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Actress Melanie Merkosky Interview, Exclusive!! (C) 2013 Dan's movie Report.

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The recent rise in popularity of web series content on the internet has paved the way for many talented stars to hone their craft while climbing the ladder to success. Canadian born actress Melanie Merkosky, who stars in the Continuum Web Series, is a on the fast track to stardom with her tough, yet vulnerable character of Regaen, a woman adrift aboard a spaceship. Adding complications, her character has amnesia, she does not remember, why she is there or what her mission is. Melanie has a diverse take on the movie industry and also discusses her upcoming projects. Sit back my esteemed readers, grab a drink, and enjoy the intellectually talented Melanie textually coaxing you into interview nirvana.

Acting in your blood from childhood, or developed later?

Well, performing definitely. My first professional acting job was when I was seven. But I think acting developed as part of a natural chain of events. I was an ‘active’ kid and my parents started me in ballet when I was three, from there it just kind of snowballed into many different styles of dance, classical singing… I attended an extracurricular performing arts school where I got to train in all sorts of different stuff- I eventually got a nice career going with musical theatre, which then segued into acting for film and TV.

Do you have a favorite genre of film to watch, act in?

I mean… I really do love Sci-Fi. ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ is one of my all time favorite movies. Over the last few years I’ve entered into a love affair with Indie film. Mostly, I’m compelled by stories that are character driven- I love a strong, complex character that helps me learn something about myself- whether it’s a role that I’m playing or if I’m watching it.

Speaking of sci-fi, I am curious what you think of the Canadian TV show Continuum with Rachel Nichols?

I really like it! I think that it’s an entertaining and well conceptualized show. I think Rachel Nichols is quite good- I enjoyed her work on ‘Alias’. Also, I’m Canadian so I love supporting Canadian TV. Plus, it’s rad that this show is set in Vancouver- one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Blake Calhoun's web series Continuum season 2 just began airing, any surprises or insights to your Raegen character?

I don’t want to give too much away, but there will be plenty of surprises! Blake’s a pretty clever guy- the cliffhangers at the end of each episode just get more and more intense. Raegen is an interesting character. She’s tough. One of the cool things about this show is that because she has no memory the audience learns about Raegen at the same time she learns about herself!

Back to the topic of sci-fi films. In general do you enjoy the more cerebral sci-fi films such as Prometheus or the action oriented ones, maybe chat about the few that you like?

Well, I already mentioned 2001… and I liked the original ‘Alien’ better than ‘Prometheus’. But yes, I think that I like the more cerebral ones the best. ‘Blade Runner’ I think is a good combo of action and intellect. That movie tripped me out when I was a kid!  2019 seemed soooooo far away. ‘ Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ is also one of my favorites. During the summer the Hollywood Forever Cemetery screens movies on the side of the mausoleum, and you can bring a picnic and sit on the lawn and watch… they played Close Encounters on my birthday a couple of years ago. It was awesome.

Beyond just sci-fi, you seem to have a diverse taste for movies, is there any genre of film that appeals to you the most or is it more on an individual film basis?

Yeah it's more of an individual basis. Some films I fall in love with the amazing characters. Sometimes I fall in love because the story really resonates. Sometimes the DP has done an such an exquisite job and the film looks so beautiful I fall in love with it. I just love storytelling. All of it. Film Snobs bother me- I don't like to be judged as a person based on what my favorite movie is. My favorite movie changes daily!

Above Pic: Sexy Melanie in Continuum (C) 2011 Blake Calhoun, Dan's Movie Report Exclusive Screen.

Who are some of the strong female characters in films you enjoy and maybe pick out a few of your favorite actresses.

Sticking with the Sci-Fi theme- Katee Sackhoff in BSG is frakking outstanding. She managed to be feminine and sexy and vulnerable and at the same time totally ass-kicking. I loved Noomi Rapace in the original Swedish version of the Millennium Trilogy- really excited to see how her career unfolds. I think Helen Mirren is a Goddess and I’m also a huge Maggie Gyllenhaal fan. She’s always amazing.

Speaking of strength in acting: Vulnerable victim vs the save-the-day heroine, what type of role do you enjoy playing the most, or is it on a individual film basis?

Either one! And I don't think they have to be mutually exclusive! One of the most beautiful things about humanity is that we ALL have ALL of that stuff going on inside of us ALL the time. (I'm borrowing from my mentor and acting coach Anthony Meindl here- that's what he teaches.) I enjoy the process of looking inside myself, no matter what the character is, finding those parts within me and then bringing them to the surface and exposing them.

I interview many stuntwomen, do you ever want to get into the true action film realm, fighting, falling etc..?

Oh my God yes. Yes I would love to do that. I like to get my hands dirty and I'm not afraid of pain. :)

Shifting gears slightly; Working in Canada as opposed to the U.S., maybe chat about some of the production differences, casting, auditioning etc... even with relatively the same budget, on set?

Hooooo boy. How long do we have here? Haha. In my experience the differences are VAST. Trying to get work in L.A. is like running at top speed and launching yourself off of a mini-trampoline…. right into a brick wall. For starters- the pool is just so much bigger. I think my time in this city has been a real character building experience, and definitely not easy. That said, I’ve learned so much being here. I’ve been fortunate enough to play leads in several different web series and that’s been incredible for a ton of different reasons. And I think it’s really helped me grow as an actress.  The ‘Web TV’ world in L.A. is such an amazingly creative and talented group of people and I’ve made a lot of friends there.

Expounding on the Canada VS U.S. comparison, with regards to the audition process, maybe share two stories comparing two processes you experienced, (names, films are not important) Is it there a stress difference, more competitive, less working together etc...?

Oh I don't know. I can't really think of two specific examples to compare. Honestly, I think it's just that I'm my own worst enemy. It's definitely more competitive here than in Canada, but that's largely because there's quadruple the people vying for the same roles. And I do feel that there is more of a focus on the superficial here. But that's why I say I'm my own worst enemy- it's not L.A.'s fault that there are so many talented and beautiful people here! It's just hard not to get in your head about it. I'm still learning and growing, everyday is a different journey. I'm just lucky to be able to have the freedom and support to be able to pursue what I love.

Speaking of directors, Who are a few you would like to work with and also do you feel a director's job is harder if the film budget is smaller, like in a web series vs traditional outlets?

Everything is harder when the budget is smaller. I'm sure you've heard this before, but there's a saying in production; "Good, Fast, & Cheap- you can only do 2." So, if you don't have a large budget, then either it's going to happen fast but the quality will suffer, or you can milk that little budget as much as you can, and produce something of a higher quality- but it's going to take a while. Often, on smaller budgeted shows the director is usually also the show-runner, line producer, production manager, costume designer, editor… you name it! I have friends who work full on 9-5 jobs here in LA and spend every spare minute they have producing their own amazing content. That said- you do have more control over the outcome of the project when you're the one in charge of everything. I think what I'm trying to say is that there IS a struggle because of that golden rule of production. So the folks who are working with limited budgets spend lots of time trying to make things good quality but they have to be patient and make some creative sacrifices and substitutions.They become very good at being able to adapt, and, over time, more proficient directors because of it. Those humble beginnings help them grow into smart and strong creatives.

I actually keep a 'dream list' of filmmakers that I would like to work with one day in my journal. I would LOVE to work with Drake Doremus. he's at the top of the list. I think his style of filmmaking is so honest and raw and different and refreshing. I thought 'Like Crazy' was SO good. I saw him speak at an event last summer and I thought that he was really smart and humble. Destin Daniel Cretton is another up and coming guy who I'd like to work with- his latest film "Short Term 12" won SXSW this year. And, wildest dreams one day, I would humbly accept the challenge of being able to work with Soderbergh.

I Noticed you have had a myriad of work following the Continuum Series, chat a bit Janeane from Des Moines , Desperate Acts of Magic and Deux nuits

Deux Nuits’ is the film I’m currently in the middle of shooting.  It’s written and directed by one of Canada’s Academy Award winners- Denys Arcand. It’s mostly in French. I’m really thrilled and humbled to be working with such an amazing group of people.

Desperate Acts of Magic’ is about…. Magicians! Surprise! It’s a really cute movie, kind of a rom com & buddy com all rolled into one magical story. I just have a small part in that one.

Janeane From Des Moines’ is a brilliant movie that my friend Jane Edith Wilson asked me to be in. It was selected into the Toronto International Film Festival last year. She plays a desperate woman looking for answers and help from politicians during the Iowa Caucuses. I play her daughter. The film was partially written by Jane and Grace Lee (the director) but mostly it was improvised by Jane with astonishing aplomb. She is a fucking genius. She was basically living under cover in Iowa during the caucuses and improvised in character with pretty much all of the republican candidates, unknowingly to them and the many news outlets that also captured, and aired, footage of her with Mitt Romney, Michele Bachman, Rick Santorum… it was crazy. People have trouble knowing how to categorize it- it’s been compared to ‘Borat’, but it’s not funny like that. It’s quite heartbreaking actually. It’s kind of like a serious mockumentary. It’s hard to explain- just watch it! It’s on iTunes. I’m thrilled to have been a part of it.

How about hobbies when you have some downtime?

I'm kind of a homebody- I really love spending long hours reading (Currently reading NW by Zadie Smith) and just hanging out with my husband and our dog. But I also really love exercise. I'm a masochist that way, haha. I'm very passionate about Bikram Yoga. Originally I would just go because I liked to sweat a lot, but as I've advanced in my practice I've really come to love the benefits that it brings to my body, inside and out, as well as to my general outlook in life. Everyday is different- you've gotta just breathe and love where you're at. On the flip side of that though- one of my other hobbies is wine tastings! So… yeah- BALANCE is what it's all about for me.

Wrapping the interview up, chat about the future for Melanie, ever want to write or direct a series or film?

Everyone is a multi-hyphenate these days. I guess you pretty much have to be. I’d like to be a better writer, I’ve dabbled with a few scripts in the past but nothing that’s come together cohesively enough that I would ever show anyone/ Yet, I’ve got a few ideas that I’m slowly feeling out but I’m not stressing myself out about it- like oh I HAVE to write something, I have to write something. I would absolutely like to direct someday though. But I would really want to do my due diligence there give the craft of directing the respect it deserves by getting some sort formal training.

That wraps up another Dan's Movie Report exclusive interview, your number one source for movie and TV exclusives on the internet.

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Official Website:
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100 Degrees Below Zero Movie Review

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As a lover of independent films and disaster films I figured on checking out The Asylum's 100 Degrees Below Zero. The Asylum has been very inconsistent over the past few years, some of their films I really enjoy like Dragon Crusaders,  others such as The Amityville haunting I find to be tedious and cannot wait to have them end. Sadly 100 Degrees Below Zero is on the downside. Actually, not only was the writing bad, but the actors, perhaps due to the source material looked uninterested. A bright spot was actress   she gave a decent effort, and is rather pleasing to look at.

While 500,000 is a small budget for a film, I have seen film like Razor Blade Smile in 1998 made for 1/10th that and be far more enjoyable. With the niche market The Asylum appeals to, there is a film for everyone, trust me 100 Degrees Below Zero is a film that perhaps will find an audience, but the rock they will be under will be very small. According to one of the characters there is supposed to be a new Ice Age yet, mini-skirts and short sleeves seem to be the attire for some of the film, what is next, parka's on the beach?

100 Degrees Below Zero rates a 3 out of 10, a skip it rating, Ms. Sara M Lane rates a solid 8 out of 10, hopefully her career will see an upswing. Just in case you have an extra 6 dollars, below is the Amazon link.

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Dreck Launches Post-Production Kickstarter Campaign With Jonathan Pryce! Exclusive photos!

Above Pic: Banner for Dreck.

At Dan's Movie Report, I am always looking for new projects to support, normally I am very leery of Kickstarter projects, however after writing about Dreck a year ago, I saw a cool concept and now they have officially launched a Kickstarter campaign. Veteran actor Jonathan Pryce is involved in the project, as well as action star Elodie Yung of District 13: Ultimatum and G.I. Joe Retaliation The action hero is played by Elliot Cowan. No this is not a pipe dream for director Justin Trefgarne, producer Eldar Tuvey and actor-producer Elliot Cowan. They have definite commitments, and are already in the process of post-production!

Their philosophy: to make a commercially viable, inventive, independent and above all ambitious British feature film.

Below is the first exclusive photo for Dan's Movie Report! (C) 2013 TSQUARED Films, watch this space for more! Image can be made wallpaper sized! by clicking!:

Supporting quality indie film from folks who are serious is an amazing thing to do, allows creative minds to work free of restraints. The campaign runs through May 22nd! So do it! The even have a small minimum of 1 pound sterling about a $1.50 USD!

I encourage all readers of my site to not only donate to this project, but to like on Facebook as well @

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Upcoming On Dan's Movie Report, Melanie Merkosky, Lead Actress In Continuum Web Series Interview!

Season 2 of Continuum currently airs exclusively on

Always on the lookout for independent shows and new material to watch, last year I reviewed the fantastic web series Continuum . Important to note, this is not the Canadian Series with Rachel Nichols. Ok sci-fi fans, you are in for a treat posting in a few days exclusively on Dan's Movie Report will be an 2,000 word interview with exclusive photos from Continuum Lead Actress Melanie Merkosky! She chats about Sci-Fi, Both Continuum series, and a variety of cool subjects, oh yeah did I mention Exclusive pics, trust me they are amazing! She is smart, great sense of humor and has a unique perspective on film and TV.

Here are my past posts describing the series, which follows Melanie Merkosky's character Raegen as she awakes from a slumber on a spaceship with amnesia.

My review of first season @

Series wins awards:

Official Website for Continuum @

Official Facebook for Continuum @

The IMDB link for Continuum is @

Melanie Merkosky Official Site @

Melany Merkosky on Twitter @

Tribeca Film Festival Announces Heineken Audience Award Winners!


New York, NY [April 27, 2013] – The 12th annual Tribeca Film Festival (TFF), co-founded by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff, and presented by founding sponsor American Express, announced the winners of the two Heineken Audience Awards tonight at the wrap party in New York City. Two awards—one for narrative and one for documentary—were given to the audience choices for the best films. The Rocket, directed by Kim Mordaunt, was chosen to receive the Narrative award; the film also took top honors at the Festival awards Thursday where it received both The Founders Award for Best Narrative Feature and Best Actor in a Narrative Feature Film for Sitthiphon Disamoe’s performance as Ahlo. Bridegroom, directed by Linda Bloodworth Thomason, was chosen for the Documentary award. Each award comes with a cash prize of $25,000.

Throughout the Festival, which kicked off on April 17, audiences have been able to vote for the Heineken Audience Awards by completing nomination ballots upon exiting screenings of TFF films. Films in the World Narrative Competition, World Documentary Competition, Viewpoints, Spotlight and Midnight sections were eligible.

“Our audiences have chosen two films that testify to the power of the human spirit and hope for change,” said Genna Terranova, Director of Programming. “Whether it’s the fight for marriage equality in the U.S. or a boy struggling against all odds in war torn Laos, audiences were clearly moved by these two inspiring stories.”

Set against the lush backdrop of rural Laos, The Rocket tells the story of scrappy ten-year-old Ahlo, who yearns to break free from his ill-fated destiny. After his village is displaced to make way for a massive dam, Ahlo escapes with his father and grandmother through the Laotian outback in search of a new home. Along the way, they come across a rocket festival that offers a lucrative—but dangerous—chance for a new beginning. With the help of his new friend Kia and her eccentric, James Brown-loving uncle, Ahlo sets out to build his own rocket, enter the contest and prove his worth to his family. The Rocket’s characters, mostly played by non-professional actors, embody the spirit of resilience and hope born out of a country affected by a legacy of war and undergoing a great economic change.

"We are thrilled that New York audiences who are so international were so engaged with The Rocket," said Sylvia Wilczynski producer of The Rocket. "We've seen both laughs and tears at our screenings, and loved meeting everyone throughout the Festival. This award goes to people of Laos."

Bridegroom chronicles the emotional journey of Shane and Tom, two young men in a loving and committed relationship. Unfortunately, their love is cut short by Tom’s accidental death, and his partner finds himself facing the failure of same sex marriage protections that leave him completely shut out and ostracized. Bloodworth Thomason sheds light on the often-overlooked struggles that same sex couples face as a result of marriage inequality. As this issue heads to the United States Supreme Court for deliberation, Bridegroom is poised as a timely and moving documentary about love and perseverance through loss.

"We are shocked. We were so grateful to just be selected for the Festival; we never imagined we would win the audience award," said Linda Bloodworth Thomason, director of Bridegroom. "Hopefully the power of this story will propel the film into theaters across America and beyond.”

The Rocket and Bridegroom will screen on Sunday, April 28, as will the rest of the films that won awards at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. Full details and specific timing can be found on All other 2013 TFF award winners were announced at an awards show on Thursday, April 25, 2013. A full list of winners can be found at

Quotes from the winners will be in the final release on the website after the announcement is made.
For film stills please visit Registration code 2604

About the Tribeca Film Festival:
The Tribeca Film Festival helps filmmakers reach the broadest possible audience, enabling the international film community and general public to experience the power of cinema and promote New York City as a major filmmaking center. It is well known for being a diverse international film festival that supports emerging and established directors.

Founded by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff in 2001 following the attacks on the World Trade Center, to spur the economic and cultural revitalization of the lower Manhattan district through an annual celebration of film, music and culture, the Festival brings the industry and community together around storytelling.

The Tribeca Film Festival has screened more than 1,400 films from more than 80 countries since its first edition in 2002. Since inception, it has attracted an international audience of more than 4 million attendees and has generated an estimated $750 million in economic activity for New York City.

About the 2013 Festival Sponsors
As Founding Sponsor of the Tribeca Film Festival, American Express is committed to supporting the Festival and the art of filmmaking, bringing business and energy to New York City and offering Cardmembers and festivalgoers the opportunity to enjoy the best of storytelling through film.

The Tribeca Film Festival is pleased to announce the return of its Signature Sponsors: Accenture, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Bloomberg, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® Gin, Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), Brookfield, Cadillac, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, ESPN, GE FOCUS FORWARD (in partnership with cinelan), Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Heineken USA, JetBlue, Magnum® Ice Cream, NBC 4 New York, NCM Media Networks, The New York Times, and OppenheimerFunds. The Festival is also honored to welcome the following new Signature Sponsors: AT&T, IWC Schaffhausen, PepsiCo, and Sony Electronics.