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Rev Bob Levy Interview Upcoming!!!

Above Photo Credit: Danny Shamon (C) 2011 Bob at Funky Buddah! 

Update 5-14-12! Rev Bob Levy Mick Foley and Twitchells perform at Cleopatra's in Williamstown, NJ! Click on the links below for more info!

Twitchells MAY 17TH 9 PM Antony @ Cleopatra's Williamstown, NJ

Writer/Comedian Rev Bob Levy will soon do and interview with Dan's Movie Report! Bob is a multi-faceted, hard working, maniacal comic, and has worked with the best and brightest stars including an upcoming appearance Monday 5-14-12 on the fabulous Nick and Artie Show! Watch for Bob to do his new radio show in Greenville, SC soon!

Check out Bob at:

For the kick ass Nick and Artie Show that airs M-F 10pm-1am

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Friday, May 11, 2012

American Warships Movie Review

Above Pic: Updated Poster For American Warships (C) 2012 The Asylum

Before I actually start this review I will prove I do NOT work for The Asylum by submitting a link to a review of one of their other films Amityville Haunting.  I gave that particular flick a very negative 2 out of 10 rating

I base my reviews on my honest opinion of each film they send to me as I am on The Asylum official mailing list. Someone working for the company would never give a film this low of a rating. I do, however, respect the efforts of The Asylum as they are afforded limited budgets and a short, sometimes only 2 week shooting schedule, with many in-experienced actors.

The lawsuit with the mega-blockbuster Battleship Movie has been well publicized, and The Asylum was forced to change the title from American Battleship to American Warships.

On to the Review, I have decided to keep it very brief as the film Airs on SyFY Saturday night May 19th at 9pm EST, I do not want to spoil the plot points.

American Warships represents a technological leap for The Asylum, the CGI in this film is very good, by low budget standards of course, not distracting at all. I am basing this strictly on lower budget standards, as many asylum films and other lower budget films have much poorer often times wrenching 80s technology CGI.

The acting is acceptable, not going to win awards, but Mario Van Peebles (Capt. Winston), Carl Weathers (General McKraken), and Johanna Watts (LT Bradley) are solid in their portrayal of their respective characters. Quite frankly, I am a white male, and I like a diverse multi-ethnic cast in films. Nice to see the two underutilized veteran actors kick ass even if they are older now.

The basic premise is the same as the big budget version of the film, Aliens and the navy fighting them, the filming took place in Wilmington NC, and the shooting schedule was limited, but for what they came up with the end result is highly watchable.

Here are two screen caps to wet your whistle until the flick airs:

Overall I give American Warships a 7 out of 10 very solid effort and worth a watch, yeah there are some minor problems with some of the backgrounds and such, but, watch it! Also watch the big budget version, which had about 1,000 times the budget! Both of the films can and should co-exist, American Battleships serves to show that independent film producers can put out a highly watchable product.

The film is available for pre-order as well on Amazon @

Zara Phythian Unleashes "Sil Hocq Do" Martial Art System For Kids!

Above Pic Credit: Headstock Films. Click to increase size!

Sexy and dangerous Zara Phythian (The Lady Dragon) introduces a new martial arts style for kids called Sil Hocq Do. Watch for a summer DVD release, for more info check out the official press release below:

Sil Hocq Do Martial Art System. Sil Hocq Do incorporates the 5 Elements of Earth, Metal, Water , Wood and Fire to distinguish the 5 fundamentals Zara Phythian wanted to epitomize in her new Children's System. The New Martial Art System launches this summer across the UK and later in the year in Europe .This teaser shows clips of  Beginners first forms/Kata movements of the System performed by Zara Phythian herself. Sil Hocq Do DVD series 1 and 2 will be available Summer 2012 along with the Apps . 

Please share and like our teaser from Headstock Films:

Any queries regarding PR please contact Zara Phythian Directly at the PBA office  01623 656890 (UK)

Watch for more Zara news, info and surprises in 2012 on Dan's Movie Report!!

Angela Meryl Chats Battleship (Exclusive Interview)

Battleship stars Liam Neeson as Admiral Shane and Rihanna as Petty Officer Raikes. Incidentally, Rihanna's stunt double is none other than the talented Angela Meryl.  Angela also worked as Vivica Fox's double on Kill Bill, and has appeared in dozens of other films. Keep reading Dan's Movie Report for a future interview with this talented stunt lady! In the mean time Check her work at V10 Stunt professional home page @

Below is a pic of Angela and Rihanna on the set of Battleship from Angela's Facebook.

Stunt-woman/actress Angela Meryl takes time out of her busy schedule to conduct this short, exclusive interview with Dan's Movie Report. Interview (C) 2012 Dan's Movie Report

How long were you on the set of the Battleship? 

I was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on the set of Battleship for five weeks. 

Did you have to return for re-shoots? 

Not at all. 

Did you have to train Rihanna for any scenes? 

Rihanna was gung-ho about the entire experience. She didn’t need my help at all. 

Contrast your training for an action movie like Battleship with a martial arts film like Kill Bill.

For Battleship, I had to learn how to handle and walk with automatic weaponry. Weapons are held differently in the military, as opposed to what we see in movies depicting how weapons are used on the street.
For Kill Bill, training for the fight scene was very intense! For 3 straight weeks I trained with Master Woo Ping’s Bejing Team. It was on a whole different level than what was required or necessary for Battleship.

Were there any stunts that you were surprised Rihanna was able to do on her own?

Rihanna’s an all in girl for sure, but still, they call in professional stunt people to perform the more dangerous stunts. So, no, I was not surprised at all by Rihanna’s peformance. She did a great job!

What was the most difficult stunt you had to do on Battleship? 

This may sound a little crazy, but I had to stab the alien in the thigh from a certain angle. But the knife kept collapsing. I guess that’s why that scene didn’t make the final cut. 

Any bumps and bruises for you or Rihanna during the making of Battleship?

Sure, there’s always some minor bumps and bruises, which comes with the territory. But there were no major injuries for me on the set of Battleship, thank GOD! 

Share a story from the set of Battleship.

The last day on the set, after the director declared “That’s a wrap,” I went over to sign off with Rihanna and tell her that I enjoyed working with her. In a girly kind of way she squeezed my left boob and told me, “You part of the crew now!” In total shock, I screamed and laughed in shock of what she had just done. We all laughed like crazy!

Haha, Thanks Angela for doing the interview I wish you success on Battleship and your other upcoming projects.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ourstage.COM rocks an awesome Music Video, Short Film, and Video Game Contest!

Greetings Dan's Movie Report fans! Just in time for my big announcement to expand Dan's Movie Report to include writing about and reviewing music for movies, such as soundtracks and bands I feel should have their music reviewed comes this cool announcement! Watch Dan's Movie Report for my first feature on three bands I feel should have their music on upcoming film projects: Omissions a kick ass new band from South Florida, Wykked Wytch featuring Demoness IPEK on vocals, and true pioneers in metal the awesome Sandy Sledge and Leather,  THE  SLEDGE/LEATHER PROJECT! Stay tuned...

In the mean time crank your damn speakers and check  out their official pages!----


Wykked Wytch:

The Sledge/Leather Project:

 Campaign Expands to Showcase Creators of Music Videos, Video Game Trailers and Short Films
> is teaming up with Intel® for the Intel® Video “Superstars”
> Competition, which is seeking the next generation of music video, video game
> trailer and short film creators.  After two successful years focused on
> musicians for their Intel®  “Superstars” campaign, the companies are
> expanding their reach to a new audience of emerging video designers while
> giving out over $10,000 worth of tech merchandise. To enter and judge the
> competition, go to Entries are currently being
> accepted and though the fan judging process begins on May 24th, you can
> watch all the great videos right now.
> "We're excited to kick off the Intel® Video “Superstars” Competition,” said
> Michael Rivet, Sr. Marketing Manager of the Software and Solutions Group at
> Intel®. This year, we're inviting video enthusiasts to submit their best
> music videos, game trailers and short films for a chance to win from a prize
> pool and gain valuable exposure for their work. Every year has seen amazing
> talent participate in the Intel® “Superstars” campaign and we expect Intel®
> Video “Superstars” will not disappoint.”
> As the paths of creativity and tech converge, this competition provides an
> annual platform for independent artists to display their ingenuity and
> self-expression to fans of music videos, video games and film throughout the
> United States and Canada.
> “This is the third consecutive year OurStage is supporting the Intel®
> “Superstars” platform and we are pleased to continue discovering the
> nation’s top emerging artists using our crowd-sourcing judging platform.
> Our collaboration with Intel® highlights the intersection between the best
> technology and the creative output it enables,” said Ben Campbell, CEO of
> About
> Founded in 2007, ( is a leading destination
> for music listening, discovery, and quality editorial content. With more
> than 200,000 artists from 40 styles of music, receives 4
> million visits each month from 170 countries.'s most acclaimed
> feature is its proprietary judging engine where the site's listeners rank
> the music of emerging artists for competitions that reward major
> opportunities to the winners—such as the chance to open for headlining acts
> and/or record with major label performers. To date, has
> provided opportunities for artists to open, be mentored by, or collaborate
> with celebrity artists such as Bon Jovi, Kid Rock, Drake, Goo Goo Dolls,
> HANSON, Train, John Legend, Lilith 2010, John Mayer, Monica, T-Pain, Trey
> Songz, Keith Urban, Travis Barker, Jane's Addiction, Hot Chelle Rae and many
> others. has also partnered with a wide range of media giants
> over the last few years, including: Clear Channel, Guitar Center, BET, CMT,
> Digital Broadcasting Group, AOL Music, MTV, and Radio One. For more
> information:

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Prepare for Guantlet! NEW UK Series!

Zara Phythian pronounced (fith-e-an), (Remember her name!) Is preparing to initiate a legendary beating to Sky TV! Watch for more news! her official site is in the column to the right, CLICK OR ELSE! HAHA!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Nazis at the Center of The Earth Movie Review

Above Pic: Poster for Nazis At The Center Of The Earth

Leave it up to to the twisted minds of The Asylum to think up outlandish plots and hysterical and ridiculous titles. Nazis At the Center of the Earth brings it to a whole new level. There two styles of camp films, some are so bad it is good camp films and just plain bad camp. "Nazis", as I will call it from now on, falls into category three, sublime and absurd.

Filmed in the standard limited Budget afforded to The Asylum flicks, "Nazis" provides Jake Busey leads a crack team of explorers to search Dr Morgan (Dominique Swain) and her partner Mark who are lost performing medical research. I must say with each passing year Jake is looking and more and more like his father and the madness shall live on! hahah

Such classic lines like, "Why is this Blue?" and "You have no Idea how deep that shaft is!" And my favorite irreverent bit of insanity, after sending in Lucas the first guy vanishing into the shaft and the female crew member speaks up and says "Send me in next, I am lighter" (the response the team leader is) "Are you Sure"  her response is: "I'm Norwegian."   More script gems permeate this silliness. There is blood, some and obviously the Nazi soldiers are performing medical experiments.

The acting, based strictly in The Asylum standard, is a bit above average, the highlights being Dominique Swain,  Dr Mengela played by Christopher Karl Johnson, and the cute, sprite newcomer Lilan Bowden, who plays May Yun. I liked Lilan's line delivery, she did not force her dialogue and seemed to enjoy herself, and showed natural emotion when lead into the notorious showers!

 Above Pic: Lilan Bowden as May Yun, may be small but she is is cute, loud, scared, and soon to be scarred! (C) 2012 The Asylum

The entire gang of doctors are captured and forced to help the enemy complete the research and keep the Nazis alive. Of Course there is nudity and torture. The old Nazis are kept alive by merging machine and metal, so one can see where this is going hahaha. Merging diverse styles of film is unique in Nazis, I must give the Production staff credit for this and shoehorning so many types of films in 90 minutes.

At exactly 57 minutes in the big reveal, the epitome of German engineering and no it is not a BMW, a new world order that will spill guts not in blood but in laughter. I won't spoil it, but hot damn hilarity! I do believe "Nazis" is a send up on The final sequence of a certain recent Spielberg film mixed with a James Cameron one and has more cheesy CGI effects then all of The Asylum Films put together!

Overall I give "Nazis" a 6 out of 10. Worth a watch. On the DVD reside several insightful and often silly video features such as pre-production, cast and location snippets, and the usual 2 minute Asylum gag reel, as if the whole film is not one.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

5-22-12 Get Ready For Black Cobra to Strike!

Click the link above for the 90 second blast of insanity that is Black Cobra!

Clean the laser lens on your dvd and blu-ray players, and have the antivenin ready as T.J. Storm as shows off his lethal strikes in the new Lion's Gate DTV release Black Cobra! While selling illegal Black Diamonds to have his father pardoned in South Africa. Sizwe Biko (Storm) is double crossed and meets up with a myriad of violent thugs standing in his way. The film was originally titled When the Cobra Strikes based on a book by the same title. There is a trilogy of 20 yr old cop flicks called Black Cobra starring Fred Williamson, no relation to that series. This is a 2012 title full of fists, kicks and several ultra talented stunt performers front and center ready for face time butt kicking in acting Roles! Watch for veteran actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa  as Goro Tanaka, Veteran martial arts champion/actress/stuntwoman Stephanie Cheeva takes on dual jobs in the film as one of Black Cobra's producers and plays the character Shihan Kris. Stunt Veteran Jade Quan, plays  Jade, she may be small in stature, but her speed is legendary. Also watch for veteran stuntman Jeff Wolfe.

The imdb has the full cast list and producer list of this collaborative effort @

Check out martial arts master/actor the charismatic T.J. Storm @ eyeofthestorm

For More info on Stephanie Cheeva check out her site @ Purefilm

For Jade Quan, kick your browsers over to her youtube reel @ Jade Quon Reel

To support the underground pre-order today! ---->

Get Ready for Warrioress!

 (Above pic new Poster for Warrioress)

Ross Boyask and Cecily Fay are putting the finishing touches on Warrioress and are preparing the film for release  in May to screen for distribution at Cannes. Check out the hot new poster for the sultry action siren Cecily. This was a complete self financed project, no studio money! A true labor of love. Look for a review as soon as the film is complete, and more news when available.

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