once again his dialogue, though dubbed, and acting are crisp and clean. Max is also an assistant stunt coordinator on the film along with Bruce Zhang Watch for a cameo from Bey Logan as well!

Special mention goes to camera operator Guo-Ping Zhong and cinematographer Ross W. Clarkson the film is shot in a clean environment the fights are easy to make out, no crazy shaky cam, and the actors are well framed in the scenes.

Creativity points are gained on the unique ways Lee disposes of the terrorists, plus she also takes damage, so pain is shown, you know haha, kind of like a real fight! The acting is decent and no weak people dragging the film down, everyone seems ready for a tussle! David Johnson Wood plays the main Mercenary Commander, he is a bad guy and he makes sure the viewers realize this!

The entire production crew worked hard for the result:

Cathy Du


supervising producer

Bey Logan



James Nan



Elizabeth Yang


executive producer

He Zhi



Overall I rate the film a must watch, 7.5 out of 10. It is currently now on IMDB Movies as a FREE selection, or like I did you can purchase or rent the film on Vimeo! The release is from Shanghai Pictures and The Chinese Movie Channel


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Finally, take a few moments to celebrate Max's life and watch his last acting reel :